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Collection: silicone vibrators

   What is a silicone vibrator?

  Silicone vibrators are a great sex toy if you're looking for a vibrator that's smooth to the touch and safe to use. When it comes to sex toys, this material is probably the best you can get. Very soft to the touch, free of harmful substances such as plasticizers, and easy to clean.

  In principle, silicone vibrators can come in different shapes and sizes, but the outer layer is always made of flexible silicone. The advantage of this material is its softness. Compared to other materials, silicone feels very natural, similar to the feel of skin. This is great for sex toys because the skin of the vagina and anus is thin and very sensitive. Also, silicone is not as porous as many other materials such as plastic. It does not trap dirt and bacteria and is very easy to clean. Also important: Silicone is a durable material that will last a lifetime if you take care of it.

  What can you do with a silicone vibrator?

  Silicone vibrators come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different types of stimulation. You have variants for clitoral, g-spot or anal stimulation, as well as for multi-stimulation. The material is very soft to the touch and easy to clean. Many plastic sex toys are made of porous materials that can absorb dirt. If you don't clean these toys properly, they can become a source of bacteria and you could get a serious infection. Silicone is not porous because the material can withstand high temperatures, and toys made from this material can clean well, for example under a hot water faucet. Even if you are sensitive or allergic to other materials, such as rubber or latex, silicone sex toys can be a great solution. Silicone vibrators do not contain harmful or irritating substances and do not contain any plasticizers. Aside from the hygiene and sensitive skin benefits, silicone vibrators often look pretty good. They usually have striking colors and special designs. Because the material is so soft, sex toys made of silicone feel luxurious. This also makes them great as a gift for your partner or close friend.

  What is the difference in operation between different models?

  There are many options for these types of sex toys, but how do you know which model is right for you? You can choose from different types of stimulation, but there are also significant differences in vibration patterns and manipulations.

  "Which vibrator is actually the best? Honestly, no one vibrator is the best because everyone has a different vibrator to suit their needs. If you're looking to buy a sex toy, it's important that you pay attention to one The number of things that matter to you! For example, think about the size, power, and functionality of the vibrator."


  Most vibrators are specifically designed to stimulate specific areas. You can often see this in the shape of toys.


  External vibrators or clitoral stimulators are intended for external use and are generally not intended for penetration. They come in many different forms. It cares for the clitoris in a very targeted and revolutionary way, but you also have special or cute shaped stimulators.


  Models suitable for anal stimulation usually have a straight or conical shape, like a butt plug, and sometimes rough, rounded ridges. Usually anal vibrators are black.

  Vagina or G-spot

  Specimens with a curved head are ideal for vaginal stimulation, especially at the g-spot. The curved head makes these toys easy to reach and stimulate the g-spot.

  Multiple stimuli

  Do you want to be stimulated to the max? Then, in addition to the part for penetration, a variant with a clitoral stimulator is very suitable. A Lelo vibrator might be a good option.

  Vibration and Pulse Mode

  One of the most important parts, if not the most important part of a silicone vibrator is the vibration it produces. You can choose from models with increased vibration intensity or different alternating vibration patterns. Often less expensive toys have less variation in location. Vibration, for example, only increases intensity, while more luxurious toys have a variety of rhythms. Additionally, some silicone vibrators have dual motors that work together to provide more intense stimulation. Besides vibration, there are other forms of stimulation. Examples include toys that imitate "come here" finger movements or toys with air pressure stimulation.


  The operation of silicone vibrators is generally no different from that of vibrators made of other materials. Often cheaper vibrators have a dial on the bottom that allows you to increase the intensity of the vibration. More expensive models usually have many buttons, one to turn the device on and off, and a plus and minus button to switch between modes. In many cases, the vibrator can be operated with a remote control. This can be wireless or connected to the toy via a wire. Using a remote control vibrator with your partner can be very fun and exciting. When you plug in the vibrator, your partner can control the vibration you experience.

  What should I pay attention to when buying a silicone vibrator?

  If you are planning to buy a silicone vibrator, there are many things to keep in mind when making your choice.


  Many silicone vibrators come in striking colors such as bright blue, dark purple, phosphor or even bright green. This is perfect for the special shape of many toys. Because while we have some penis-shaped vibrators, most are abstract shapes. Therefore, these toys are also great for lesbians who are not very fond of male genitalia.


  Do you like to carry a sex toy with you in the bath or shower? It is then important that your new vibrating partner is properly waterproof. If you only use it in the shower, it is enough that it is splash proof. If he bathes with you, then it is better to opt for a fully waterproof replica. Another advantage of the fully waterproof silicone vibrator is that you can clean it in the dishwasher too!

  Power supply

  The nutrition of sex toys is also not unimportant. In most cases, battery-powered toys are the cheapest option. The advantage of this is that you can use it anywhere as long as you have batteries. It's not that interesting if he stops when you're nearing your peak. Another option is a rechargeable toy. This can be through a wall socket or USB port. More luxurious toys often have a charging station where you can put the vibrator in after use. So it's ready to use!

  Tips for Using and Maintaining Your Silicone Vibrator

  How you use your silicone vibrator depends largely on the model you choose. Clitoral stimulation toys work differently than G-spot vibrators. A few notes for all silicone vibrators:

  Lube is always recommended if you are using a vibrator, otherwise the material may feel dry or frayed. While this may sound illogical, silicone vibrators are not a match for silicone lubricants. Water-based lubricants are a better choice.

  Always clean your sex toys with toy cleaner or water after use. Silicone can withstand higher temperatures, so you can also wash it in hot water or put it in the dishwasher. Make sure not to add the dishwasher tablet or place it next to sharp objects.

  Silicone is a premium material that lasts a lifetime. To ensure that you can actually enjoy your toys for that long, it is important to store your toys carefully. For example, you can find one of these storage bags in our online store.

  Silicone vibrator, soft, flexible, warm and pleasant

  Do you want a vibrator but don't want such a cold plastic massage stick? Then choose the silicone vibrator. This soft, stretchy material adapts to your body temperature so you can relax better. When you're relaxed, you're more likely to have an intense orgasm.

  Shape and size

  These vibrators are made of medical grade silicone, making them very strong and flexible. The silicone vibrator adapts to your body temperature, allowing you to relax and enjoy more. Choose a simple straight model, or one with clitoral stimulation. A curved model of the shape of a penis, ribbed or lifelike. You can use the waterproof model in the shower, bathtub or even swimming pool. They run on batteries or can be charged via USB. You choose what you need and what suits you.

  Silicone is one of the best sex toy materials around, and you can't go wrong with any of these silky-smooth sensations! Learn how to use a vibrator so you can use your new vibrator right away! Our silicone massagers are of high quality and soft to the touch, allowing you to get the most incredible sexual stimulation while pleasing yourself internally or externally.

  We offer a wide range of vibrators made from this luxurious toy material, so you can find the perfect sex toy with the velvet texture you love. Many women prefer silicone sex toys because they are non-porous and durable enough to last a long time. This material is also the best place to start because it is very flexible and easy to handle. This is perfect for those who are unsure about using a dildo during sex and can't take the risk yet.

  We know how important it is for women to find clitoral stimulators, vaginal massagers and anal toys that are both safe and enjoyable, which is why we offer such an extensive line of silicone adult novelties! Get the explosive orgasm you crave with the ultimate safety and satisfying atmosphere of our adult toy store!