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Collection: anal toy

                                    What are anal toys?

  Anal sex can stimulate and/or penetrate the anus. There are many nerve endings in the anus that, with the right stimulation, can cause violent orgasms. During anal sex, the anus can also be pampered orally or designed with sex toys. Various anal sex toys have been designed for this purpose. For example, there are various butt plugs, anal chains and beads, and anal douches to clean your bowels before you play. Most toys that can be used anal almost have a narrow top. This makes it easy to insert them. You will also see that some models have a "stop" return. This tends to be a wide, flat back that prevents your toy from falling out or shooting in

  "The key to having anal sex for the first time is to start slowly. Anal isn't really designed for penetration, so you have to go in bit by bit and keep reassuring the other person. If you're the one doing the penetration, let your partner then Show how deep you can go, how hard you can hit, and if one of you is uncomfortable, you can stop right away. You can always pick up the line later.”

  What models are there?

  Inflatable butt plug

  Inflatable Butt Plugs are perfect for those who like power and size. With this anal toy, you can decide for yourself how much you enjoy it. Using the supplied pump, you can easily inflate this stopper to the desired size. Even if you are inexperienced in the field of anal stimulation, these plugs can provide a solution. Choose a small size, you can make yourself a little bigger as you gain more experience

  Vibration Butt Plug

  With vibrating plugs, you can have double the fun. Due to strong vibrations, these plugs provide additional stimulation during penetration. You will find 2 types of vibrating plugs in this category:

  Vibrating Butt Plug with Remote

  These anal vibrators come with a remote control. It's easy to operate because you don't have to touch the plug itself. The remote control is at your fingertips, making it easy to switch vibration modes. Also, these toys are great for couples too. Give your partner the remote and let him or her decide how you enjoy it!

  Vibrating Butt Plug Without Remote

  Do you want to make sure your plug responds instantly? Then you can opt for a vibrating butt plug without a remote. This way you can be sure that your plug changes position instantly at any time.

  Big plug

  For big lovers, there are big butt plugs. These XXL toys ensure that users enjoy the best sense of filling. Large butt plugs are suitable for experienced users. This means you are familiar with anal penetration and want to go a step further (bigger). XL butt plugs come in different shapes and sizes.

  Fisting butt plug

  When you're ready for the real thing, you can start using fisting butt plugs. These plugs are usually designed to be a real fist or hand and are usually full size.

  Butt plug set

  With a butt plug kit, you can be sure you're getting the right plug. When you buy a set, you can choose from several different sizes of plugs. This is ideal when you don't know how big your first plug should be. Also, as your experience increases, you don't have to buy a new butt plug. You can easily build maximum size with this set.

  Vibration Butt Plug Set

  The vibrating butt plug set is for those who want to have double the fun. These plugs provide penetration and stimulation at the same time. Also, they are great for prostate stimulation. Strong vibrations create deeper stimulation.

  Non-vibrating suit

  If you need a good plug, you can choose a set of butt plugs that don't vibrate. The advantages of these plugs are that they do not break easily and are easy to clean and use. No unnecessary options, just enjoy.

  Glass butt plug

  Glass butt plugs look special and are great to use. These toys are perfect for you when you're ready to take on new things or need sturdy, smooth materials. Also, the glass butt plugs are great for temporary play. By placing these toys under the hot or cold tap, you can easily bring them to the desired temperature.

  Hollow Butt Plug

  With hollow butt plugs, you can go in every direction. These plugs have an open hollow interior so you can stimulate the anus from the inside, apply lubricant or penetrate more easily. These plugs keep the anus open so that you or your partner can reach anything.

  Metal Butt Plug

  Metal is strong, smooth and non-porous. This makes it the perfect material for making anal toys. Metal butt plugs are easy to insert due to the smooth material. Additionally, these plugs can be used in conjunction with any type of lubricant.

  With gems

  Metal plugs already have a nice look thanks to smooth, shiny materials and sleek designs. But a butt plug with a decorative stone completes it. These plugs offer a beautiful look (literally) and a wonderful thrill. Surprise your partner and plug it in.

  Prostate dildo

  The P-spot is the G-spot for men. This refers to the prostate. When a man receives a prostate massage, he experiences a more intense orgasm. Additionally, regular emptying of the prostate ensures good sperm production. P-spot plugs, dildos, and vibrators are designed for this form of stimulation. You can usually identify these toys by the curved top. With this top, the P-stop can be stimulated in a targeted manner. When looking for a P-spot, ask yourself beforehand what you like. Do you just need stimulation or do you want a deep massage? Depending on your wishes, you can choose a different prostate.

  Classic Butt Plug

  The most famous anal sex toy is the butt plug. You can identify classic butt plugs by their narrow top, rounded waist, narrow ends and flat bottom. Butt plugs come in many different shapes and sizes. Before buying a plug, ask yourself what you like. Do you prefer a smooth plug that slides in effortlessly, or the extra feel of a ribbed plug? It's also important to ask yourself which material you prefer. Butt plugs made of soft material like silicone flex with your body for optimal comfort. Butt plugs made of hard and smooth materials such as metal are easier to insert.

  Smooth butt plug

  With this butt plug, you're always in the right place. This toy is smooth, soft and easy to insert with just a little lubricant. When you're just starting out, we recommend opting for a sleek butt plug.

  Ribbed Butt Plug

  When you need extra stimulation during anal insertion, you can opt for a ribbed butt plug. These toys have a stimulating edge for extra feel. This allows you to enjoy a stimulating form during insertion. You can also feel this when you wear it.

  Butt plug with handle

  Sex toys with handles provide more grip. This is perfect for rough lovers. The sturdy handle makes it easier to hold the plug. So you don't have to worry about the plug with the handle shooting in.

  Cosplay Butt Plug

  Need exciting role play with your partner? Well, aside from sexy outfits and cosplay butt plugs, you shouldn't miss out either. In this collection, you'll find several plugs that can truly transform you into a sexy beast. Will you be a sly fox or a playful cat?

  Foxtail Plug

  Push the limits and transform your bedroom into a fairytale forest with foxtail plugs. This foxtail plug is perfect for anyone who likes exciting cosplay.

  Dog tail plug

  Special plugs are also designed for lovers of puppy play. Dog Tail Plug Gives the user a realistic dog tail. From cute shorts to charming longs, you'll no doubt find the right plug for your pup in this collection.

  Anal beads

  Anal beads are great for novice users. You can insert this sex toy ball one by one so you can decide how far you want to go. Start slowly and go one step further.

  Anal chain

  Anal chains are available for both men and women. In addition, the toy is also suitable for novice users. Chains usually have flared ends, so the smallest ball is at the beginning. This allows you to easily scale up.

  Vibrating beads

  If you want to have double the fun, you can opt for vibrating anal beads. That's a toy suitable for vibration penetration. This allows you to be anal stimulated by the beads while the vibration makes it complete.

  No vibration beads

  Enjoy worry-free? Then you can choose anal beads without vibration. These beads are easy to use and easy to clean. When the toy doesn't vibrate, you don't have to worry about defects in the motor part. Enjoying has never been easier.

  Anal balloon

  With anal balloons, you can decide how big your anal toy is. You can easily inflate these toys with a hand pump. Insert the balloon, inflate it, getting bigger each time. How dare you go?