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Collection: Anal vibrators


    What is an anal vibrator?

  An anal vibrator is a vibrating toy designed to be placed in the rectum to stimulate the anus or prostate. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used by any gender - fun for everyone! One way to start feeling anal pleasure is to use a vibrating butt plug or massager. The best anal vibrators to get comfortable with anal stimulation before going on an adventure with your partner.

  Anal vibrators differ from regular vibrators in that they are usually slightly smaller in diameter and have a narrower tip, making them easier to insert into the anus. Whoever thinks a vibrator is just a toy for her is wrong!

  "You can stimulate the anus with your fingers, but your nails may be too sharp for the delicate skin of the sphincter. So it's best to use special anal toys. Don't use toys that aren't made for your anus. These toys can shoot in , because they usually don't have a widened bottom."

  Anal vibrators are a popular way to experiment in the bedroom. These sex toys can add incredible satisfaction to your intimate life. Butt vibrators are popular with all genders because anal stimulation can bring exciting orgasms.

  Men and women are exploring different sexual preferences to keep kinks in their relationships. Similar to dildos, anal vibrators are loved by both sexes, resulting in intense orgasms. For men, hip vibrators are a way to enjoy prostate stimulation and high arousal during masturbation.

  What can you do with an anal vibrator?

  The anus and surrounding area are very sensitive areas for both men and women. This is because the skin is thinner here, and many of the nerves from the erogenous zone meet in the anus. Therefore, the experience of stimulating the anus is very good. Even so delicious, both men and women can get multiple intense orgasms from anal stimulation! Another added benefit of an anal vibrator is that the vibrations make it easier to relax the anus, making anal penetration smoother and more relaxing.

  Anal vibrators are the best choice for anal penetration! Regular vibrators may have irregular, sharp edges and sharp protrusions, which are not very comfortable for the anus. The anus cannot be compared to any other part of the body. Also, in most cases, anal vibrators have flared ends so that the vibrator stays neatly in place. Very convenient!

  Different types of anal vibrators

  The range of anal vibrators in our store is extensive. Anal toys come in different colors, sizes and exciting shapes. For example, you have an anal vibrator in the shape of a penis or a plug, which at first glance might remind you of dildos and butt plugs. You also have vibrators made up of many closely spaced beads that grow in size, giving you varying degrees of fun when inserting and removing. Only by experimenting will you find what works best for you!

  For him

  In addition to all the different sizes and shapes, there is a distinction between male and female anal vibrators. There are also models that fit both, but more often they have specific features that suit him or her. A well-known example is the Prostate Vibrator, an anal vibrator specially developed to stimulate the prostate. The prostate is known as the most sensitive part of men, also known as the P-spot (G-spot in men). The prostate is about 5 cm inside the anus and feels a little thick, about the size of a walnut. When done right, massaging the P-spot can be very relaxing and bring unprecedented orgasms!

  Prostate massage: good for health

  By the way, did you know that besides being delicious, prostate massage can also be healthy? Prostatic fluid is produced in the prostate and subsequently mixed with sperm cells. By massaging the prostate, this fluid is released. If semen is not emptied regularly, bacteria can build up. Regular massage of the prostate can also reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Additionally, the prostate can be stimulated by applying light pressure to the perineum. There are several anal vibrators that can also stimulate the perineum, the area between the scrotum and the anus.

  For her

  Most anal vibrators are suitable for women. You have so-called G-spot and P-spot vibrators that know how to find the most sensitive parts of men and women. There are also vibrators designed for women for double penetration and clitoral stimulation, such as the three-in-one. Anal vibrators can also provide a solution for women who have difficulty inserting toys vaginally, for example due to vaginismus. Many of the anal vibrators in our range have multiple vibration modes and are infinitely adjustable.

  Which anal vibrator do I need?

  Have you gotten into the habit of using a fantastic vibrating anal toy? There are many different models, sometimes with specific features for men or women. There are many to choose from, but which one should you choose?

  If this is your first time using an anal vibrator or not using anal toys at all, it's good to start modestly. For example, when you are more used to this type of sex toy, you can always buy a model with a rivet construction. It is recommended to start with a thin anal vibrator. These anal vibrators have a relatively small diameter. There are also various models with increased diameters so that you can carefully experiment with what works for you.

  First start

  If you want to start as a man for the first time, choose a prostate vibrator with a smaller diameter, such as the Black Curved Prostate Massager. The curved tip of the prostate toy is perfect for stimulating the prostate.

  Are you and your partner getting curious? Maybe it's a good thing to buy a toy that's good for both of you. The vibration relaxes the anal sphincter, making the toy fun to use in foreplay before anal sex.

  Harder work

  Do you like a firmer job? There is also a vibrator with a practical handle at the bottom. Not only does this give you more control, but you can also move the anal vibrator back and forth more firmly. So there is always an anal vibrator for you!

  How to identify an anal vibrator?

  You are looking for an anal vibrator, but how do you identify this type of vibrator? The answer to this question is simple. Anal vibrators feature thin shafts and pointed tips. These important features make inserting an anal vibrator easier than normal vibrators.

  ●Slim shaft


  ●For prostate stimulation: thin shaft and curved top

  ●For women: triple stimulation (vaginal, clitoral and anal)

  How to use and maintain an anal vibrator?

  The anus does not get wet on its own. Therefore, it is recommended to moisten it well with a generous amount of lubricant suitable for your toy. We recommend that you invest in anal lube that can be used on related toys. Apply lubricant to the anal vibrator or directly into the anus.

  It's important to start off with a relaxed body. For example, you can lie in bed, pull your knees up a bit, and insert the vibrator like this. You can also sit on your hands and knees in a bent position and slowly slide the anal vibrator in. Alternatively, you can already turn on the toy's vibrating function to further relax the anus.