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Collection: G-spot vibrators

   What is a g-spot vibrator?

  The g-spot vibrator is the perfect toy to stimulate the g-spot. This place is named after the discoverer Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, on the inside of the vagina. You'll find the gspot three to five centimeters from the vaginal entrance. The area feels spongy or ridged and swells with arousal.

  Many women dream of vaginal ejaculation but don't think it's for them. One woman does come from normal penetration, and the other does need more stimulation to orgasm.

  By using a g-spot vibrator, you can significantly increase your chances of vaginal orgasm. The toy has a curved head. This curvature allows the toy in the vagina to reach and massage the g-spot nicely. Orgasms are faster and more intense than clitoral stimulation. You will experience an orgasm that slowly expands in your body and eventually produces a deeper arousal. With this specially designed sex toy, not only the G-spot orgasm is at your fingertips, but you can also squirt ejaculate!

    What can you do with a g-spot vibrator?

  G-spot vibrators are suitable for vaginal use and are a suitable toy for a g-spot orgasm. Compared to a clitoral orgasm, this one comes more slowly and softly, but you feel it more deeply. The toy's curved head makes it easier to reach and stimulate this sensitive spot in your vagina, allowing you to reach heights you've never seen before.

  A gspot vibrator is the perfect sex toy if you crave vaginal orgasms. While the classic vibrator can only bring vaginal orgasms to a few women, the gspot variant has managed to attract more women at this point.

  By the way, you cannot use this vibrator only inside the vagina. Vibration on the clitoris or nipples, for example, can also be very pleasant.

  Our G-Spot dildos and vibrators are perfect for chasing a G-Spot orgasm again or for the first time, it's as easy as picking your own G-Spot vibrator from this collection and riffing!

  G-spot vibrators are specifically designed to stimulate your g-spot. Whether you're experimenting with a partner or looking for the pleasure of being alone, it can help you orgasm like never before and will give you an unbelievably intense pleasure.

  How to use a G-spot vibrator?

  1 Before using the g-spot vibrator, you can allow yourself (or your partner) to warm up. Do this like any other way. When you're aroused, you can insert one or two fingers into your vagina and bend it toward your belly button. Do a "come" action. You should now feel a spongy ridged spot. You can grab the vibrator when it starts to swell due to irritation from your fingers.

  2 Apply enough lubricant to the vibrator and possibly around the vaginal entrance as well.

  3 Now stimulate your g-spot with the vibrator. Insert the tip or ridge into your navel and let the vibrations work.

  4 Experiment with different positions, find out what you like, and don't forget to constantly stimulate other parts of your body, such as your breasts and clitoris.

  You'll find your G-spot best when you've just used the toilet, sitting or squatting, but you can also lie on your stomach or back, whichever you prefer. Place your palm on your vulva and bring one finger inward as you roll it toward your pubic bone. You are looking for swelling behind the pubic bone, about 3 to 5 cm inside the vagina - closer to the entrance than you might think.

  The G-spot vibrator features a curved design and wide tip to massage women's hot spots for the ultimate massage orgasm. Many of our G-spot vibrators are, so you can take the waterproof toy into the shower or tub without worrying about getting it wet while you play. For powerful stimulation that provides a full-body experience, G-spot vibrators are hard to beat. Whether you're new to G-spot stimulation or a seasoned pro, adding a G-spot stimulator or G-spot massager to your sex toy kit is a great way to diversify your vaginal pleasure spots.

  How do different g-spot vibrators differ in operation?

  The selection of g-spot vibrators is huge. Depending on your preference, you can choose from different sizes, vibration modes and vibrators with dual or even triple stimulation.

  Multiple stimuli

  If you are experiencing g-spot stimulation for the first time, it is best to choose stimulation that stimulates other areas at the same time. Some models come with additional clitoral stimulators, and there are also models with anal stimulators. The anus is also very sensitive because there are many nerves in this area. Stimulation can lead to faster and more intense orgasms.

  Vibration and Pulsation

  Just like with a classic vibrator, you can also use a g-spot vibrator to choose from different forms of stimulation. Most models have different vibration modes. These can add strength or have a different rhythm. There are also vibrators with rotating heads. 


  They all have a curved head, but the shape of the head is still quite different. Some models have rounded projections. These are ideal if you want to apply more pressure. The sharper the better for targeted stimulation. You can also differentiate between flexible models and models with fixed shapes. The flexible head makes it easier to find and care for your g-spot.

  What should I pay attention to when buying a g-spot vibrator?

  If you know to buy a g-spot vibrator, it's certainly important to know which model is best for you. For example, see what the toy is made of, whether the model fits your needs, whether you like it; the eye wants something too.


  Do you opt for a penis-shaped vibrator or do you prefer something more abstract? G-spot vibrators come in many different shapes, but all have curved heads. Many of them look abstract and have a flexible model that adapts effortlessly to your body. You can also opt for a very functional model that is slim with just a single curve to stimulate you in the right places. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for those who have a better understanding of penis-shaped vibrators.


  ABS (plastic)

  Sex toys made from ABS are generally hard and smooth, and transmit vibrations more difficult than soft toys. This material is cheap to produce, so these toys are often affordable.


  The silicone vibrator feels soft and smooth to the touch. The material feels a bit like skin and is also flexible. Silicone is also commonly used in flexible toys.

  TPE (plastic)

  TPE is a flexible, usually transparent plastic material. It works with flexible vibrators and vibrators with attached stimulators, such as those for the clitoris. The material is less expensive and softer than silicone, but generally less expensive as well.


  Glass shakers are very sturdy and easy to clean. The good thing about this material is that it can hold the temperature for a long time. For example, you can put the toy in the refrigerator, or place it under a warm faucet for a period of time before using it.

  Power supply

  If you find it important to be able to use your sex toy on the go, it's useful to opt for a battery-operated model. The downside is that you have to buy new batteries all the time. Another possibility is a rechargeable vibrator, which has a plug for socket or USB connection. Some vibrators even have a base that can be charged.

  Tips for using and maintaining your g-spot vibrator

  1 Always be sure to use a lubricant suitable for the vibrator material. In most cases, using a water-based lubricant is correct.

  2 Always use toy cleaner or water to clean your sex toys after use.

  3 Then store your new friend carefully, eg in a storage bag. Under no circumstances should it be placed directly next to other sex toys. This may deform or damage the material.


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