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Collection: Wireless Vibrators



  Wireless is the more common (and preferred) type of vibrator. Wireless vibrators open up a wide range of possibilities because you can play without any limitations. The best thing is that wireless vibrators are usually toys for couples. This means your partner will be able to make you feel great while sitting in the next room.

  WiFi vibrators are ideal sex toys for couples. With a WiFi connection you can control the vibrator through the app, with some WiFi vibrators you can also set your own patterns through the app. So if you or your partner wear it in public, or if you want to enjoy it together when each other is not around, you can easily operate it during insertion.

  How does a WiFi vibrator work?

  You must first turn the WiFi vibrator on or off via the button on the vibrator. Then connect it to the app via a WiFi connection. Would you like your partner to be able to operate the toy too? You can then invite him or her through the app.

  Once your partner is connected to your app, he or she can remotely control the WiFi vibrator. Importantly, your WiFi vibrator is also connected to your app via a WiFi connection (or Bluetooth). For example, your partner can change positions or patterns. You can usually write these types of patterns yourself in your application.

  How to choose the best WiFi vibrator?


  There are also different types of WiFi vibrators. Many WiFi vibrators have the shape of an egg, so they are also called vibrating eggs. What's special about this egg is that you can also use it secretly in public because you insert it into your vagina. You can also use eggs to stimulate your clitoris or nipples.

  Besides vibrating eggs, other WiFi vibrators are also available. For example, there are bunny vibrators, tarzan vibrators, couple vibrators and regular vibrators that can be controlled via an app and a WiFi connection.


  When choosing a WiFi vibrator, it's important to pay attention to connectivity. Of course, you don't want to just want to switch to the next location and get disconnected. Unfortunately, this can never be completely avoided, but it turns out that one WiFi vibrator has better connectivity than the other. So please read the reviews carefully before buying a WiFi toy.

  It's also wise to first check if the included app can be installed on your phone or PC and/or your partner's PC.


  Most WiFi vibrator apps offer the option to set your own vibration pattern or download a different pattern. Do you want to keep changing endlessly? First check if the app has this option.

  There are other good options for some WiFi vibrators. For example, some of these sex toys can be synced to music so you can make them vibrate to your favorite music. Other WiFi vibrators can transfer motion from a porn movie to a toy, or react to the motion of another toy your partner is using.


  WiFi vibrator is one of the premium vibrators. This is of course also allowed: besides WiFi connections, they usually have other good options. Especially if you're in a long-distance relationship, or if you or your partner travel a lot, it's worth the money.

  But are you looking for a vibrator that your partner can control when they're close to each other, or are you using it alone? Then a vibrator without WiFi but with a remote might be a better and cheaper option.

  Perfect for playful couples or anyone looking to maintain control, the remote vibrator is an exciting way to push a button. This remote-controlled sex toy provides you with anal or clitoral stimulation via a wireless remote. The mini vibrator features an invisible wearable design for unforgettable clitoral orgasms. Its sleek, streamlined shape and ultra-thin design fit your intimate area perfectly. It does not feel uncomfortable even when worn for a long time.

  Just for your own pleasure. You can orgasm by stimulating the G-spot with a vaginal ball. It is also a beneficial companion for your vagina. With it, give your vagina a whole new look! You should be a confident woman from the inside out! What's more, it can massage sensitive parts such as clitoris and nipples for foreplay. More happiness is waiting for you to find.

  All the sweet spots are reached for an explosive orgasm just by operating the wireless controls. Many couples like to wear these low-key sex toys under their clothes and give their partners bursts of erotic pleasure for a sexy surprise.

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