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Collection: Realistic Skin Dildos



    What is a realistic dildo?

       A realistic dildo is a sex toy that has the look and feel of a real penis. Some models have testicles at the base of the dildo, and they usually have realistic veins and realistic glans. This dildo usually also has a suction cup. There are realistic dildos that can squirt, also known as squirting dildos. There are also dildos that are exact replicas of pornstars' penises, such as Fleshjack Boys.

  Everyone can use a realistic dildo. Whether you're gay and looking for a pornstar's penis, or you're buying a sex toy for the first time and don't want to stray too far from what you really think. Real life dildos are also great for lesbians or sex partners to penetrate with hardcore. Women who want to live their lives like men have been helped by penile prostheses, also known as packer penises. Ladies who find ejaculation exciting can opt for squirting models.

  Do you want your first dildo to look and feel like the hard realistic cock you've always fantasized about?

  The real-feel dildo has realistic veins and bulging tips on the shaft, giving the alluring look of a real penis. A realistic dildo more closely replicates an erect male penis. The smooth and flexible outer layer is designed to be like skin. The harder interior mimics the hard muscles of an erection. These realistic dildos are sturdy and flexible for more targeted internal stimulation.

  What can you do with a real dildo?

        Sex toys in this category, such as realistic dildos, are suitable for a large group of people. Real-life dildos are perhaps the most accessible sex toys. This type can be used by people of different sexual orientations. Below you can see what you can do with a toy like this.

  Beginner toy

  Dildos that look like male genitals are especially good for people trying toys for the first time. They come in different lengths, thicknesses, and the shape of the glans and balls can vary. Because they look a lot like a real young man, they certainly won't scare a man or woman trying to use a toy for the first time. Also, realistic dildos are very flexible, so you can insert them easily and they tend to move with your body. In addition, such toys are also easy to use. No special action is required to use a dildo.

  What should I look out for if I'm buying a realistic dildo and which are the best?

  There are different types of lifelike dildos. Which is the best is of course a matter of taste, but there are some points you can pay attention to when buying. Do you already know what model you want? Then you can ask yourself which features are important to you. Therefore, pay attention to the following points when purchasing.


  These realistic sex toys are available in different colors. When you think of a lifelike model, you might immediately think of a skin tone toy, but there are also realistically colored dildos. For example, they have a pink color, but they still have a natural look and feel due to the veins, scrotum and glans. There are also transparent models. If you like watching what you do, or you might find skin tone models too intimidating, these can be great.

  Materials - Rubber, Silaskin, Silicone, Plastic, Latex

  Most realistic dildos are made of materials that ensure your dildo bends well and is flexible. This is necessary if you want to be able to easily insert such a toy and perform different positions with it. Some models are so soft that they are made of silaskin. These models come closest to what it feels like to touch the skin of a real penis. You can see it right away in the models, they have an extra sheen and are very soft. The advantage of these models is the most realistic feel, the disadvantage is that they are only slightly more expensive than other dildos in this category. Do you want to enjoy an almost lifelike skin feel but on a tight budget? Then you choose a silicone dildo† Do you want a slightly curved model? Then choose a realistic rubber dildo. Thanks to this material, they are more flexible than other models in this category. Do you want a slightly cheaper version? Then you choose a PVC dildo. The near-realistic feel of these models is a little less, but it's fine for your wallet. Also, they are easy to clean. On the left side of the menu you can filter the desired material.


  We can imagine that you might want to use a realistic model in your bathroom. For example in the shower or bathtub. For example, if you want something different, you can use a realistic dildo while masturbating. Most models in this category are waterproof, so you can buy with confidence if you want to play around in the bathroom. Filters on the left side of the waterproof menu: yes/no, you have the right choice.


  You have a variety of options for lifelike dildo lengths and thicknesses. Are you new to sex toys? Then we recommend you start with a small to normal model. These are usually 15 to 25 cm long. Are you looking for a little challenge? Then you go buy a big dildo. These XL models are always larger than 25cm, so you'll feel more thrilled, and you can insert them farther than the smaller versions. Thickness is also important. The smallest diameter of the lifelike dildo is 2 to 2.5 cm. Smaller models are great for men and women buying their first dildo. Want a bigger diameter? Then choose a model with a diameter of 4 cm. Lifelike models up to 6 cm in diameter.


 How do you use a realistic dildo?

   Using a real model is no different than using all other models. The best way to use a lifelike dildo is to create a relaxing atmosphere for yourself. Then you can follow these steps:

  1 Stay relaxed and excited

  2 Gently insert the toy when ready, especially when using the dildo for the first time.

  3 Use sufficient lubricant. Apply lube not only to the sex toy, but also to the glans, anus, or vagina with a little lube. This makes it easier to slide the toy inside

  4 Enjoy the way you want to enjoy it. Fantasy and masturbation as much as you want.

  5 Do you anal with a real dildo? Then take it easy and make sure you have your anus ready for insertion. The back is not designed for this, so caution is always required. By first sliding your fingers gently inward, you can prepare the anus well. Always use anal lube in combination with a realistic anal dildo.

  6 Are you tired of lifelike models? It is then very important to properly clean toys and store them properly. Especially if you use your toy for anal and vaginal penetration or share it with others. In the latter case, make sure you always use a condom. Clean your dildo with a special toy cleaner or warm water and soap. Be careful when working with rubber models, they cannot always be fully sterilized. It is best to use it with a condom to ensure thorough cleaning.

     Do real skin dildos feel like real penises?

       While there are certainly some differences between our toys and human penises (especially not having a body attached), our real penis dildos are pretty close.

  Some are made from smooth silicone for maximum authenticity, while others have a warm effect to match the body's natural temperature. Close your eyes and you can barely tell!

  Some of our realistic skin dildo drops (or perform well in our opinion) are an added feel to our sex toys. Dildo toys that vibrate real skin may take away some of the realism element, but they certainly bring a whole new buzz of buzz that human penises can't do (sorry, cock masters!).

  Use Fanta meat that feels so real you'll forget it's not real

  Get real masculinity while masturbating with this ultra-realistic dildo! The lifelike penis mimics the fascinating look and feel of a real penis. The ultimate realistic dildo allows you to indulge in wild sex with the most pleasing softness at all times. The satisfying g-spot realistic dildo design adds fun and gives a functional feel.

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