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Collection: Couple sex toys


  There comes a time in every sexual relationship when it's necessary to add a little spice to the bedroom. For many, that means experimenting with sex toys and foreplay to get done and have an orgasm. However, many adult toys are designed for solo flight, not as couples toys. This can be great when you need a little time, but what if you want your toys to help you make the most of our time? To help you stay with your favorite guy or girl, we've put together a complete guide to sex toys for couples.

  According to experts, the best sex toys for couples can help change things in the bedroom, and we've put together a list of the best sex toys for you and your partner. If your sex life becomes monotonous, think of stronger feelings you're already enjoying and help yourself feel more connected to your partner. Plus, if you're looking for a great gift for your partner (or even yourself), sex toys are always a great option.

  The use of sex toys has exploded during the pandemic, both for single users (here are some great female masturbation tips) and for couples who enjoy using toys together. We've taken a deep dive into what you should know before buying sex toys for couples and selected top vibrators, vibrating cock rings, leather straps, rechargeable G-spot vibrators, clitoral vibrators, the best dildos and more Wait. Check out these steamy audio porn options to get you in the mood!

  Why use sex toys with your partner?

  There's a common misconception that a sex toy is something you use before you meet your partner or when they're out of town. But sex toys aren't just for singles.

  "Sex toys can give you and your partner (or partner) exciting sensations that might not be possible with tongues, fingers and genitalia alone," she said, adding that you can imagine them as having Sprinkle over a delicious sundae.

  Sex toys can do things humans can't, humans don't vibrate; humans don't have penises made of stainless steel. But that also doesn't mean that toys can replace or threaten relationships. Even if you use a fancy stand mixer when baking your cake, you're still the one who bakes the cake - in the same way, the fun and pleasure of using sex toys with your partner tends to be more of a partner than a partner toy.

  Sex toys can create unique opportunities for pleasure and intimacy. This is especially true for those who struggle to have pleasure or orgasm without toys due to sensitivity issues, erectile dysfunction, physical disabilities, or other conditions. It's really liberating when you realize that [sex] doesn't have to be all human contact - you can introduce tools to help you have fun more easily and effectively.

  What should couples keep in mind when buying sex toys?

  It's best to focus on finding toys that serve the specific purpose you want them for, whether it's clitoral stimulation during sex, app-enabled fun for remote couples, intense anal sensations, or something else entirely.