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Collection: 14 Inch dildos


 For those who believe that "bigger is better" with sex toys, large dildos are a very popular way to explore desire. Available in a variety of different sizes and styles, you can get the sexual satisfaction you want with our large 14" sex toys. We have everything from big vibrating dildos to big double and sucker dildos. Some of our large 14" dildos look realistic with balls and choroid shafts. Read on to find out how to have the most fun with a big dildo.

  How to use a 14 inch dildo?

  We're glad you asked! There are some simple but important steps to make sure your sexy moments stay sexy. To use a large dildo properly, consider the following guidelines:

  Make sure your dildo is clean.

  It should be a general rule that anything that goes into your body should be clean, but we tell you just in case! Remember how big your dildo is and how far it goes into your body; keeping large toys clean is vital to your sexual health and the pleasure of your vagina and anus.

  Lubricating oil. it. up.

  We really can't stress enough the importance of lube when using a large dildo - especially if it's your first time! Remember, it will make your experience more enjoyable without too much lubricant. But remember, if you have a silicone dildo, then you should never use silicone lube. If you're not sure about the material of your toy, a water-based lube may be your best bet.

  Use the smaller dildo first.

  We know that a smaller dildo may not provide the penetration pleasure you crave, but it provides a great warm-up for the main event. You may find this step unnecessary, but trust us: If you really want to enjoy a big dildo, starting with a smaller dildo is the best way to prepare your body. Plus, it allows you to compare two sizes and shapes, which might make you appreciate your big dildo even more.

  Position your body correctly.

  You want to make sure your legs are as wide as possible, make sure the area is stretched and ready for a big dildo. A common method is to crouch on your toy and slowly lower yourself onto the dildo. Alternatively, you can lie on your back (with a pillow under you if necessary) and pull your legs up and away from your chest. The most important part is to make sure you are comfortable, because if not, you will be more uncomfortable when you have a big dildo inside.

  Take it easy.

  If this is your first time playing with such a big toy, you have to give your body time to get used to it! The rough girth of your toy can be difficult to fit in at first, which is why we recommend using smaller toys beforehand. But with the right amount of lube and patience, your body will be more attuned to this size. Once the largest part of the dildo is inside (the thickest part of the circumference), then the rest should sail smoothly from there.

  For sexual adventures, the longer the better. Whether it's the size or the deadline, people will appreciate it in incredible ways. For your craving for dizzying measures, you must want to get a long dildo. These are various long dildos in 14 inches.

  You've probably seen a lot of big dildos online, but not all of them are long. Exciting and exciting, these 14" long dildos are becoming more and more popular in the market. In any case, they will give you pleasurable and satisfying sexual pleasure, be it oral, vaginal or anal sex. Long dildos are used to explore the deepest areas of the body. So don't forget to clean it when it's giving you a lot of fun.

  Whether you're going low solo or with a partner, you can go all the way with these cocks. In many ways, a 14-inch dildo can give you prolonged orgasms. You can push it deep in your vagina, anus, or even both at the same time. Partners can even use a double-headed dildo for penetration at the same time. This will be a wide game for you!If you're looking for more sizes, we've listed some other options below:

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