8 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

8 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life


  Sometimes when we get caught up in the same boring sex routine or no sex routine at all, we need to figure out how to get our excitement back! The truth is, your sex life starts with you! Your personality, your mood, and your preferences play a huge role in what you give and what you get out of an intimate experience. If you want more adventurous sex, you have to be more adventurous! It's time for you to learn all that sex has to offer with these individual tips to improve your sex life!

  1. Get out of the house

  A lot of times when we get caught up in sex, it's because the rest of our lives has become too routine. So, change it up a bit! Explore new areas of town that you haven't yet set foot in. Experience a new adventure like a group painting class (which is gradually becoming more and more popular). Go to local parties - they have parties for every taste - such as pug owners parties, knitting circles, salsa events and more! You'll meet new people and expand your experience as you take advantage of what the community has to offer. A well-rounded person makes a great lover because you're not afraid to try new things and have fun!

  2. Redecorating

  This is similar to the suggestion above in that you need to create some CHANGE. A boring and/or stagnant sexual space can seriously hinder your intimate activities (including masturbation)! So, it's time to turn your home into a sex-friendly space! Go to an interior design store or big box section and buy about 300 (or more) thread count sheets, some sensual candles, or other dim lighting options like paper lanterns! If you like to frolic in your house - this might be fun - invest in some washable sofa covers, soap for the shower, or even a fluffy new living room rug! When it comes to decorating, the possibilities are truly endless, as if they were having sex. So enjoy and splurge on something you know will help you get naughty!

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  3. Enjoy your own nudity

  OK, so you've probably heard the saying, "You have to love yourself before someone else loves you." It's true, especially when it comes to being a lover. You have to let go of the habit of turning off the lights and feel comfortable in your own skin. Only your own skin! It doesn't matter if you have a sex drive - but you should see yourself as a goddess (or god)! Grab your mirror and really look at your body's curves and muscles. Admire your birthmarks, scars, blemishes, freckles that make you special. Once you actually watch your body get comfortable, you can let other people have fun. This is also true for couples in long-term relationships. Kick your longtime love out of the house and rediscover your own skin.

  4. Exercise

  You heard from your doctor. You've read its magazines. How many times has Oprah told you? You just need to exercise! In addition to routine and environmental stereotypes, we also fall into physical stereotypes that keep us from being the most ferocious sexual creatures. Exercise helps increase vital brain activity, gets our blood pumping, and makes us happy! Plus, you can increase your flexibility and strength to try out some of the crazy sex positions you've been fantasizing about. Free yourself from boredom and get back to reality with an outdoor workout! Now, I'm not saying you have to do some crazy soul-finding mountain hikes. However, getting fresh air into the lungs has a magical rejuvenation effect. Even a brisk walk around the neighborhood can rejuvenate your body and emotions.

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  5. With girls

  Going out Now, I know girls can have all sorts of different personalities, and some may not be inclined to give interesting details, but taking the time to share will give you a greater sense of what's out there, and what you have. Whether it's about a crush, an cheating ex, or the intimate details of a one-night stand, talking about sex and relationships with people outside of your partner is not only healthy, it's necessary. You may not be as wild as your girlfriend, but maybe Hearing about her experience will open you up to new things. Or maybe you realize how lucky you are to have your partner! Whatever the situation, take a moment to stay away from your signature. O. And enjoy the company of friends. Remember, listening is as rewarding as talking!

  6. Explore your body

  Well, you can now get naked in comfort. You get the dirty details from your friends and refresh with a new sense of purpose. Not to mention the super soft new sheets! It's time to explore your body. It's time to find out what you really like and what's off limits. The greatest weapon a woman can have in the world of sex is... knowledge! You just need to know what makes your legs tremble, hips flex, and, well, orgasms! Once you know, you can tell your partner what to do. The power to help them please you is in your hands, and once they know and see how you react to their touch or push, they won't want to stop!

  7. Surprise yourself

  Once you know what you like through frequent and thorough physical exploration, the next step is to try new things. You know how close you can get to your clitoris before it's too much, so what's it like to have a new vibrator? Do you like stronger vibrations and weaker vibrations? The best person to try something new is... yourself! You can trust yourself to experience all the sensations and truly understand what is pleasurable and what is excessive. If you've always wondered how doing Kegels can positively impact your sex life, take some orgasm and find out! Like I said before, the possibilities are endless and you might be surprised at how fast the engine revs when you hold the steering wheel!

  8. Remember how you feel

  Last but not least, you must remember that sex is a whole body experience. We busy humans tend to pass by quickly and don't have much thought about what's going on around us. You really want to harness the power of awareness and use it as fuel for incredible orgasms! Practice outside the house by monitoring all of your senses -- sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing -- and see how different you feel at the end of the day. Tapping your senses can give you a greater appreciation and a different perspective on the world around you. Take it back to the bedroom and you'll find the salty smell of his sweaty skin, quick breaths when they lick you just right, and more!


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