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Collection: vibrating penis ring

   What is a vibrating penis ring?

  A vibrating penis ring is a penis ring that can vibrate. These rings usually consist of the ring itself and a vibrator, usually a small model in the shape of a bullet. Vibrating cock rings are especially good for couples, as this model also stimulates her when inserted. Because he was wearing the ring, the blood supply was slowed down. This allows the erection to last longer and penetrate for a longer period of time.

  What can you do with a vibrating penis ring? Who are they for?

  In general, penile rings are designed to give a man an erection that lasts longer. The product also promotes better sex because it helps women come more easily. You can choose from different models such as leather cock rings, metal cock rings or rubber rings. Each type of ring serves a different purpose. Vibrating cock rings are mainly for couples to enjoy together. But also works well for a person to use alone while masturbating.

  Only when masturbating

  Vibrating cock rings are great for masturbation. For example, you can use this toy to train your stamina. Because the ring slides around your penis, ensuring a reduced blood supply, you'll get a firmer and longer-lasting erection. Because the penis ring with the bullet also vibrates, it gently vibrates your private parts. You can place the ring so that it vibrates on your perineum, the area between your anus and the ball, or between the balls. In this way, you can try the ring while masturbating to get your erection longer while enjoying the vibration.

  Changes in the bedroom with your partner

  A ring with penis vibration is not just a toy for yourself. It's actually a great sex toy to use with your partner. In fact, if you're both curious about sex toys but don't want to get a big dildo right away, vibrating cock rings are the perfect toy to try together. The vibrating ring is very handy. The toy isn't difficult to use, looks relatively innocuous, and is generally less expensive than a couple's vibrator. The vibration of the ring comes from the bullet vibrator attached to it. He slides the ring around his cock and she likes to vibrate. One of the better places to fully experience a penis ring is with the missionary or her on it. In this way, the clitoris is best stimulated with the vibrating ring.

  What is the difference in effect between vibrating cock rings in this category?

  Basically the vibrating cock rings in this category all work the same way. Only the action with the attached bullets is sometimes slightly different. You can control vibration by:

  Knob on the bottom of the bullet vibrator: Bullets of the included ring usually have a knob that you can use to adjust different vibration modes. The man can switch positions freely by turning the knob of the bullet while wearing the ring and during penetration.

  Slider on bullet: Some bullet vibrators have a slider that lets you adjust different positions. Unlike knobs, this style of operation tends to be designed for toys with fewer places. It's also more difficult to operate the slider when the ring is on.

  Button: The button is usually located on the side of the bullet vibrator. By pressing this button, you turn on the ring's small vibrator. If your cock ring has a different position, you can operate it by pressing the button more often. This also has the disadvantage that it is difficult to operate once the ring is placed on the penis.

  Remote control with or without cable: There is also a cock ring that can be operated with the remote control. These models are great to use with your partner during penetration. You can then choose to give your partner the remote so that he or she can focus between switching and trying positions, and the wearer of the ring can focus on those positions and penetrate. Some remotes do not come with a cable that you can use at a decent distance from the ring, but there are also vibrating cock rings with remotes with a cable.

  What to look for when buying a vibrator, and which are the best?

  First, it's important to ask yourself why you're buying a vibration model. Do you want to enjoy it with your partner? It is then recommended to complete the step-by-step plan below together to make the best choice. But even if you just want to masturbate with a penis ring, the plan below will work for you.

  "Choosing the right ring size is of course very important. You don't want to close the penis feel, and it's also important that the ring doesn't slip off during sex."


  Want to use your new sex toy in the bathroom? Then check if your cock ring is waterproof. Most cock rings can be used in the shower or bathtub, with a few exceptions, such as USB rechargeable rings. You might be wondering how a vibrating ring for a penis could also be used in water. This is because the bullet that causes the vibrations is usually well integrated into the material and thus is completely covered, does not get wet and can be damaged.


  You may find it important that your new sex toy also has a nice color. If you like bright and fresh colors, then the vibrating dick ring is for you. Popular colors are black and gray, but you can also choose from blue, purple, pink and red.

  Your friends

  Once you've gone through all the options above, be sure to ask yourself which size you need. If you have a stretchable cock ring made of silicone or rubber, which is stated in each product's product specification, you don't have to wonder which size you need. These models are very stretchy so they fit any size. Do you have flexible models? Then it is very important to pay attention to the right size. If you're wondering which size you need, you can follow the step-by-step plan explained in the question: What size vibrating cock ring do I need? You can also read more about it in this infographic: How to choose the right rooster ring size?

  What size vibrating cock ring do I need?

  Before purchasing a vibrating cock ring, it is recommended to research the correct size. Not every penis is the same, and you want to keep the ring from getting too tight or slipping off during sex and losing its function. That's why you can follow the step-by-step plan below when shopping for a penis ring.

  1 Make sure your penis is erect;

  2 Take a piece of ribbon or lace and measure the circumference of the penis. You do this where you want to wear the rooster ring. Typically, you wear the ring at the base of the penis over the scrotum. But you can also wear it in the middle of the penis or around the head;

  3 Do not pull the ribbon or tie too tightly, but wrap it loosely around the penis;

  4 Then place the ribbon or lace next to the ruler and measure the circumference of your young man;

  5 Now divide the circumference by pi. Pi is a mathematical name. In numbers, pi is: 3.14. So divide the number you find on the ruler by 3.14. For example, is your circumference 11 cm? Then you divide it by 3.14. This gives you a diameter of 3.5 cm.

  6 Now you have the right size! Check the filter diameter on the left side of the product page to see what diameter you need and you'll see the cock ring that's right for you.

  How do I use a vibrating cock ring?

  The use of vibrating cock rings varies little between each model. Whether you buy a leather rooster ring or a metal model, almost every ring can be used in the same easy way. Before using, you can follow this step-by-step plan:

  1 Before using a vibrating penis ring, it is important to make sure that your penis is not in a fully erect state. If your penis is already erect and you wear the ring, you won't get the desired effect. i.e. thicker and longer-lasting erections;

  2 Then slide the ring around the penis you want to wear. Use some lubricant for this. Putting some lubricant on the inside of the ring can make it easier for your penis to slide;

  3 Are the cock rings in place and feel uncomfortable? Then take him away! The cock ring should not be injured during use. Your size may be too small. Rings that are too small can pinch your penis and eventually numb it;

  4 rings right? Then you notice a swollen penis;

  5 Once you are comfortable with the feel of the ring, you can start experimenting with vibration. Each cock ring can be operated in a different way. Depending on the model you have, the ring wearer or their partner can operate the vibrating penis ring.

  6 Do not wear the ring for more than 20 or 30 minutes. If your partner is uncomfortable with over-stimulating the clitoris, take it off too.