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Collection: Suction cup dildo

    What is a Suction dildo?


   Dildos with suction cups can be identified by the suction cups or feet attached to the bottom of the dildo. Using the suction cups, you can easily attach this toy to any flat and smooth surface. It is also possible to use a sucker dildo in conjunction with a strap-on seat belt. By attaching the toy to the harness with your feet, you can create your own straps suitable for penetrating your partner. These toys are available in different sizes for vaginal and anal use.

  The sucker dildo allows you to enjoy hands-free gaming while riding the toy! The powerful suction cup base provides complete hands-free fun and flexibility, and can be adjusted from multiple angles. You can find the best insertion angle for you, giving you a more powerful orgasm sucker toy.

        What can you do with a Suction dildo?

  Dildos with suction cups can be attached to any flat, smooth surface. For example, think about the bathroom floor, bedroom door, or bedside. Make it even more naughty and attach the sucker dildo to the mirror so you can enjoy yourself in front of the mirror!

  Advantages of a dildo with a Suction

  The suction cups allow you to try different positions by placing the toy in different positions. Place the dildo on the floor and lower into the Amazon position, or remove it from the back by attaching the dildo to the wall.

  With the suction cup dildo firmly in place, you can now start using it hands-free. This makes it different from regular dildos that require your or your partner's hands. Free up your hands to enjoy yourself or pamper your partner. Do you still want to use a dildo alone? The suction feet can also be used as sturdy handles for better control of your toy. Compared to sex toys, sucker dildos give you more choice and freedom of movement!


    Which dildo with suction cups should I have?

       If you are looking for more possibilities to use a dildo, a dildo with a suction cup can certainly provide the solution. Because the toy stays firmly in place, you can enjoy more freedom of movement and hands free. This makes using a dildo with suction cups more of the real thing.

  Are you convinced of the advantages of this sex toy, but you don't know which one to choose due to the wide range of options? We explain the differences between the models for you below!

  When you have little experience

  If you have little experience with dildos, we recommend starting small. Especially if you also want to use a dildo anal. The anal wall is very sensitive and easily damaged. Start by finding out if this type of toy is right for you. In order to fully enjoy your toy, it is important that you can relax completely. If you have more experience, you can always choose a big boy.

  Enjoy with your partner

  If you want to enjoy a Suction dildo with your partner, seat belts can provide the solution. Some dildos with suction cups can also be used as straps. All you have to do is attach the toy to the harness so that it fits securely against the body. This makes it possible for a woman to penetrate your partner. Previously used primarily by lesbian couples, straps are increasingly being used by heterosexual couples as well. When a woman penetrates a man with a strap, we're talking about pinning. A dildo with suction cups combined with a harness can be an ideal toy for lesbian couples who like to roleplay.

  Playing with a Suction dildo is fun even without a seat belt. Satisfy your partner verbally or with your fingers/hands while you play with the toys!

  Models with additional features

  Do you already have more experience with sex toys? If you're looking for a new feel, we can imagine you're looking for more than just some extra length. Various toys in this category can give you more rewards. Think of a sucker dildo with vibration that you can operate with a remote. Or an inflatable dildo that you can inflate to the desired size.

      How to use a dildo with suction cups?

        You can easily attach the dildo with suction cups to any smooth, flat surface with the included suction feet. On the floor or against a wall, you can go as wild as you want. Pre-moisten the suction cups, make them stick, and you're ready to go!

  You can also use a Suction dildo in a loose position. The suction feet can also be used as handles for more control. There are also models that swap the suction cups for handles, such as this realistic dildo.

  Use in the shower

  You can use a Suction dildo in the bathtub! Most of these toys are 100% waterproof, with the exception of a few straps and vibrating dildos. Put the dildo in the tub first, then put the water in the tub. Only then will it stay in place properly.

  Use with harnesses

  We have a strap on the seat belt that you can fasten with an elastic. But you can also opt for a harness where you can slide the dildo over the metal ring. This way the toy stays in place and you can start worry-free.

  Pay attention to the specs and see if the dildo can also be attached to the harness. Whether a dildo will fit this depends on the diameter and strength of the suction cup.

  Use with lubricants

  Lube is recommended before starting to use a new sex toy. Sex toys can be a bit stiff and insertion can be painful if you're not wet enough. Prevent this by using silicone or water-based lubricants. Do you want to have anal sex with your dildo? You can opt for anal lube, especially in this case. This type of lubricant usually contains an ingredient that relaxes the anal sphincter, making it easier for you to insert toys into the anus.

  Water-based lubricants dissolve in water, so they are not suitable for use in the shower or bathtub. However, this product is easier to clean than silicone-based lubricants. The latter lubricants do have a longer effect and are therefore usually slightly more expensive. However, do not use silicone-based lubricants with sex toys made of silicone. The material can be damaged so bacteria can easily nest. Prevent nasty infections and always use a water-based lube with a silicone dildo!

  How to maintain a dildo with a suction cup?

       If you want to use your dildo with suction cups regularly for extended periods of time, clean it regularly! Clean your toys with mild soap and warm water, or use a special toy cleaner. After play is over, apply a little toy cleaner and wipe the toy with a dry cloth. Then store your toys so they are not exposed to dust and dirt. Cleaning is just a little bit of work, but it can protect you from harmful germs or infections.

  Sucker toys can give you a better sex life, most of the sucker toys you can find in this collection are silicone or PVC. You can have all sorts of different experiences with a sucker dildo. ! The dildo's powerful suction cups adhere to most smooth surfaces. It's perfect for hands-free gaming in a variety of locations and locations. You'll have the wildest sex when you stick your sucker dildo to the shower, door, wall! Powerful suction cups support hands-free gaming. If you stick it to a smooth floor, tiled wall, table, etc. and rub your clit, you'll get amazing double stimulation. You can stick it to the shower wall and bend over for some wet and wild fun. Or you can stick it on a chair and start bouncing while watching your favorite adult movie.

  Use this lifelike sucker dildo! This rideable ladies toy is the perfect adult toy for any couple looking to spice up their sex life! Add fun to your bedroom with our suction cup toys!

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