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Collection: Wand Vibrators

     What is a stick massager?


      The stick massager is a vibrator specially designed for massage. These toys usually have a wide, rounded top so they can be used on the entire body. Also, the head is usually soft, which makes it feel good on the skin.

  Are stick massagers suitable?

  The stick massager is suitable for men, women and partners. A vibrator can be used for solo entertainment, but it's also a nice addition for a partner. Vibrators can be used for intense foreplay and intimate massages. Wand massagers are not suitable for penetration. The wall attachment can be combined with the vibrator.

  "Wall vibrators are divided into different sizes so you can choose to determine which accessories fit. The size refers to the maximum diameter of the vibrator head. You can find below the dimensions of the wall vibrator and the category you should be looking for for the right accessories .

  What models are the wand massagers available?

  All wand massagers generally have the same design. The vibrator is long, with a straight handle and a dome. Aside from size, at first glance, the vibrators aren't much different from each other. However, there are still considerable differences in technology, design and usage.


  Standard models in this category can be identified by their microphone-like appearance, dome, and fixed wire. 


  Stick massagers are very powerful vibrators. This also requires a powerful motor, which is quite large in most cases. Therefore, most stick massagers are larger and heavier than "normal" vibrators. It's hard to hold such a large vibrator when your hands are small. In this case, you can choose between compact and small wall vibrators. These models typically offer the same performance in a more compact package. Keep in mind that the small stick massager has a smaller motor and therefore less power. Therefore, the vibration sensation may not be as deep as that of the Doxy vibrator.


  One of the great things about a wireless wand massager is that you are not affected by wires and cables that are too short or in the way. This means you can (literally) go in every direction with this model. It is important to consider the strength of the vibrator. A wireless wand massager that runs on batteries can never vibrate as vigorously as a rechargeable wand massager or a vibrator with a plug. This is because a vibrator with a plug can get more power.


  The rechargeable variant is for those who don't want to fiddle with the battery. Additionally, the rechargeable wall massager is wireless. This ensures you have unlimited space. You also don't have to worry about running out of battery. When the vibrator is empty, you can simply use the charging cable to charge it. These cables usually come with a USB connection. This allows the vibrator to charge anywhere.

  Detachable head

  This model has a removable top. This means that vibrators with removable heads provide an extra "lid" on top of the toy. This allows the vibrator to be combined with attachments in 2 sizes. The removable top is also easy to clean. By removing the cover, you can easily clean it without worrying about your vibrator. A wall massager that is not waterproof but has a removable top can therefore be cleaned faster and easier than the variant with a fixed top.

  Endless orgasm

  Now, women can choose from electric gloves that plug into a wall outlet for endless orgasms, battery-powered or rechargeable videos that don’t require an outlet, and even a mini massager that’s easy to hide. Take it anywhere.

  Personal massager

  To add stimulation and make stick vibrators more versatile, we also offer massager attachments and accessories that turn your powerful vibe into textured sex toys, vibrating dildos, triple stimulators, G-spot massagers and even male masturbators. . Wand massagers also feature some of the best sex toy designs as they can even be used as personal massagers!

  Also ideal for partners

  After a long day, let one of these powerful vibrators massage knots and sore spots in your neck, shoulders and back to relax and unwind! You can even use the wand to give your lover a refreshing massage to put him in the mood. They're great for single women masturbating because they give you a quick ejaculation and enhanced clitoral stimulation, but these sex toys are also ideal for a partner!

  Discreet design

  The discreet design of these wand-style vibes makes them a great choice for couples looking for sex toys that aren't intimidating and for couples who can effortlessly hide! You no longer need to be ashamed when your curious child finds these vibes. These universal female sex toys can be used during foreplay and arouse both partners by giving each other a sensual massage.

  Experience the high point of your life!

  When you're aroused, transfer the vibration to your clit for fun before the real work begins! You can continue massaging your hot spots during intercourse for waves of sexual pleasure in all your favorite sexual positions. These versatile intimate massagers for women and couples enhance female masturbation, foreplay, sex, and more. See for yourself and see what one of these infamous sex toys can do for you!

  How do you use a wand massager?

  The Wand Massager can be used in two ways: massage or between sheets.


  Wand massagers are ideal for massage. Deep vibrations ensure quick muscle relaxation. A soft round head feels good on the skin and usually has a flexible neck, which makes the head flexible. This makes it easy to get to the best places.

  Intimate massage

  Thanks to its powerful motor and deep vibration, the wand massager can also be used perfectly as a vibrator. In this way, you can intensively massage, stimulate and pamper the nipples, breasts, perineum, glans, penis and clitoris.

  Massage Oils and Lubricants

  In both cases, you can choose to use a massage oil or lubricant. By using it, the massager glides more easily on the skin and the massage becomes more comfortable.

  How to clean the wand massager?

  The stick massager can be cleaned in different ways. We are happy to list the possibilities for you.


  The wand massager is waterproof. This information can be found on product specifications, packaging and, in some cases, the sex toy itself. Waterproof vibrators can be cleaned with water, mild soap and/or toy cleaner.

  Not waterproof

  Vibrators that are not waterproof can be cleaned without water with a toy cleaner (to prevent damage and defects). Toycleaner is a special cleaner that you can use to clean your sex toys quickly and easily.

  Detachable top

  Do you have a massage stick with a removable top? You can then remove the head from the vibrator before you start cleaning the toy. The top is usually made of waterproof material. So your vibrator may not be waterproof, but the head is. It is important to keep the vibrator out of the water before starting to use it.

  Looking to add a massage wand to your pleasure toolkit? This toy adds all the vibration you need to achieve an orgasm like no other. Its powerful vibration delivers clitoral stimulation, producing a body-shaking orgasm that will keep you coming back for more.

  Today , there are many different wand vibrator options to choose from. Whether you go for a rechargeable wand vibrator or a silicone vibrating wand with a flexible neck, we offer a wide selection of wands to choose from. When selecting your perfect vibrating wand, make sure to consider its vibration pattern options for added stimulation. Plus, you can even add a wand attachment for added external stimulation.

  You can also use a wand massager to make sexual contact with your partner more stimulating. During foreplay, use the wand to apply vibrations to your partner's body and vice versa. Your partner can start by massaging your butt, thighs, stomach and nipples for some erotic stimulation. During sex, apply your stick vibrator to your intimate area for a more intense penetration experience.

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