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Collection: Butt plugs

     What is a butt plug?

  Butt plugs are available for both men and women, and you can use them for anal insertion. If you want to experiment with your partner or alone in the bedroom, choose a butt plug. You will find this sex toy in different models and sizes. In our collection you will also find challenging sets if you and your partner want to go a step further. Do you want to try it out or are you already more experienced? No matter how experienced you are, there are toys for every occasion. Our range of butt plugs are made of different materials and are available in different shapes. Are you excited about ribbed construction?

  Butt plug

  Butt plugs are available for all needs. Choose from those with or without vibration, as well as anal trainer kits. Their flared base keeps them from getting too far, and also acts as something to grab while propelling.

  Small butt plugs made of soft jelly and anal training kit are perfect for beginners. More experienced people may prefer larger butt plugs and weighted metal plugs.

  Butt plugs provide optimum anal satisfaction. They are great for anal play and use before anal sex. We offer butt plugs in a variety of sizes and shapes, giving you everything you need to explore new adventures and stimulate the most fun. Try a butt plug that will give you a new, exciting and more enjoyable sexual experience. Available in different sizes, shapes and colours, we have the perfect butt plug for you and/or your partner.

  If all you can think of is how to achieve that volcanic orgasm, try a butt plug. A butt plug is a tapered device that is inserted into the anal cavity for sexual pleasure. Most butt plugs have a retaining ring or flange base to keep them from getting lost in the anus, a very embarrassing situation that may require a trip to the emergency room. They also have a neck (a sharp bend between the shaft and the base) to prevent the plug from slipping out during anal play.

  Why wear a butt plug

  Butt plugs are designed to open your back door for easy penis or dildo penetration, while providing you with extra plump and extremely pleasurable sexual stimulation. Like other sex toys, butt plugs come in different shapes and sizes to suit different experiences and pleasures. Most people wear them for extra pleasure during masturbation or sex. They are the ultimate gaming charger in anal play. Have your partner shout your name out between porn multiple orgasms. Insert a butt plug smoothly into his booty and give him a penis massage for an amazing double stimulation prostate milking. If you're a couple of sex adventurers who love to take their bedroom game to the next level, live out your fantasies by sticking vibrating butt plugs into each other's butts while you're having normal sex. Double penetration and multiple layers of stimulation will have you screaming orgasm ecstasy. For those who like to be naughty, wear a butt plug to work or to the grocery store to continue sexual stimulation during the day. It's a world full of sexual ecstasy when it comes to butt plugs.

  Buy the right butt plug

  In a market full of docking toys, picking just one or even a few can be overwhelming. But don't worry;

  Consider the type of butt plug

  Like most other anal toys, there are different types of butt plugs, each designed to provide fun in its own unique way. Some common types are;

  Smooth dildo-shaped butt plug - is a simple tapered butt plug with a smooth shaft. They are mainly used for anal dilation and satiety. These butt plugs are ideal for beginners who are still used to anal penetration.

  Ridged Butt Plugs - are butt plugs with different textures on the shaft, such as waves, ribs, and even bumps. The different textures will increase stimulation, especially during insertion and removal, which will make you curl your toes in an orgasmic erotic orgasm.

  Vibration Butt Plug - is a butt plug equipped with a vibration motor. The vibrating butt plug gives your ass an exhilarating tingling pleasure. They're both great for solo anal play, or you can add a twist to your bondage session by inserting it into your partner as you finger her clit to deliver her hot, breathtaking orgasm. The intensity of vibration varies by model and manufacturer. However, you can customize the speed and motion to your liking.

  Inflatable Butt Plugs - These exciting and innovative full size all-in-one butt plugs feature a pump to expand the size of the plug inside the anus, giving you numbing stimulation. They are perfect for beginners and professionals as you can choose the right size while having fun at different heights.

