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Collection: Clitoral Vibrators

    What can you do with a clitoral vibrator?

  A clitoral vibrator is a sex toy designed to stimulate the clitoris. The vibrations of these stimulators provide sexual pleasure and provide many women with wonderful clitoral orgasms. Most women can only orgasm through clitoral stimulation. That's why these toys are the ideal complement for women enjoying heavenly relaxation or having a difficult orgasm. Clitoral vibrators are used only for external stimulation of the clitoris and come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. There are vibrators with a variety of adjustable vibration modes and modes. Most clitoral vibrators are ergonomically shaped so they fit perfectly in the hand and feel comfortable on the body. Generally, clitoral vibrators are not too large, which allows for more targeted stimulation of the clitoris.

  A clitoral vibrator is a device designed to stimulate the clitoris, a very sensitive area near the vagina. These devices create a pulsating sensation that promotes blood flow to the clitoris, making it more likely that you will have an orgasm.

  Two of our unusual features in this collection are suction and tongue action. The suction unit has a powerful yet gentle vacuum that simulates the action of sucking. The hole is just big enough for the clitoris to fit. But it doesn't stop there, some devices have a vibrator inside when inhaling. So you get twice the results with just one device! Pulse stimulation feels like kissing your clitoris. This is the perfect toy for anyone looking for a new type of sex toy!

  Tongue vibrator is exactly what it says. It has a tongue-shaped part that moves back and forth and vibrates like a real tongue at the touch of a button. If you like oral sex, choose a clit toy that simulates someone swooping at you with a soft, flicking tongue sensation.

  A clitoral vibrator is entirely focused on stimulating the clitoris, not for penetration. Another word for clitoral vibrator is stimulator. The stimulator provides the sensations you would normally get from finger or oral stimulation. Great for pampering yourself and also for use with your partner.

  If you're not sure if you prefer internal or external stimulation? Then it's always good to start with external stimulation of the clitoris (or the area around it). For many women (certainly not all women), this is the most direct way to be happy. If you like this, you can always see if you want to try a toy you can plug in too.

  Are there different types of clitoral vibrators?

  Before you buy a clitoral vibrator, it's good to know what models are available to you. For example, there are differences in the number of vibration patterns, the intensity of the vibrations, and the way the clitoris is stimulated. We will go through some with you:

  Functional differences

  Every woman has her own preferences for what she finds delicious and exciting. Fortunately, there is a vibrator for every need. For example, you can experiment with constant vibrations or pulsating waves fired in stages. With the pulsating air pressure waves, it feels like your clitoris is being gently sucked without being touched. Therefore, the buttons are not "overstimulated" and several intense orgasms can be experienced in a row.

  The number of vibration modes for each vibrator may also vary. Most vibrators have one to ten different vibration modes. This makes it possible to adjust and increase the vibration as needed. Some of these toys also have multiple motors that give you stronger vibrations.

  Would you like to use your clitoral vibrator in the shower or bathtub? Then pay attention to whether the clitoral toy is 100% waterproof. Not all vibrators are waterproof and may not come in contact with water due to the battery.


  Common materials for this type of clitoral vibrator are body safe silicone, ABS, PVC or steel. Silicone is soft, feels similar to normal skin, is non-porous and easy to clean. ABS is also easy to clean, but feels a little harder than silicone. For those who want to apply more pressure, this material may be more pleasant.

  Please note: Some vibrators contain phthalates, also known as plasticizers, to soften PVC (hard plastic). These substances are harmful to health, so make sure your vibrator does not contain plasticizers!


  Vibrators The image that almost always looks like a penis is definitely not true for this type of vibrator. External vibrators usually have a stylish appearance and ergonomic shape. In line with the aspirations of modern women. A good example is a placed vibrator. Place a vibrator on your clitoris for extra stimulation. These vibrators stimulate women's external erogenous zones and are available in different sizes and shapes. There are round, shell-like, placed vibrators, but also models with more slender designs.

  There are also clitoral vibrators in the form of sexy panties. They have a compartment for a bullet vibrator (a small vibrating bullet) that can be enjoyed discreetly. In any case, the vibrator no longer makes too much noise. If you want to make as little noise as possible, it is advisable to look for a vibrator with whisper quiet properties. You can find it in the product specification in our store.


  With a clitoral vibrator, you are in control. Men's physical strength is generally unable to withstand the endurance of these toys. The battery is easy to replace. There are also clitoral vibrators that can be charged through an outlet or USB port. There are so many options for clitoral vibrators these days that there is a suitable toy for every woman!

  How do you use and maintain a clitoral vibrator?

  What's the best way to use a clitoral vibrator? This varies from woman to woman, and everyone has their own preferences. You can directly stimulate the clitoris by gently pressing or moving it. Other women also like to stimulate the rest of the vagina and other erogenous zones. It also works well when you're less excited or have trouble relaxing, such as vaginismus.

  If you want to make your experience feel more intense, you can use a special lubricant with your clitoral vibrator. There are various lubricants that have a stinging effect or increase blood flow to the clitoris. Water-based and silicone-based lubricants are best for sex toys. Make sure not to use silicone lube with silicone toys. This affects the outer layer of silicone.


  To avoid serious fungal infections or bladder infections, it's important to clean your clitoral vibrator regularly. This is best done with a toy cleaner or lukewarm water. To keep the toy clean and ensure durability, it is recommended that you clean it immediately after use and store it safely. This way the material won't get damaged and your sex toy will last the longest!

  Which clitoral vibrator do I need?

  Are you curious about the highlights that vibrating clitoral toys have to offer? But with so many choices, you don't know exactly which one to choose? We are happy to help you!


  In principle, all clitoral stimulators can be used for a wonderful solo experience and to help you achieve orgasm. If you've never used a vibrator, clitoral stimulators are the best vibrators. Do you also want to enjoy your toys in the shower? Make sure the vibrator is completely waterproof. This is stated in the product's specifications.

  Are you traveling or want to have fun outside of your bedroom? Then pay close attention to the product specs of the clitoral vibrator for its whisper-quiet properties. The vibrating panties come with a convenient remote control, so the vibrator can be operated even while wearing clothes.

  In addition to vibration, there are vibrators with a pulsating effect. These air pressure vibrators emit pulsating waves rather than constant vibrations. With these pulsating air pressure waves, it's as if your clitoris is being gently sucked without being touched. You place the opening of the vibrator on the clitoris, and the vibrator slowly sucks on the clitoral vacuum. The effect is comparable to oral sex and can be achieved several times. Since there is no direct contact with the clitoris, it does not become allergic, and multiple orgasms are possible in a row.

  Air pressure vibrators have also been on the market for many years. These toys massage your clitoris with air pressure waves. There's a reason air pressure vibrators are so popular; they work great for many women!

  With your partner

  A clitoral stimulator can be a great addition during sex. For example, use a vibrator to massage the other person's body. Discover each other's hot spots and then offer them heavenly rewards. Of course, clitoral stimulators can also be used during penetration. Orgasm together with a clitoral vibrator!

  A vibrator with a remote can also be an exciting addition to sex. Give up control and let your partner slowly pick up the pace.How to use a vibrator for intense orgasm?

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