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Collection: Sex doll


 What is a sex doll?

  A sex doll is a type of inflatable doll that is mainly used for sexual purposes. You will find these sex dolls in many different designs, mainly for men. Whether you prefer slim, tight, dark or blonde. There are plenty of options for both men and women!

  What can you do with a sex doll?

  Sex dolls mimic real partners as much as possible. Most sex dolls have two or more penetration holes; such as the anus, mouth and vagina. There is also a male inflatable doll for women and gay men. In addition to two openings, male sex dolls have a hardened penis. When you don't have a partner but still have a libido, sex dolls can be an easy and inexpensive option. It can also be a more intuitive way to masturbate if you sometimes want to masturbate or something other than a masturbator. Use sex dolls to exercise your fantasies and desires. Sex dolls will never turn you down and will do whatever they want!

  There are sex doll shows based on various well-known porn stars and celebrities. In addition, there are sex dolls that vibrate and dolls with realistic additional features, such as 3D faces. Sex dolls are also fun to give as gifts or to take to parties or birthdays.

  Different types of sex dolls

  When you're considering buying an inflatable doll, it's a good idea to understand how inflatable dolls differ in terms of material, price, function, and appearance. We've listed the differences for you below:

  Female sex doll

  Female inflatable dolls or sex dolls are made for men. Female inflatable dolls usually have three openings, namely the mouth, vagina and anus. The actual length of female sex dolls is between 150 and 160 cm. Female inflatable dolls have round and large breasts. There are shows based on various well-known porn stars and celebrities. In addition, there are dolls with vibration options and dolls with realistic extras, such as a 3D face or a detachable masturbator.

  Special wishes

  There are also dolls for men with special wishes. Prefer the older ones and also have models with dark skin tones or a Japanese look. Do you want to buy an inflatable doll in a different position? In addition to sex dolls in the lying position, we also offer many dolls that can be used in different positions.

  Male inflatable doll

  Anyone who thinks that sex dolls can only come in female form is wrong. In addition to the penis, male inflatable dolls have two openings suitable for penetration, the anus and the oral cavity. There are also various models for women. For example, choose a dark-skinned doll or a blow-up doll Angelo.

  The difference between realism and material

  One sex doll is not another. On our page you will find relatively cheap sex dolls starting from 20 euros, - but also dolls above 100 euros, -. Differences in materials and details are decisive here. Inexpensive sex dolls are life-size, but only slightly realistic. These ladies and gentlemen usually have faces and hair painted and appear in fixed poses. The more expensive models, on the other hand, have a 3D-designed head with real hair that you can hold onto the doll firmly. These sex dolls often have multiple realistic details added, such as eyelashes, nails and makeup. Sex Dolls Well-designed hands and feet add to your masturbation pleasure, just like a real person.

  The pricier sex dolls can often be moved to different positions, allowing you to play with your big fantasies and ideas! Curious about such an authentic experience? If you opt for a more expensive doll, it usually also has a removable silicone masturbator or two. Easy to clean, but the material also gives a more realistic feel, almost indistinguishable from a real vagina, mouth or anus. These openings feature stimulating interiors for a very realistic experience.

  Cheer up

  Relatively cheap inflatable dolls can often be inflated through the neck and mouth. More expensive sex dolls can also be inflated with a handy pump. These are usually delivered with sex dolls.

  Which sex doll should I choose?

  Have you decided to buy a sex doll but not sure which one to buy? We are happy to help you!

  Choose male female

  This is probably the easiest option to make. If you're a woman, there are all kinds of male inflatable dolls. There are different models with large penis and small penis. Men may choose female sex dolls. For lovers, there is also a tranny sex doll with various gel features.

  First sex doll?

  If you have no experience with inflatable dolls, it is recommended to try the relatively inexpensive models first. For less than 20 euros, you already have a female or male sex doll at home! Note that these dolls have a limited lifespan. If you use them a lot, there is a chance of leaks.

  Real experience

  Are you sure that inflatable dolls are an addition to your sex life? If you're looking for a more intense, natural experience, I recommend buying a pricier sex doll. Inflatable dolls above 100 euros not only provide more realism, but also have a variety of options. Sex dolls can be placed in various positions, and in some cases, onboard bullet vibrators can provide you with delicious stimulation. Additionally, these "more expensive" sex dolls have a three-dimensional head with hair and naturally shaped hands and feet. With more expensive dolls, you have more options for masturbation. Plus, you have models of the arms and breasts that are individually inflatable so you can adjust the lady's size to your needs.

  Some of the more expensive female sex dolls have one or more removable parts, such as the vagina and anus. The masturbator is made of softer and natural silicone material and has a stimulating internal structure. The material also heats up quickly for more realism and fun.


  Are you wondering if sex dolls are right for you, but would you like to try something new? Affordable sex dolls come in many options and may contain fewer options and details but still provide you with an enjoyable variety and/or night out. However, cheap blow-up dolls are harder to clean than dolls with removable vaginas or anus. They are also limited in the number of options for placement and realistic additions such as hair and natural-shaped limbs. Good enough for a rush or a few frolics, but not nearly enough for anyone to come close to the real thing.


  Sex dolls can also be great gifts to surprise someone, such as at a party. Just for fun, take one to a wild bachelorette party or the beach. You are sure to have an unforgettable evening and give everyone a big smile. Needless to say, it's better to opt for a relatively inexpensive inflatable doll. If the sex doll is no longer usable after a wild party, the damage is still manageable.

  Use and care of sex dolls

  To avoid infection, be sure to properly clean the doll's play entrance. The best way is to use a toy cleaner. This way, not only will you prevent infection, but your doll will last longer too. Aside from the opening, of course keep the rest of the doll clean and dust-free if it's going to be used for a long time. Fortunately, most dolls deflate easily after use, so you can easily store them again. Sex dolls from more expensive sections are easier to clean thanks to removable parts. More expensive dolls often come with handy pumps, repair kits and instructions.

  With most sex toys, you must apply enough lubricant before use, and inflatable dolls are no exception. Not only does the lubricant make penetration smoother, but the doll lasts longer. By using enough lubricant, you can reduce the risk of a leak somewhere. When using inflatable dolls, in principle any kind of lubricant can be used. We can advise you to use harsh lubricants, especially when masturbating. This lube smooths out masturbation and provides a warm and tingling sensation.  

      We provide you with a variety of dolls with different preferences and tastes, such as warm, unrestrained, cute and so on. For those with a discordant sex life or lack of a sexual partner, our dolls can help you enjoy fantasies that may not be possible with women in real life.

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