  Animal Tail Butt Plugs - are butt plugs that have an animal tail on the non-insertable side of the plug. The tail plugs are inspired by different animals such as rabbits, foxes and ponies. They are perfect for those who enjoy fetishes and role-playing while having naughty anal play with their lover.

  Consider the size of the butt plug

  Butt plugs come in different sizes, from small, medium to large. Small butt plugs are called beginner friendly because they are usually short and thin for easy insertion. They also provide an easy-to-manage news, giving you an unprecedented backdoor climax. Medium and large butt plugs are for anal game fanatics who want to maximize their pleasure by gaining extra fullness or widening the back door for deep dick penetration, big dildo or even some anal fisting. These butt plugs are designed to stretch you to the max, giving you the ultimate backdoor thrill that will leave you breathless. No matter what size you choose, remember to take your time and use plenty of lubricant to avoid hurting the delicate rectal wall.

  Materials to Consider

  Butt plug materials vary widely, from silicone to rubber, metal, glass, and more. We recommend that you choose body-safe, non-porous materials that are easy to clean. Even if you've cleaned porous materials properly, they can encourage mold and bacterial growth, which can lead to anal infections.

  The rigidity you want

  When considering materials, consider the type of rigidity you prefer. If you're a beginner or plan to wear a butt plug when you're out and about, a bendable butt plug made of silicone or rubber is easier to manage. Harder materials like glass, metal, and stone are great for fixed anal play and deep prostate stimulation. The fullness and firmness of these materials will be a fiery feast for the senses.

  Consider the desire to be happy

  When choosing a butt plug, consider where you want to enjoy it. If a picky woman likes double penetration, a softer material will be more pleasing, as your man will penetrate your vagina and feel the vibrations at the tip of his penis. Or, if you want to wear it long-term, opt for a short, flexible butt plug with a pointed neck to ensure it doesn't slip out.

  For those of you who understand sexual gratification, butt plugs are an exciting way to open your back door to wild heat and orgasms. Browse our DDZMD online store to choose high quality and secure butt plugs from a range of top bondage collections. Choose from our vibrating, inflatable, trailing, steel, and even glass butt plugs to give you a sex spree every time you play.

  Butt plug

  Butt plugs are well known around the world. Both men and women enjoy using this sex toy. A butt plug is a specific type of sex toy designed to be inserted into the back, anus, or rectum. They usually have a tapered shape and tip, and always have a flanged base so that they can always be retrieved.

  Butt plugs are very pleasing sex toys that provide him and her with plenty of anal stimulation. DDZMD has a selection of butt plugs in a range of sizes, colors and shapes.

  Much like many other sex toys, butt plugs do come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. There are now innovative designs that can sometimes push the boundaries of the traditionally expected butt plug look.

  How long can you keep a butt plug?

  Much depends on your experience and the size of the butt plug. Count on a duration between thirty minutes and two hours. However, we strongly recommend that you re-lubricate your butt plug with anal lubricant hourly for a high level of comfort. Never go beyond your limits, because then your sphincter muscles will get weaker! So be wise and take a few days off if necessary.

  How to use a butt plug?

  With a lot of patience and lubricant, the short answer is to use a butt plug. As a beginner, it is wise to start with a special lubricant. For example, some breeds can have a numbing effect on your anus, which makes insertion easier and more pleasant. Lubricate your anus and butt plug with this, then insert it slowly. Once you get to the thickest side of the butt plug, it narrows again and stays in place perfectly. You can then choose whether to stay docked, or take the extra step of your adventure with your partner. Think about having sex with your partner or having sex with a special dildo or other sex toy.

  We also have an assortment of vibrating butt plugs that deliver anal-stimulating vibrations in a variety of speeds and rhythms at the touch of a button. If you're a beginner, or you haven't tried anal before, don't worry, we also have a list of great beginner-friendly butt plugs made just for you!

  ● Tapered and pointed

  ● Flanged base for easy retrieval

  ● Categories for beginners and advanced users

  ● perfect anal stimulation

  ● get more intense orgasms

  ● Prostate stimulation