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Collection: Vibrators

   What is a vibrator?

  If you've miraculously never heard of a vibrator, we'd love to explain what it is and why you should own one (or more).

  A vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that has a variety of uses. At first, you might think that vibrators are designed to stimulate the vagina. But you also have this versatile toy for anal and clitoral stimulation. There are many different vibrators to choose from, each offering you a unique experience. The vibrator can have a smooth and glossy appearance or have additional stimulating structures and/or shapes. You have them big, small, thick or thin. Versions in bright colors and discreet and chic looks. Sex toys can be used during masturbation, but are also sometimes used by couples during foreplay or intercourse.

  Vibrator or dildo, what's the difference?

  Vibrators are sometimes confused with dildos. The most obvious difference is that the dildo does not vibrate! Dildos usually have the shape of a penis and are made of softer, more flexible materials than vibrators. Also, there is a dildo for insertion. Some types of vibrators are not used for penetration, but are specifically aimed at massage or clitoral stimulation. Vibrators have one or more vibration modes that provide additional stimulation of the erogenous zones. They come in many different shapes, sizes and colors.

  What are the different vibrators?

  There are many different types of vibrators, each with their own functions. One is for extra stimulation of the clitoris, the other is for penetration or has multiple functions. Each model is explained below.

  "The best vibrators have deep vibrations because there are fewer nerve endings in the vagina than in the clitoris. Deep vibrations ensure that the vibrations reach your nerves well and you feel a lot. That's certainly what you want!"

  Wand vibrator

  A wand vibrator is a powerful vibrator originally designed not as a sex toy but for body massage. This type of massage stick usually has a soft round head and a flexible neck. They have the appearance of large microphones and are known for their very powerful motors. Different accessories can be ordered for many variants. While you can also use them on your erogenous zone, they can also be used as a nape massager. There are many different wand vibrators available now. Excellent and popular brands are Hitachi wands and European wands.

  Rabbit Vibrator

  The Rabbit Vibrator is probably the most famous model of the Tarzan vibrator. The clitoral massage area is shaped like a rabbit. The long ears are flexible so they fit perfectly on the clitoris and provide vibrations to it.

  G-spot vibrator

  G-spot vibrators are the best vibrators for g-spot stimulation. This place is named after the discoverer Dr. on the inside of the vagina. You'll find the G-spot three to five centimeters from the vaginal entrance. The area feels spongy or ridged and swells with arousal. By using a g-spot vibrator, you can significantly increase your chances of vaginal orgasm. G-spot toys always have a curved head. This curvature allows the toy in the vagina to reach and massage the g-spot nicely. Orgasms are faster and more intense than clitoral stimulation.

  Mini vibrator

  A mini vibrator is a small vibrator no larger than 12 cm. They are small, cute and easy to carry around. They are perfect for your toilet bag or handbag. Due to their small size, mini vibrators are not ideal for insertion, but they are great for clitoral stimulation. The often narrow, short shape of mini vibrators makes it easy to reach intimate areas like the clitoris. Some mini vibrators fit in, but this will be explained in the product description. Do you want to carry a vibrator with you? Then Mini Vibrator is the best vibrator for you!

  Lipstick vibrator

  This lipstick vibrator is a great vibrator in disguise. From the looks of it, no one will know that your lipstick is actually a sex toy. Not that you have to be ashamed of sex toys, of course, but if this lip balm vibrator rolls out of your bag during a work drink or dinner with your in-laws, you won't have to worry about discomfort or raising your eyebrows.

  Bullet vibrator

  Bullet vibrators are probably the most popular toys among mini vibrators. These models come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. They are usually used for penetration and clitoral massage.

  Anal vibrator

  Anal vibrators differ from regular vibrators in that they are usually slightly smaller in diameter and have a narrower tip, making them easier to insert into the anus. Also, the anus has vibrators and in most cases the ends are flared so that the vibrator fits neatly in place and doesn't shoot inside. Therefore, it is very important not to use vibrators for vaginal use only for anal use! It happens quite often that the vibrator disappears behind someone's back. When you end up in the ER, you're going to have to deal with a low, not a nice high. So always use a special anal vibrator. The anus and surrounding area are very sensitive areas for both men and women. This is because the skin is thinner there, and many of the nerves from the erogenous zone come together in the anus. Therefore, the experience of stimulating the anus is very good. So many men and women have several due to anal stimulation,

  Prostate Vibrator

  This special anal vibrator can reach and stimulate the prostate in men. The prostate, or p-spot, is located in the anus and is also known as the most sensitive part of men. Using a prostate vibrator can make an orgasm very intense.

