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Collection: Anal beads

 What are anal beads?

  Anal beads are anal beads. Anal beads have 2 or more beads connected by a chain. This can be a thin connector or a slightly thicker material. Anal beads are used for anal penetration. Most people opt for anal sex when they find the plug too strong. Anal beads are usually much narrower and less intimidating looking.

  Who are anal beads suitable for?

  Anal beads can be used by both men and women. Anal beads and chains are inserted into the anus for novice and advanced users.

  What types of anal beads are there?

  In this category you will find different models. Anal beads are also available in different sizes. In this way, novice users can also choose a good sex toy. Because the balls of these toys usually get bigger and bigger, you can start small. There are also models of larger spheres with different structures. We are happy to introduce you in detail:


  Choosing your first sex toy can be a huge and scary step. Therefore, we are happy to advise you to help you as much as possible. The following 3 points will guide you in your search for the perfect sex toy.


  Are you new to anal sex toys? Then anal beads are the perfect start. You can recognize the entry-level model in this category by its compact size (up to 15cm entry depth) and affordable price. These toys are designed to introduce people to anal toys. The balls start small, gradually get bigger, and end with the largest ball.


  When starting out, it is important to ensure optimum comfort. Your first time should be comfortable. So make sure you have enough lubricant and choose an anal ball with a smooth structure. Because the balls have a smooth surface, they do not cause any friction. This makes them easier to apply than ribbed or rivet variants.


  The anal beads are made of soft, supple material that flexes with the body for optimal comfort. Because the balls flex with your body, they provide more comfort. For example, anal beads made of hard plastic or glass will not bend. This allows you to feel more difficult variants than flexible models. Choose anal beads made of silicone or another soft material such as TPR.


  You know what you like, you know the limits of your body, but you want to push them. Also, you are always looking for new challenges, special materials and striking shapes appeal to you. Do you know yourself in this regard? Then you are an advanced user.


  When you are advanced, you can choose larger size anal beads. Choose some larger anal balls on chains of different sizes. For example, select the large-small-large format.


  Do you need more excitement? You can then choose anal beads with stimulating structures. For example, choose anal balls with studs, ridges, or waves. Cartridges provide more friction during insertion and wear. Keep in mind that balls with more structure won't slide in as easily as smooth variants.


  Stiffer materials are easier to insert and can provide more feel. Besides silicone and ABS, you can also choose glass anal beads. Glass sex toys are smooth, sturdy and have a special design. These toys are also suitable for temperature play. Toys can get hot or cold by placing them under a hot or cold tap for a period of time. This allows you to create your own icy or wonderfully warm feeling.

  Tip: Enjoy extra

  Almost all anal beads have a ring. The loop makes it easy to remove the chain after use. But did you know that you can also use this ring for a completely different purpose? You can place a vibrator here! As a result, the vibration of the vibrator can be felt in the anal beads. Measure the inner dimensions of the bead ring. The inner dimensions of the ring are the appropriate diameter of the vibrator.

  Example: The inner diameter of the ring is 3.5 cm. This means that your vibrator can be 3.5 cm in diameter. Depending on the material of the bead, you can choose a slightly wider vibrator. This is only possible if the ring is stretchable. Never choose a vibrator that is too small. A vibrator that is too small may fall off the ring.

  How do you use anal beads?

  Is this your first anal toy? Or do you want to know more? Then we refer you to our blog. Here you can read all about the first anal and the perfect lube. We are happy to provide you with a summary of all important information when using anal toys.

  Start slow

  Every beginning is small. So it's important to take it easy, especially with anal toys. Start inserting your toy slowly. Don't start with too much pressure to avoid excessive pressure during insertion. Do not force anything! Accept the limits of you and your body. Continue only if you feel comfortable.

  Enough lubricant

  Using the right lubricant will ensure that all sex toys are more comfortable. There are anal lubricants specifically for use with anal sex toys. This lubricant is thicker than standard lubricants. This makes insertion easier, the lubricant stays smoother for longer, and cannot be rinsed off with water.


  All your sex toys should be thoroughly cleaned before and after use. By cleaning your toys regularly, you don't give germs a chance and your risk of infection is greatly reduced. NOTE: If you want to use anal toys inside your vagina, it is very important to clean them! Do this before inserting the toy into your vagina. When you insert a toy right after inserting it into the anus, gut bacteria can end up in the bladder. This can lead to bladder infections. Prevent discomfort and thoroughly clean your sex toys.

  "In addition to using it alone, the anal beads can also be used during sex. The chain can be pulled out before ejaculation. This provides an overwhelming sensation and enhanced orgasm."

  How do you clean anal beads?


  Do you have waterproof sex toys? Then you can clean it in the shower, tub or sink. Even a dishwasher is an option (provided you don't use a dishwasher tablet). Rinse the toy, apply mild soap and/or toy cleaner, and wipe the toy clean. Then rinse the anal beads. Make sure there are no soap residues left, which can be harmful to your toys and your health. Did you rinse your toys? Then you can dry it. Only use a clean, dry cloth or paper towel for this operation. Do not use paper towels with balm: this can damage the outer layer of the anal beads.

  Not waterproof

  No waterproof sex toys? Then clean with toy cleaner. After use, apply the cleaner to the toy and wipe down the entire toy. Then remove it with a clean dry cloth or paper towel. The following also applies: Use only balm-free wipes, tissues, and toilet paper. Balm or oil can affect the material of the sex toy. It can also cause irritation in and around your intimate area.

  I'm not sure

  Not sure if your anal toy is waterproof? You can find out by:

  Check the specs. When you want to buy a toy, you'll see on the product page (at the specs) if it's a waterproof sex toy. Is it nothing filled, or is it splash proof? Then your toy is not 100% waterproof.

  Check the packaging. Is your packaging still available? It can then be stated whether the toy is waterproof. Is it not on the packaging or in the instructions? Then don't take chances and don't submerge your sex toy in water.

  No packaging and product not on the website? Do you no longer own the packaging and the product is no longer on the website? It would be wise then to take a good look at the product itself. If you have anal beads with vibrators, we recommend that you do not use water. Do you have anal beads with removable vibrators? Do you have to wash your sex toys with water? Then remove the vibrator first. In most cases, the vibrator is not waterproof, but the chain itself is. Do you have an anal bead made of the same material? Then it's likely to be waterproof.