How to Clean Sex Toys?

How to Clean Sex Toys?

       With proper care and maintenance, your favorite sex toy can be used for many years. The best way to keep the appearance and performance of toys as new is to clean them before and after each use.

  Basic sex toy cleaning rules

  There are two basic methods for cleaning sex toys. The traditional method involves washing the toy with warm soapy water, rinsing it off, and then wiping it dry with a clean towel. This method is fast, simple and economical. But it is not always effective. The textured surface of some sex toys is full of hard-to-reach corners and gaps. Other sex toys may have batteries and motors, which may be damaged if they get wet. And you can't always rely on what the manufacturer claims to be waterproof, especially after you have used it dozens or hundreds of times.

  Toy experts recommend switching to a special toy cleaner. We provide many different types of cleaning agents for you to choose from. Although you do need to pay extra for toy cleaners, many of them contain antibacterial agents, deodorants, and other beneficial features to help you keep your favorite sex toys in top condition. They guarantee that they are applicable to all types of sex toy materials. They are specially formulated to treat any bacteria or bacteria on sex toys without leaving harmful residues that may irritate sensitive parts.

  Sex toy cleaner is quick and simple to use, allowing you to maintain your toys easily. Most cleaners require you to simply spray the sex toy, wipe it clean with a damp cloth, and then dry it with a lint-free cloth. But it pays to check the specific instructions of the cleaner and follow their recommendations before use.

  Although the basic rules cover most types of sex toys, there are few toys that require special care-such as anal toys, petting/masturbation devices, and realistic toys. If your sex toy falls into one of these three categories, please review the special recommendations listed below for more detailed information on keeping it clean.

  How to clean anal toys

  Given the nature of anal toys, keeping them clean is especially important. Otherwise, they will soon become a breeding ground for various malodors and even endanger your health. This is why anal toys should be more careful and careful when cleaning than ordinary sex toys.

  Always assume that your anal toy is dirty (even if it is not)

  You are pretty sure you cleaned your toy after the last use and it looks clean when you take it out of the storage bag. But this does not mean that your anal toys are really clean. Unless you have checked it under a microscope, always assume that your anal toy is dirty. And you need to clean it before you can use it again.

  Scrub your anal toys and scrub more

  Anal toys are the reason why sex toy cleaners were created. The sex toy cleaner contains special antibacterial agents, deodorants and other functions to keep your anal toys in their best condition. Spray the anal toy thoroughly with your favorite cleanser to clean it. Then wipe with a damp cloth, paying special attention to any cracks or crevices that may harbor bacteria. Then start all over again. This may be annoying, but your health is worth a few more minutes.

  If you use soap and water to clean anal toys, be sure to use antibacterial soap and hot water. Look for a soap that is safe for the body so that it does not irritate your sensitive areas. And make sure to scrub extra vigorously when cleaning to ensure that the job is completed.

  Once the anal toy is cleaned, it can be used safely. Or you can pack it up until your next game date.

  Don't let dirty anal toys wander around. This leads to the last rule, clean your anal toy as soon as possible after use. Waiting until the next morning can be tempting, especially when you are bathed in the light of good O. But bacteria and bacteria will increase dramatically in these few hours, making your anal toy more difficult to clean in the future.

  Tip: Use condoms

  Some toy experts recommend putting on a condom before using anal toys. When you are done, you just need to throw away the condom. You still need to clean your anal toy, but condoms make it faster and easier.

  How to clean masturbators and touchers

  Like anal toys, masturbators and strokers are difficult to clean. These toys have narrow and compact tunnels. If you don’t keep them clean, these tunnels will soon become home to all kinds of nasty bacteria and bacteria. Dirty touching will not bring you STDs, but if you are not careful, it can cause many other health problems.

  When cleaning your massager or masturbation device, it is best to rinse the pipes first. Align the opening with the faucet and open it-to force water into the chamber. It only takes a few seconds to rinse off your massager or masturbator. Then you can clean it as usual, using sex toy cleaner or warm soapy water. Just make sure to clean the inside and outside of the tunnel! The same goes for the time to dry sex toys.

  How to clean realistic sex toys

  Just because your sex toy looks like a penis or vagina does not mean it needs special cleaning instructions. However, many realistic toys are made of special materials, and they mimic the look and feel of real skin as much as possible. These materials have many different names, including Cyberskin, UR3 and PureSkin, but most of them include "skin" in the name. Although these realistic materials do bring your sex toys to life, they do require some additional maintenance beyond typical cleaning.

  Clean the realistic toy as usual and make sure it is completely dry. Then gently wipe it with the special update powder that came with your toy. Store your sex toys and a spoonful of recycled powder in a sealed plastic bag until you use it next time. During the waiting period, you can use cornstarch as a short-term substitute.

  How to clean the vibrator (battery powered and rechargeable)

  The vibrator, whether it is rechargeable or battery-operated, is very easy to clean. Remember to keep the motor and battery compartment dry. Even if your toy should be waterproof, it's best to be careful and use a vibrator that no longer vibrates. If your toy comes with a remote control, so does the remote control. Although many vibrators today are waterproof, few remote controls are waterproof.

  The best cleaning method based on sex toy materials

  When cleaning sex toys, it's really best to use a special sex toys cleaner. If you insist on using soap, water and muscle power to clean sex toys in the old-fashioned way, then you need to take some special measures according to the type of material of the toy. The use of strong cleaners or cleaners will damage the delicate finishes of sex toys. For example, toys made of soft and elastic materials such as TPE or TPR require a gentle facial cleanser. On the other hand, you can use standard dish soap to clean sex toys made of hard materials such as plastic. Non-porous toys collect lint and hair, even if they are just lying on the bedside table, so you need to use a lint-free cloth or towel and place them in a special storage bag. Check your sex toy instructions carefully for any other cleaning instructions and requirements.
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