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Collection: anal masturbator

 What is an anal masturbator?

  An anal masturbator is a sex toy whose opening has the shape of an anus. These toys have an anal appearance and have a narrow opening. This simulates anal sex.

  Who is anal masturbator suitable for?

  Masturbators are designed to stimulate the penis and are therefore suitable for men. The models you'll find in this category are for novice and advanced users alike.

  What models are there?

  Models in this category all have one thing in common: they all have an opening in the shape of an anus. Thus, toys can be differentiated by the use of different shapes, sizes and materials.

  Standard masturbator

  The standard model can be recognized by its straight design and compact size. These masturbators are suitable for a wide audience. This model can be used by all men from beginners to advanced. When you start your foray into sex toys, it's wise to first discover what you like. You can start with inexpensive models from brands like EasyRider or anal-in-a-bottle masturbator Genie.

  Life size masturbator

  The models are available in life-size format. This means they are the same size as real women's bottoms. These very realistic life size anal masturbators are made entirely from Sexflesh. Soft, supple material, just like the real thing. Masturbators of this size are more expensive than standard masturbators. Also, due to their size, they are heavier and sometimes difficult to store. So it's important to make sure you have enough storage space before you buy. Sexflesh masturbators can't just stand anywhere. Make sure you have a dark, enclosed room where you can store sex toys safely, hygienically, and discreetly.

  Double masturbator

  The double masturbator has 2 openings. This means you can penetrate the toy from both sides. A double anal masturbator has an anus-shaped opening on one side, while the other side can have a mouth or vaginal opening. There are also variants where the 2 openings are placed on one side of the masturbator. The anus is located below the vagina, making the opening extra narrow.

  Heated masturbator

  Masturbators may feel cold at first. This is because toys, unlike the human body, do not heat up on their own. This can make the sensation feel less real than actual anal sex with a man or woman. The CalExotics brand has therefore designed a masturbator that can be warmed up. These sex toys come with 2 heating elements that fit perfectly into the special opening of the masturbator. By breaking the heating element, the masturbator heats up to 55 degrees.

  Lubricating masturbator

  These sex toys come with the right lubricant. This can be a standard lubricant or a variant with a harsh lubricant. For example, lube anal masturbators can use cooling or heating lubricants to provide extra sensation during penetration. Note that the lube inside the masturbator variant is suitable for single use. These masturbators are usually more difficult to clean.

  Vibrating masturbator

  Vibrating anal masturbators in this category are equipped with vibrators. A vibrator can be placed on or inside the masturbator to make it vibrate. This provides more stimulation than most standard models. Keep in mind that vibrating models make more noise than "regular" masturbators. In most cases, the vibrations are audible. This may be a minus for some man who wants to enjoy his personal space.

  How to use an anal masturbator?

  No matter which model you have, lube is essential when using a masturbator. A good lubricant provides better lubrication and promotes penetration. This makes it more comfortable to use and prevents cracks in your own skin and masturbator material. Remember, your masturbator cannot always be combined with every lube. Do you have a silicone masturbator, SexFlesh or FantaFlesh? Then use only water-based lubricants. Water-based lubricants are safe on all materials and are easier to clean. This lubricant can be rinsed off with water. Silicone lubricants cannot be rinsed off with water.

  How do you clean a masturbator?

  Always be very careful when cleaning your masturbator. If the toy is not cleaned properly, bacteria have a chance to settle. Therefore, we strongly advise against using the disposable masturbator more than once. You can clean your masturbator by:

  I have a waterproof masturbator

  A waterproof sex toy can be washed with water. After use, you can rinse the sleeve inside and out under the tap. You can also choose to take the toy with you in the shower. Make sure the masturbator does not come into contact with shampoo or other types of soap. This can affect the material and even permanently damage it. Also, soap residue can cause irritation in and around the genitals. Use only mild soap and/or toy cleaner to wash and clean your masturbation. Then let it dry in a clean, dry place. Never expose your sex toy to direct sunlight or any other heat source! This can also cause permanent damage to your toy.

  My masturbator is not waterproof

  If your sex toy is not waterproof, you cannot submerge it in water. This usually applies to vibration variants. Vibrating masturbators are equipped with vibrators. In most cases, vibrators are not waterproof. Can you remove the vibrator? Then you can still wash the sleeves with water. On the other hand, your vibrator can only be cleaned with a toy cleaner.