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Collection: Metal Butt Plug

  What is a metal butt plug?

  A metal butt plug is an anal toy made entirely or mostly of metal. The toy is inserted into the anus and closed. Unlike most butt plugs, metal butt plugs are neither flexible nor stretchable. Due to the material, they can be combined with all types of lubricants and are very fast and easy to clean.

  Who is it for?

  A butt plug is an anal toy, so it's perfect for anal stimulation lovers, both men and women. Due to the different sizes and models, metal butt plugs are suitable for both novice and advanced users. Metal butt plugs are also a good choice for warm play enthusiasts. Put the plug in the refrigerator or microwave for easy heating or cooling. You can also place them in a bowl of warm or cold water so the metal can withstand the water's temperature.

  Are there different/different models?

  In addition to the classic metal butt plugs, there are many other types and models:

  ● Tailed Butt Plugs: These are made especially for cosplay lovers and are available in a variety of colors and thicknesses of rabbit and foxtails.

  ● Hollow butt plugs: The hollow butt plugs are hollow inside and open at both ends. This allows you to try different stimulating fluids, for example.

  ● Fisting Butt Plugs: These toys are aimed primarily at experienced anal toy users who are ready to take the next step. Since metal butt plugs are heavier than butt plugs made of other materials, they are ideal for those who have already tried regular butt plugs and are looking for a new challenge. The fist butt plug is shaped like a fist to simulate the feeling of a real fist being inserted (fisting).

  ● Butt Plugs with P-Spot Stimulation: These butt plugs are designed for men and will stimulate the prostate while wearing the plug. The top of the prostate butt plug is curved and pointed towards the prostate. This provides extra excitement and adds a new dimension to any sex game.

  Finally, metal butt plugs come in different sizes, with different designs, such as those with decorative stones on the bottom, and in different textures, such as smooth, ribbed, or beaded.

  How to clean and use metal butt plugs?

  Since metal butt plugs are made of metal, you can use all types of toy cleaners to clean them, including silicone toy cleaners. Using a toy cleaner or some warm water and a clean cloth, the metal butt plug will be completely clean in seconds. You can use the metal butt plug like any other anal toy. Because inserting something into the anus is unnatural and your sphincter will defend itself at first, it is always necessary to use enough anal lubricant. Always insert butt plugs, including metal plugs, very carefully. Start with a tip and get your butt used to the feeling of something going in. Then you can move on slowly.

  Are you ready for the most brutal entertainment device imaginable? Pick your poison in the collection of metal butt plugs, but don't say we didn't warn you.

  It doesn't take a genius to figure it out, anything trying to get into your ass is serious news. But hey, maybe you're ready. We applaud you for being a brave soul and trying the ruthless steel butt plug.

  But enough chatter, let's talk about how a steel butt plug can turn your dull night into the best night of your life!

  Our selection of metal and steel butt plugs includes a wide variety of anal sex toys to dominate your buttocks. When playing with butt plugs, you can add a lot of opportunities. But first, let's talk about what makes them so unique.

  Newsflash: If you didn't already know, both metal and steel are tough materials. But that doesn't mean we completely ignore users. Our team of quality experts make sure you get a body-safe sex toy, and as long as you can, you don't have to worry about stuffing your steel ass up your anus!

  After an extensive quality control process, these devices can finally call themselves non-toxic because they don't contain any trace of lead or any other harmful substances.

  Another advantage of this butt plug is that they are waterproof. Every toy is carefully inspected to make sure they don't have any micro-holes. Having them makes it easier for any type of fluid to seep in and get bacteria. Not only does the waterproof sex toy make it easy and enjoyable to use in the bathroom, but the feature also allows you to apply your favorite lube to your heart! You can use any formula, whether it's water-based, silicone-based, or a hybrid!

  This feature also makes the steel butt plug easy to clean! Simply rinse, lather with mild soap, rinse thoroughly, pat with a soft towel, and store in a cool, dry place out of the sun. Even better if you use sex toy cleaner too!

  These materials add a little weight to your anus when inserted, which is great news for perverts who like to haul eye-catching assets behind them. If you want something more, how about the temperature game?

  It's an easy fetish to achieve. Just dip the plug in hot or cold water for a minute or two. Let the material work its magic to absorb temperature, and before you know it, you have a sex toy that magically changes temperature at any time!

  Each erotic tool is polished to perfection, ensuring there are no nicks or rough edges that could irritate or even harm your body.

  It's fun to use, easy to clean, and great to try. You'd be a fool if you didn't try our metal and steel butt plugs!