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Collection: Penis Pumps

  What is a penis pump?

  Penis pumps are a popular sex toy widely used for erection problems and penis lengthening. Plus, it's a lot of fun. Read on below for exactly what a penis pump does and which one is right for you.

  A penis pump, also known as an erection pump, is a cylinder that slides over the penis. There are many different models, but usually the tubes are made of plastic. The pump creates a vacuum, which then causes the blood vessels in the shaft of the penis to widen. This way, more blood flows into the corpus cavernosum. Result: Bigger penis and harder erections! Therefore, penis pumps are an ideal solution for many men who have erection problems. In addition, it is also a popular sex toy, "sucking" provides the ultimate satisfaction. Many men compare the effects of a penis pump to oral sex. This is not surprising. Thanks to suction, possibly combined with lubricant, the glans gets wonderful stimulation. Oral satisfaction can be simulated by adjusting suction and using different movement techniques as needed.

  What can you do with a penis pump?

  This male sex toy can be used for many different reasons. We have listed the most important ones.

  Enlarge penis

  Most men looking for a penis pump want penis enlargement. But do penis pumps really work? Yes! Penis pumps can really increase your penis by a few centimeters. He also got extra thick after using a penis pump. The suction of the device stretches the penis tissue slightly. Not only does a bigger business create more confidence, but the penetration of partners is also more tangible! Unfortunately, the results are not permanent and you will have to use the penis pump more frequently to see lasting results. Even then, permanent expansion is not guaranteed.

  Solve erection problems

  Erection problems are also often the reason why men switch to penile plungers. For example, a person may have poor circulation, diabetes, or simply old age. But stress and other psychological problems can also hinder a good, hard erection. 14% of men over the age of 18 sometimes suffer from impotence. Whether you're battling a mental or physical problem, in many cases a penis pump can provide a solution. Note that erections do not always stay upright after using the vacuum pump. If this is the case, a cock ring can provide a solution. Putting the ring on before using the pump will keep the blood in the penis for longer, allowing you to enjoy a firmer erection.


  Finally, you can masturbate with a penis pump. There are various techniques that can lead to an erection and/or a wonderful orgasm.

  ● Milking: Here you can move the penis up and down. This technique is most similar to the most famous form of "subtraction".

  ● Wrist Pump: Here you can change the pressure of the pump each time. Let the pressure drop slowly, then build up again. Give it a try and see what works best for you.

  ● Shaking: If you use the pump for a while, your erection will still get weaker. Shake the tube with your hand or buttocks to stimulate the nerves in your penis.

  ● Wrap: To allow better blood flow in the penis, wrap the tube of the penis pump with something warm. For example, an electric blanket or a warm bath.

  “As a result, a penis pump can produce firm and long-lasting erections. Therefore, it is an ideal tool for men with erection problems. Men with erection problems can still have sex with their partners with the help of a penis pump Sexual relationships. For these men, like their partners, a penis pump is really an ideal solution.”

  How do you use a penis pump?

  For comfort, apply a little lubricant to the rim of the penis pump. The tube is then placed on the penis all the way to the bottom† The tube is automatically operated or a vacuum is created using a hand pump. Do not use a penis pump for more than twenty to thirty minutes to avoid damaging your body. When the penis pump is done, it's time to take it out. May be you want to keep your big erection for a while. For example, because you want to twitch or penetrate your partner with your enlarged penis. In this case, the use of a cock ring is recommended. You slide the ring over the penis, all the way to the bottom. It squeezes the veins in the penis slightly so you can enjoy an erection for a long time. In our blog about cock rings you can read about the best cock ring for you. Especially for men with erection problems, a penis pump combined with a penis ring is a great solution. Or slide the cock ring around the penis first and then use the vacuum pump.

  Also suitable for women?

  Yes! For example, women can also use a penis pump by resting it against the clitoris or labia. Or use a nipple pump during foreplay. The sucking effect on the nipple is very exciting. If you want to pump your female body more often, you can also use a dedicated vaginal breast pump or nipple suction cups.

  What is the difference between the models?

  You can order cheap penis pumps online, and you can also find affordable penis pump accessories online.

  Manual and automatic penis pumps

  There are many different models. So you have a manual penis pump. This pump has a ball at the end that provides suction when you squeeze it. This type is usually easy to use, but you have to do the work yourself. The pressure regulation of manual penis pumps is also not as good compared to electric penis pumps. For example, you can usually start a pump with the push of a button. It saves you a lot of squeezing trouble! Some electric pumps for extra fun.

  Transparent penis pump

  There's nothing wrong with most penis pumps being see-through. Not only is it interesting to see how your penis grows, you can also see how your business responds to suction. For example, you can detect blood clots very quickly because you don't always feel them right away. Some clear penis pumps are metered. This is handy when you want to see exactly how much your penis has grown! By the way, there are also plenty of clear penis pumps with built-in condoms. This one is easier to keep clean, but it won't give you the chance to see your penis "real."

  With vaginal condom

  Not every man is excited about the advent of penis pumps. It's not surprising that some pumps look intimidating or boring. Therefore, you will also find penis pumps with vaginal condoms. The pump then has a vagina-shaped opening. Real skin material makes the vagina feel alive (with a little lubricant). Combined with the suction of the pump, it feels like having sex with a woman. Unfortunately, not many of these pumps are available. You'll find more of these real skin sleeves in DDZMD. Note, however, that DDZMDs are designed to penetrate and have less suction than penis pumps.

  With pressure gauge

  Did you choose a pressure gauge with a pump? The gauge can be attached to the handle as well as the end of the tube. With this clock, you can keep an eye on how high the pressure is in the tube. This way you can keep an eye on when the pump is drawing too much vacuum. And which pressure do you prefer. Unfortunately, you pay more for this nifty gadget.

  What to look out for when buying a penis pump?

  Using a penis pump shouldn't hurt, but it should give a wonderful feeling. However, the risks involved are minimal. If used for more than 20 to 30 minutes, the penis may be slightly damaged. like bruises. They are not always visible to the naked eye. Therefore, it is recommended that you read the instructions carefully immediately after purchasing a penis pump. When the pressure builds up too much, you immediately know how to get the pump out of your penis.