  Thin anal vibrator

  If you are a beginner or just don't like dealing with vibrators that are too thick, there are thin anal vibrators. They are easy to insert.

  Vibrator Application

  The vibrator app is a smartphone app that allows you to connect to a vibrator. This allows you to operate the vibrator using your mobile phone or, for example, your partner's mobile phone. You can choose different vibration patterns and save your favorites under a name of your choice. You can also adjust existing patterns or create your own vibration patterns. Vibrators with apps are for couples who want to try something new or are in a long-distance relationship and can't have sex as much as they want. Vibrator apps can also provide solutions for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm. Because you determine the rhythm of your vibrations, you can work toward orgasm in a more focused way. If you want to train your pelvic floor muscles, the vibrating egg with app is the perfect way to restore strong muscles in no time.

  Big vibrator

  The name says it all: The large vibrator is an oversized version of the classic vibrator. These vibrating toys known for their size are 20cm long. This can be up to 35 cm long. In addition to their impressive length, these toys can sometimes reach 7 cm in diameter. These large toys can be used for vaginal and anal stimulation. This makes large vibrators popular with women and men who like to feel very full when penetrated. A single large vibrator comes in the form of a hand or fist and can be used for penetration. Also known as fisting. Large vibrators are generally not suitable for beginners. But for someone who's already discovered a lot in the field of sex, these special units are a really nice and exciting addition!

  Silicone Vibrator

  If you're looking for a vibrator that feels silky soft, a silicone vibrator is a suitable sex toy. These toys do not contain harmful substances such as plasticizers. Silicone vibrators can come in different shapes and sizes, but the outer layer is always made of flexible silicone. The advantage of this material is its softness. Compared to other materials, silicone feels very natural and closest to real skin. Also, silicone is not as porous as many other materials such as plastic. It does not retain dirt and bacteria and is very easy to clean. Also important: Silicone is a durable material that will last a lifetime if you take care of it.

  Waterproof vibrator

  With a waterproof vibrator, you can be sure that you can masturbate anytime, anywhere. These vibrators can simply be taken to the wettest places without damage or damage. how can that be? The difference is in the finish. Waterproof vibrators have eg a rubber ring around the cover or have an integrated control panel. Additionally, rechargeable waterproof vibrators often have lockable charging points. This ensures that the waterproof model can be carried around in the shower or even in the bathtub. Cleaning a waterproof vibrator is easier because you can run it under the tap.

  Finger vibrator

  A finger vibrator is a small vibrator that can be placed on one or more fingers. Because of its small size and cute appearance, it's the perfect toy for your home if you haven't tried sex toys before. It often happens in a relationship where one of the two wants to try a sex toy during sex or foreplay. Not every partner immediately liked the idea. Finger vibrators are the perfect toy. Finger toys don't look scary or intimidating, they're super cute. This usually ensures that the skeptics will still succumb. This mini vibrator is also suitable for solo sessions. This toy is mainly used to massage the clitoris.

  Clitoral Vibrators and Air Pressure Vibrators

  A clitoral vibrator is a sex toy specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris. The vibrations of these stimulators provide sexual pleasure and provide wonderful clitoral orgasms for many women. Most women can only orgasm through clitoral stimulation. That's why these toys are great for relaxing. Women who are unable to orgasm can also benefit greatly from this toy. Clitoral vibrators are for external stimulation of the clitoris only and are available in many different shapes, sizes and colors. There are vibrators with a variety of adjustable vibration modes and modes. Most clitoral vibrators are ergonomically shaped so they fit nicely in the hand and feel comfortable on the body. Generally, clitoral vibrators are not too large so that they can stimulate more specifically. Air pressure vibrators are a game changer in the world of clitoral stimulation! Is it hard for you to orgasm as a woman? With a barometric vibrator, this problem goes away like snow in the sun. Air pressure vibrators are guaranteed to blow your mind.

  Vibrating panties

  The vibrating briefs are great to take anywhere and wear on the go. This makes it exciting and easy to use. You can combine vibrating panties well with other toys.

  Remote control vibrator

  For those who prefer remote-operated sex toys, there are remote vibrators. These remote control vibrators are perfect for couples to use during foreplay, or for women who want to be stimulated in an easy way. A remote vibrator is a vibrator that can be operated from a distance. This is usually the wireless model. You can enjoy your sex toy conveniently because you don't have to worry about operating the vibrator when you insert it. You can use the remote to control different types of vibrators. You can also control the vibrator using a special vibrator app.

