Tips and tricks for using a vibrating penis ring


  Vibrating cock rings are creeping into people's bedroom drawers. A vibrating penis ring is a great accessory for couples looking to try something new and active in their sex lives. I'll be promoting these underrated small sex toys. Hopefully one day you'll be able to add one to your bedroom drawer too.

  One of the best reasons to consider vibrating cock rings is because they are the only truly hands-free vibrators for couples! Sure, dildos and vibrators can be hands-free, but nothing beats vibrating cock rings when it comes to ease of use. They're also cheap compared to almost everything else. Small investment, big fun.

  How do I use a vibrating cock ring? Just put it on the penis and enjoy sex normally. You don't need to modify your location or do anything different. Just enjoy the subtle and often silent vibrations of your penis shaft, clitoris, vagina, perineum, or all of the above!

  So why a detailed step-by-step instruction manual with tips on how to use a vibrating cock ring? As any Sexpert knows, there are other suggestions and original ideas that you can try to make it even better. Also, there are many different types and 1 basic tutorial won't cover everything. Let's go!

  Q: How does the vibrating penis ring work?

  A vibrating penis ring works by adding vibration to the erogenous zones of both men and women during intercourse, thereby enhancing sexual pleasure.

  Most women benefit from clitoral stimulation during sex. The typical and most common cock ring vibrator has the vibrator facing upwards (towards his belly button), so during intercourse, the vibrator is in direct contact with her clitoris.

  Perianal stimulation is another method that greatly enhances sexual pleasure. Dual vibrating cock rings feature dual vibrators, one for the clitoris and the second for the anal area (and scrotum) to double the vibration during penetration. The deeper the penis goes into the vagina, the stronger the vibrating sensation, so double cock ring vibrators encourage deep and passionate sex! ——

  The penis ring stimulates not only the partner but also the wearer. They can also provide additional benefits, such as maintaining a stiff erection during intercourse. There are many uses for rooster rings, so check out this guide for all the details other than enhancing the fun with vibration.

  How to put on a vibrating cock ring

  The exact instructions will vary depending on the type of ring you have, so I've posted a complete rooster ring tutorial for beginners here. To make your visit easier so you don't have to click through the whole sex blog, I've hand-picked the most common styles and list here how to put on a vibrating cock ring:

  ● Lubricate the inside of the circumference of the ring and the sides of the penis all the way to the bottom of the shaft.

  ● For a single ring, slide it down to the bottom of the shaft. (Don't stretch and pull it across your penis, it may tear).

  ● If there are double rings attached, put the shaft strap first, then the scrotal strap.

  ● Point the vibrator upwards to stimulate your partner's clitoris.

  ● If you're masturbating with a vibrator ring, point the vibrator down to vibrate your balls.

  The best time to put on a penis ring is when you are semi-erect. If your dick is flabby, it will slide right off. If your penis is fully erect, it can be painful to put on, especially if it's a double ring with a scrotal band. Stimulate your dick a little, make your dick a little fat, then quickly put the ring on before it's fully erect.

  If you're concerned about your ring being too tight, consider trying an adjustable cock ring. You can wear them loose or tight with a lasso or drawstring adjustable slider or by closing one of several metal snaps along the strap.

  How to use a single vibrating penis ring

  1 Lubricate the ring and apply some lubricant around the penis.

  2 Slide the ring and place it on the bottom of the shaft.

  3 Option 1: Rotate the ring with the vibrator facing up (for clitoral stimulation).

  4 Option 2: Rotate the ring with the vibrator facing down (for scrotal and perianal vibration).

  5 Start the motor when the unit is in place.

  How to use a dual vibrating penis ring

  1 Lubricate both rings and apply some lubricant around the penis. (Don't lubricate your balls or you'll create a gooey mess between your thighs!)

  2 Slide the penis ring down your shaft.

  3 Pull over one ball at a time, wrapping the strap around the scrotum.

  4 Start the motor after the device is in place.

  Tips and Techniques for Using a Vibrating Penis Ring

  If you find that your penis ring vibrator is rolling down during sex (this usually happens with a single vibrating ring, since gravity always causes it to spin down), then limit how wet it gets. Using less lube may not make him comfortable to wear, but more friction will help the device stay in place.

  Try a dual vibrator cock ring! It's evenly weighted so one motor will always face up while the other stays low. No more scrolling! Plus, you'll enjoy double the thrill of two buzzing bullets working at the same time.

  Another way to keep the vibrator in place is to try a cock and ball ring, which has two attached straps that tie the cock and ball together, preventing it from moving. This is the best option for keeping it exactly where you put it, no matter how wet it gets or how much it moves. (It even works in the shower!)

  Not all vibrators are waterproof. If yours isn't, make sure you don't get the switch too wet. If too much liquid gets into the battery compartment, it can damage the motor. The packaging (and the product description on our website) will always state whether the device is waterproof, so make sure you know this before using it.

  Wash and disinfect your equipment with a sex toy cleaner. Even if it's not used for internal penetration, it's still important to properly clean after use to ensure bacteria don't have a chance to grow on the surface. Again, be sure to pay attention to whether the motor is waterproof, and if it isn't, make sure you don't get it wet.

  You can always remove the vibrator before washing, which is recommended anyway, so that you can thoroughly sanitize the inside of the bag that holds the vibrator. This happens to be a smooth transition to my next point:

  The vibrator is removable! This is a great feature because you get 2 sex toys in one. You can use the bullet vibrator alone as part of your warm-up during foreplay, then slide the vibrator into the cock ring and enjoy the vibrations during sex. Extra fun!

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