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Collection: Dildos for men

   What are male sex toys?

  Male sex toys focus on providing stimulation to the penis, testicles or anus for increased sexual pleasure. From better-known sex dolls, pocket vaginas and butt plugs, to more modern vibrating cock rings and prostate massagers, these adult toys have become a way for men and those with penises to explore sexuality.

  Whether you're looking to mix up your sex life with a partner, or change things up in your solitary pleasure routine, we've got you covered.

  How to clean men's dildos?

  Cleaning Men's Dildos:

  ●Rinse the toy with warm water.

  ● Dry thoroughly with a paper towel or clean towel.

  ●Spray or rinse with antibacterial toy cleaner.

  ● Now let your toys dry in natural light.

  ●Store dildos in a dry, dark place or in a toy bag.

  How to choose the right men's dildo?

  ●Buy the best dildos for men:

  ●Choose a texture that feels right.

  ●Choose a size that hits your spot correctly.

  ●Look for a style that surprises you both in shape and material, such as a realistic penis or glass for temperature-controlled play.

  ● Find the color options that excite you.

  NOTE: When buying a dildo for men, you will always want to buy a dildo with a flared base. If there is nothing in his anus to clamp, his body may suck the dildo inside, which means going to the hospital.

  What size dildo should I buy?

  The size of the dildo you want will depend on your penetration experience.

  If you're new to anal, you'll want something smaller and thinner at 3 to 5 inches. If you're experienced, then go 5 to 7 inches. For a "full" experience, choose 7" or larger.

  What is the best lube to use on a male dildo?

  Water-based lube is always the best lube for male dildos. It is compatible with silicone, TPE and jelly and feels great in the hand.

  You can use silicone-based lube, just make sure the toy is not made of silicone, as silicone lube can damage the toy.

  What is the difference between female and male dildo?

  The difference between male and female dildos is that the male dildo must have a flared bottom or ball and notch (also called a stem) so that the anus can grab it and prevent it from entering his body.

  This is not required for vaginal intercourse, but if a woman chooses to use a dildo for anal play, she will need the same, as this is the anal's response to penetration.

  Buy your first male dildo, dildo is the ultimate sex toy. There's nothing like having a lifelike dildo that can be inserted into yours repeatedly at your own pace!

  Our gay dildo collection includes all kinds of dildos that gay men can enjoy. There is a wide variety of male dildos to choose from in this collection. It ranges from ribbed dildo to sucker dildo, from double headed dildo to silicone soft dildo. It is also available in a variety of colors for you to choose from. It has everything you need to satisfy your desires.

  Whether you're going low solo or with a partner, you can go all the way with these cocks. In many ways, a male dildo can give you prolonged orgasms. You can push it deep into your vagina, anus, or even both at the same time. Partners can even penetrate with a double-headed dildo at the same time. Either way, you can guarantee it will please you!