  Dual Vibrator

  Dual vibrators can be identified by connecting to different ends of the vibrator. Dual vibrators can also be equipped with plugs for stimulating the anus and/or clitoris. These branches are usually smaller than the part used for vaginal use, which often looks like a penis. Using a double vibrator (or triple vibrator) can stimulate multiple sensitive parts of your body, which can be very exciting for many people. Women who have difficulty ejaculating can benefit from this versatile toy. For example, consider a triple Tarzan vibrator. The extra arms are different sizes for each toy. Dual vibrators are also great for couples foreplay.

  Standard Vibrator

  The standard vibrator is a toy without too much fuss. Designs are often simple, which is why standard vibrators aren't always immediately recognizable as sex toys. For example, most are straight with curved or bulging tips at the ends. This ensures that the toy is easy to insert and ideal for clitoral stimulation. Because of their simple looks, they'll get into the cheaper price range sooner. So women (and men) on a smaller budget can benefit from these relatively inexpensive vibrators. Even people who have never used a toy before can start with the standard model. Classic Vibrators come in a variety of colors, materials and sizes.

  Realistic vibrator

  A realistic vibrator resembles a dildo. Unlike dildos, realistic vibrators vibrate. Vibration provides additional stimulation, while the look of this model is reminiscent of a real penis. For example, this toy has an acorn and, in most cases, a veined shaft. Sometimes, variants come with (part of) the scrotum. These toys are for women (and men) who want to satisfy but also want to appeal to their fantasies. For a complete experience, realistic vibrators provide the solution. There are countless models in different sizes and colors. There's even a 30cm penis vibrator. One of the good brands is Qichuang.

  Sex vibrator

  Strap vibrators, also known colloquially as "straps," are toys that you often wear with your seat belt. Women who want to experience the sensation of penetrating their partner usually wear a strap. It's also called pinning when they prod a man. Strapon vibrators are also suitable for lesbian couples. Some models use a remote control, which makes the belt vibrator easy to use. For variety, you can opt for a strap-on harness with a suction cup toy. Some sets come with two different sizes of toys. Couples almost always use belt vibrators.

  Hollow strap

  The special thing about the cutout straps is that men can also use them easily. By putting your penis in as a man, you'll get more length or harder results. Of course, this model is also suitable for women.

  Double strapon

  Double strapon allows both parties to enjoy penetration. Because there is a vibrator on both sides of the belt. But there are also models of this type with butt plugs for extra stimulation to your partner.

  Inflatable Vibrator

  You can inflate an inflatable vibrator with a pump. These models are suitable if you want to slowly achieve a fuller feel or if you want to penetrate deeper. You can also easily switch between large and small vibrators without the need for two different models. In addition to the pump, some variants have a remote control. These toys are suitable for anal use. By gently twitching the vibrator, the anus (and the area around it) can adapt to greater volume. With an inflatable vibrator, you can use the inflatable pump to make the toy a little bigger at the last minute so your orgasm is going in the right direction.

  Funny vibrator

  The name says it all: these vibrators deliver fun. From fun gifts to the most discreet sex toys. These fun vibrators are always on the sheets.

  Get in the mood with erotic stories and your new vibrator

  Have you read one of our sex stories? In our online magazine you will find a wide range of erotic stories that will spark your imagination and put you in a good mood when you first start using your new vibrator. Porn stories can be a welcome change from looking at pornographic images or other visual material. Our most popular stories also include the option to listen to the story.

  How to clean the vibrator?

  To ensure the quality of your vibrator for as long as possible and to prevent germs from compromising the safety of your sex toy, it is absolutely necessary to thoroughly clean your sex toy after use. If the toy is not cleaned immediately, the remaining bacteria can multiply and eventually lead to a serious infection. Of course you want to avoid this!

  Fortunately, cleaning sex toys isn't very complicated in most cases. The toy cleaner is specially made for cleaning sex toys, the toy cleaner is dermatologically and clinically tested, free of water and grease, and has a perfect pH. After use, apply a small amount of toy cleaner to the sex toy and wipe with a clean cloth. †

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  Incorporate vibrators into solo play or sex with a partner; with so many options, it can be hard to choose the right one. Browse different types of vibrators with different vibration modes, sizes and special features. You can now freely record your own vibration patterns and easily find your favorite patterns. The waterproof design of the vibrator dildo allows you to enjoy wet and wild body shaking in the tub.

  Using a vibrator, even if you have a partner, is a great way to educate yourself on how to orgasm to connect with your partner again. When you know how to orgasm yourself through self-exploration, it's easier to orgasm when you're intimate with your partner.