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Collection: Waterproof Vibrators


    What is a waterproof vibrator?

  With the waterproof vibrator, you can be sure to enjoy worry-free anytime, anywhere. These vibrators can simply be taken to the wettest places without damage or damage. how can that be? The difference is in the finish. Waterproof vibrators have eg a rubber ring around the cover or have an integrated control panel. Additionally, rechargeable waterproof vibrators often have lockable charging points.

  Who are the waterproof vibrators suitable for?

  Waterproof vibrators are available in many different shapes and sizes, so there is something for everyone. To help you, below you will find all the information on buying a waterproof model.

  Enjoy only waterproof vibrators

  Do you like exciting solo adventures between the sheets? Do you want to go a step further? Even so, waterproof vibrators are perfect for you. Treat yourself outside the bedroom and go on an adventure in the bathroom. Experiment in the shower or completely relax in the bathtub.

  Enjoy with a waterproof vibrator

  Would you like to enjoy an exciting toy in the shower together? Or will you both take a shower and have an exciting water game? Make your bathroom your personal wild water park and pamper each other with vibrators. These vibrators are waterproof and can stimulate both men and women. She wears a vibrator during sex and enjoys G-spot and clitoral stimulation. At the same time, he enjoys the vibrations that allow you to have a wonderful orgasm together.

  Cleaning the waterproof vibrator

  It is very important to clean your sex toys after use. You can do this in two ways: with a toy cleaner or under the tap. Don't have a toy cleaner at home? Then you can also easily clean the waterproof vibrator under the tap.

  How to clean a vibrator with toy cleaner?

  1 Apply toy cleaner all over the vibrator (think edges and seams!)

  2 Let the toy cleaner do its job

  3 Remove the toy cleaner with a clean dry cloth or kitchen paper

  4 After cleaning, store the vibrator in the designated toy bag. Make sure sex toys never touch each other and keep them in a dry, dark place.

  How do I clean the vibrator under the faucet/shower?

  1 Make sure all covers, buttons and covers are properly closed. If water gets in, the motor part of the waterproof vibrator may be damaged.

  2 Thoroughly rinse the vibrator with warm water. Never use water that is too hot, it will damage the outer layer of the vibrator.

  3 Then use mild soap. Thoroughly clean your vibrator. Thoroughly clean the entire vibrator and spend extra time on the edges and seams where bacteria can build up.

  4 Rinse the soap off with water. Make sure no soap remains on the vibrator.

  5 Gently pat the vibrator dry with a clean dry cloth or paper towel. Then let it air dry.

  6 After cleaning, store the vibrator in the designated toy bag. Make sure sex toys never touch each other and keep them in a dry, dark place.

  What else should I consider when buying a waterproof vibrator?

  Suitable lubricant

  Do you like to use it in combination with lubricants? Do you want to use a waterproof vibrator in the shower or bathtub? Then go for silicone lubricant. Silicone-based lubricants stay smooth for a long time and cannot be rinsed off with water. This way you can make sure everything goes smoothly!

  Which toy cleaner?

  It is important to thoroughly clean all sex toys before and after use. This prevents annoying bacteria and reduces the risk of infection and other inconveniences. It is also important to clean the vibrator before the anus touches the vagina. This prevents E. coli, which is normally present in the gut, from entering the bladder. E. coli can attach to the bladder wall and cause inflammation. The waterproof vibrator can be combined with any toy cleaner.


  When shopping for a waterproof vibrator, make sure you get the necessary batteries right away. You will find the battery you need in the product specification. Order a few now so you don't accidentally run out of battery.

  Experience a different kind of fun with a vibrator underwater! Start your morning with a sexy shower that will keep you smiling all day, or relax with an orgasm bath to help release some tension.

  Get wet like never before with a waterproof vibrator! These sex toys are specially designed with a tight battery compartment for waterproofing. You'll make a splash as you immerse yourself in a new vibe! Enjoy intense clitoral, vaginal or G-spot stimulation at your favorite aquatic venue, whether it's a walk-in shower or an Olympic-sized pool! Ignite your passion for your loved one with a shower safety vibrator! Jump into the tub with him and explore each other's wet bodies while using a personal massager to help you reach your peak.

  Get a little wet and wild with a waterproof vibrator! These sex toys are safe to use in tubs, showers, pools and hot tubs for the most enjoyable water activities. We have many different styles of sex toys that are waterproof, so you can find the perfect adult stimulator to enjoy on your next wet and wild ride.