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Collection: masturbation cup

 What is a masturbation cup?

  Aircraft cups are sexual products that men carry with them. Under the pressure of modern society, it can relieve and vent male desire. Don't discriminate against the use of aircraft cups, and don't blindly exaggerate the role of aircraft cups. No health care and thickening effect. It is only used to relieve personal desires like masturbation, so try to use it in moderation.

  Small in shape, like a cola cup, imitating the three meridians of the yin, mouth and anus. Due to the high degree of built-in structural simulation, it is very realistic to use. Once you remove the cap, an anus, butt, or mouth made of some kind of silicone material emerges. You can penetrate these openings. Inside, this sex toy feels like a real anal or mouth. This makes this masturbator very popular. This could be because there is a period of time without a partner, or because sex with a partner has been put on hold for a while. This toy is a good realistic option for these gay men.

  Masturbation cups can make otaku "sex" extremely happy. The masturbation cup adopts a special structure, non-penetrating type, which produces a strong clinging and sucking feeling. Simulated female kneeling position is designed for male mouth tenderness, creating a mouth tender feeling deep into the throat; the special non-penetrating pipe design changes the cup into a state close to a vacuum, and realizes the real sucking feeling of being swallowed; unique intermediate change Thin design, as if you suddenly stick into your throat, creating an amazing sense of inclusion; wrapped in the right amount of body lubricating oil, giving you wet icy coolness and invigoration; black compact type, with lower softness and higher firmness High, the sense of friction is strong, and the sense of adsorption is weak.

  How to use the aircraft cup

  1. Turn the cup upside down, you can see the prompt arrow at the bottom of the cup, tear the plastic seal in the direction of the arrow;

  2. Open the lid, you can see that the transparent silicone is exposed. There is a little sponge at the entrance. Before use, pull out the lubricating oil. There is a small incision at the bottom of the silicone cup at the bottom. This incision is used for exhaust and is not damaged. Many friends take it. When I got it, I thought it was damaged, but it was a complete misunderstanding. The hole was leaked on purpose;

  3. Apply an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the mouth of the cup. Everything is ready to start plugging in. For safety and hygiene, condoms are recommended.

  Note: Most masturbation cups are used the same way. For specific products, please refer to the manual.

  What should I pay attention to when using the aircraft cup?

  Because the aircraft cup is not real and has no secretions, it is best to use a certain lubricant. Without lube or not enough lube, the penis may feel sore, and it's worth mentioning that lube can make jerking more enjoyable. Therefore, it is recommended that you use lubricants together, which is better for the penis. If it doesn't work, it will be too dry and the skin of the penis will be chafed.