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    What is a vibrator app?

  After all the smart devices and cool sports gadgets in your home, you can now also control your sex toys with your smartphone!

  A vibrator app is a smartphone app that allows you to connect to a vibrator. This allows you to operate the vibrator using your mobile phone or, for example, your partner's mobile phone. You can choose different vibration patterns and save your favorites under a name of your choice. You can also adjust existing patterns or create your own vibration patterns. For example, choose a very strong vibration or a rapid succession of vibrations. Some apps even allow you to share them with others. You can't get a better tuned sex toy! Let your partner identify the vibrations produced by the vibrator and fully succumb to the delicious pleasure wave he or she chooses for you.

  Vibrators with apps are for couples who want to try something new or are in a long-distance relationship and can't have sex as much as they want. Vibrator apps can also provide solutions for women who are struggling. Because you determine the rhythm of your vibrations yourself, you can work toward orgasm in a more focused way. If you want to train your pelvic floor muscles, for example because you experience pain during sex or unwanted urine loss, the vibrating egg with app is the perfect way to restore strong muscles in no time.

  What can you do with a vibrator app?

  With the vibrator app you can turn your smartphone into an advanced remote control to operate the vibrator. The app allows you to change endlessly in vibrations and you can enjoy them even if one of you is on the other side of the world.

  Get the most out of your sex toys

  Are you a little tired of the standard vibration pattern and getting stuck at the same rhythm every time? With the vibrator app you can make your own vibration patterns or paste your favorite patterns together. You can also make some vibrators vibrate to the rhythm of your favorite music. So it's like using a new toy every time! You can also simply increase the intensity to your desired level. Some apps even allow you to share your designed vibration patterns with others.


  Do you want to try something new in your bedroom? But is this really fun for the two of you? Then go for a double vibrator. This toy produces vibrations that you can feel during penetration. Insert one side of the toy into the vagina while the other side stimulates the clitoris. Your partner can penetrate you when the toy is in place. Using the app you can set the desired vibration. Because both ends are equipped with separate motors, they can also vibrate at different intensities. This can be useful, for example, if you like some extra stimulation of the clitoris, or if you want to reduce the stimulation of the clitoris because otherwise you will come too fast.

  Read more about using dual vibrators on our blog

  You can also let your partner operate your vibrator. He can choose a vibration pattern or create his own. You just have to be amazed by the pleasant vibration waves. Did you find a rhythm that drove you crazy? Then simply save it and give it a name. This way you can easily find it next time. Do you want to make it more exciting? Then insert a vibrating egg. Your partner can make the eggs vibrate anytime with his phone. No boring outing is guaranteed this time!

  Long distance sex

  Don't you always have the chance to have sex in "real life", for example because one of you travels a lot or because you are in a LAT relationship? Your partner can even control your vibrator remotely! That way, despite the distance, you still stay connected and you can still enjoy great sex together.

  “These innovative sex toys can communicate with each other with the help of an internet connection. Sex toys typically use an app that provides access to online platforms. From here, you can connect your sex toy with other people’s sex toys. These toys are fully The world can be controlled like this, no matter how far apart you are!"

  What is the difference between operations between models?

  What the vibrators have in common is that they are controlled via an app, but there are some differences.

  Double vibrator

  Duo vibrators are a great addition to a couple's bedroom. Both sides can enjoy wonderful vibrations, and the modes can be easily adjusted through the app. Double vibrators with apps are great, even if it's hard for women to penetrate. This stimulates both internally and externally during penetration, allowing you to orgasm faster. We-Vibe can also be controlled remotely if you have both smartphones connected to the device. This way, you can also enjoy each other from far away. With the free app, you can also chat and see each other while enjoying the vibrations that each other has prepared for you.

  Vagina ball

  Vaginal balls or vibrating eggs are great for training your pelvic floor muscles. For example, G-Vibe's G-Balls2 can be controlled via the Magic Kegel app. This app is very comprehensive. Among other things, it gives you an insight into the progress you've made, and you can choose from different training programs and increasing levels. In between, you can use the app to measure how strong your pelvic floor muscles are. You can do this by inserting the vibrating egg and straining the muscles as hard as possible. In the app you can see how strong your muscles are already. While this vibrator app is great for building muscles, you can also use it for a moment of relaxation.

  What should I pay attention to when buying a vibrator with APP?

  Which vibrator with app is best for you depends on what you want to do with it. Are you planning to use it alone or with a partner? How do you want to charge it? Do you want to take him to a bath too?


  One of the best and safest materials for sex toys is silicone, which is the main material of our vibrator with smartphone app. It feels very soft and quickly measures your body temperature. Plus, silicone is easy to clean because it's not porous, so it doesn't leave bacteria behind. Some vibrators with apps also have plastic parts, but usually these are not the parts you plug in.


  These abstractly designed sex toys usually have an ergonomic round shape. If you want to exercise the pelvic floor muscles, it is best to choose a vibrating egg or vaginal ball. For lovers of penetration or g-spot stimulation, there are vibrators with apps that you can insert into your vagina. For multiple stimulation, it's best to choose one that also has a clitoral stimulator.

  Power supply

  Like many luxury toys, the app vibrator also comes with a base or a magnetic USB cable. The dock is useful because it's also a storage place for sex toys. The magnetic cable ensures a waterproof connection, so no water can enter the vibrator.


  If you like to bathe or shower with a vibrator, it's also important to check that it's waterproof. Most vibrators that come with an app can take a shower, but it's always a good idea to check ahead.

  How do you use the vibrator app?

  1 Make sure your smartphone and vibrator with the app are properly charged. Many toys can be connected or charged via USB.

  2 Download the app that came with the vibrator.

  3 We-Vibe : We connect

  4 G-Vibe : Magic Kegel

  5 Now make sure the app is connected to your vibrator or vibrator. Most apps have a clear button for connections.

  6 Lubricate the toy with some water-based lubricant. Since many app vibrators are made of silicone, other lubricants can affect the material.

  7 Now select a vibration mode that you are comfortable with. Some vibrating eggs also have a training program that you can follow to train your pelvic floor muscles.

  8 Are you ready for a different rhythm? In most applications, you can adjust the vibration or draw yourself.

  9 Did you find a good rhythm? Save it so you don't have to search again next time. Some apps also have the ability to share rhythms.

  10 Clean toys with warm water or a toy cleaner after use. Do not use any other cleaners as this will damage the material and shorten its lifespan.

  Chances are, you already own a trustworthy vibrator that you can use regularly. (If not, what are you waiting for?!) But if your bedroom buddy isn't a RC model or one of the latest cordless sex toys, it's time to buy a new vibe.

  Remote, bluetooth or app-controlled vibrators give you more control than most manual options (if your vibrator just doesn't hit the spot, you can easily change its settings without having to pause and re-enter the groove) . Remote control vibrators have been on the market for a long time, but the technology keeps improving. Many toys are now Bluetooth-enabled, have Wi-Fi connectivity, and can be remotely controlled from an app on your phone regardless of your and your partner's time zone and location - making remote-controlled toys a game-changer at a distance changer gender

  Whether you're in a long-distance relationship, a cam girl, or just a fan of public gaming, it can be hard to come up with new ways to stay hot from a distance, and the use of remote-controlled sex toys can make the distance hot.How to use the bluetooth vibrators?


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