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Collection: Long dildos

   When Size Matters: Long Dildos

  Stimulate hard-to-reach areas with a long dildo for an intense sexual experience and enjoy inch after inch of pleasure. Go a long way with 12 inches of fun. Want to be a foot long? These extra long dildos are perfect for women who know that size matters. The 12-inch jelly hole is soft and bouncy, while the long, realistic dildo features a head, veins, and an oversized ball.

  You can even find long suction-cup dildos that can be attached to hard, flat surfaces like the floor or shower. This frees your hands and lets you ride it like the real thing!

  Female double dildo

  The extra length is a must for women who want to play with a double-sided dildo. These sex toys allow double vaginal penetration for you to grind, push and orgasm together. Our 18" option is perfect for opening up new possibilities in the bedroom.

  Why choose a long dildo?

  Long dildos don't energize you like other sex toys and make you feel deep inside. If a standard dildo leaves you unsatisfied, or you just want to take things to the next level, a long dildo is the natural next step.

  How to buy a long dildo

  It's not every day you go shopping for extra-long sex toys. Here are some things to consider when looking for a long dildo:

  1 Think about materials. A jelly dildo or rubber stick is extra flexible, while the lifelike UR3 feels closer to the real thing. How firm do you want it to be? Personal preference plays a big role here.

  2 size matters. There's one thing that's too big - an oversized dildo can be painful or unusable. Check product specifications for information on length and girth to ensure you can enjoy your new long dildo comfortably.

  3 Play with a partner? Dual dildos are a great option for women who want to get off together. If you use it primarily for masturbation, consider using a single dildo.

  4 What is your budget? Dildo prices vary. Much depends on material and functionality, but there are enough options on the market that you should be able to find the right sex toy at the right price.

  5 Remember lube! Your long dildo will be more fun with plenty of lube. Read the directions to see if water-based or oil-based lube is best for your toy.

  For sexual adventures, the longer the better. Whether it's the size or the deadline, people will appreciate it in incredible ways. For your craving for dizzying measures, you must want to get a long dildo. This is a huge array of various long dildos over 9 inches.

  Long dildos are used to explore the deepest areas of the body. Let you experience unprecedented thrills. You can have a great time with our long dildo collection. To get you started, you can apply a water-based lube to your toys and your vagina (or anus). Water-based lubricants can be used with any type of toy, unlike other toys that can wear out gadgets. This will help you glide smoothly through the long hole inside.Also you need to clean your dildo properly

  When you sit on a long dildo, you really feel the pleasure of its length, and the massage feels more pronounced and exciting as you go deeper. Experience long orgasms with your own penis in the Long Dildo Collection!