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Collection: Traditional Vibrators


 An oldie but a goodie, classic vibrators never go out of style, discover new ways to enjoy sex with a classic vibrator. You can't go wrong with a classic vibrator! A simple, easy-to-use and trustworthy sex toy for unlimited pleasure.

  For those looking for an impromptu refreshment, classic vibrators are the perfect little adult wellness product because they're solid oldies, but also goodies. They are also generally very cost-effective and versatile, so you can use them for different types of fun. Basically, with a classic vibrator, you know you're always in good hands!

  But if you're a little confused about what a classic vibrator is and how it differs from other toys, let's start with the basics...  

    What is a classic vibrator?

  A classic vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that can be used to stimulate the clitoris and vagina. The classic vibrator has a simple design. It is elongated and has a straight shape, with some models having a subtle curvature at the end. This allows for easy insertion of the vibrator and easy access to intimate areas. Like many other vibrators, the classic vibrator contains a small motor inside, which has one or more vibration modes, depending on the model. In general, classics are made of hard materials like plastic. It also has a smooth surface, but also has vibrators with ripples, bubbles or wave patterns.

  Who is the classic vibrator?

  Classic vibrators are usually designed for women. But both sexes can enjoy it, for example using it for foreplay. This type of sex toy is great for beginners. The toy is not difficult to use and has a simple appearance. This makes the toy accessible to women who have never used the toy before. Classic vibrators are also usually cheaper. Women on a smaller budget fit well into this category.

  “Most women find it easier to orgasm through clitoral stimulation. That’s why vibrators are one of her most popular sex toys. The vibrations from vibrators stimulate the nerves in the clitoris and vagina. An orgasm can then be achieved.” Almost Impossible to miss! "

  Are there other models of this product type?

  This standard toy is available in a variety of colors and models. There are smooth, but also ribbed models. We explain the ribbed variant below.

  Classic Vibrator with Ribbing

  In addition to the smooth-looking classic, there are vibrators with ridges, waves and bubbles. A textured surface stimulates the vagina more than a smooth exterior. For example, turning a ribbed vibrator while penetrating can make the exterior feel very stimulating.

  How do you use a classic vibrator?

  The classic vibrator is easy to use. You can turn on the toy by turning or button, after which you can further increase the vibration of some models. You can put this sex toy on your clitoris or insert it into your vagina. This makes it a versatile toy. However, this vibrator is not suitable for anal penetration as it may "shot in". By adding a little lubricant to the shaft, you can improve comfort and ease of use.

  How do you clean this product?

  All but a few classic vibrators are waterproof. This makes it easy to clean this toy under a warm tap after use. Toy cleaners can be used on toys that are not waterproof (but also work on models that are waterproof). It is always wise to clean toys before and after use. In this way, serious infections can be prevented.

  The Traditional Vibrators is tapered, smooth and perfect for beginners. While dildo vibrators are usually detailed in look and feel for realistic pleasure.

   Traditional Vibrators, designed for interior and exterior use, delivering powerful vibrations with precision. These vibrators may have a classic shape, but they're not your grandmother's vibrators! The classic straight vibrator is perfect for beginners and experts. They are non-penile and do not bend to stimulate the G-spot. Just because they have classic designs doesn't mean they don't have new technology. Many of these vibrators are waterproof, multi-speed and versatile!What are traditional vibrators?

  One of the best aspects of a classic vibrator is that anyone can use it. The beauty of classic vibes is that these powerful vibes can be used almost anywhere! There is no one-size-fits-all vibrator, and many of us have to try different toys until we find something that makes us feel great. When you decide to use our classic vibrator, you can experience multiple benefits.

  Should you buy a classic vibrator?

  We recommend two types of people to buy a classic vibrator:

  One, newbie! The Classic Vibrator is the best vibrator to get started! As we mentioned, they're easy to use, get the job done easily and efficiently without all the confusing excitement and frills, and have a very basic look that makes them less intimidating.

  Second, we recommend that sex toy lovers and regular gamers own one or more of the classic vibrators, as they are trusted friends and lend a helping hand when they get emotional. They're also great as a backup when your more tech-savvy toys run out of power mid-game! Crisis averted!

  It's like having a spare tire in the event of a flat tire...it's just good practice and perfect for emergencies!