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Collection: air pressure stimulator


  What is a pressure wave stimulator used for?

  Pressure wave clitoral stimulators are known for helping nearly all women achieve orgasm within a minute or so of use. These stimulators are often used by women who have difficulty reaching orgasm or who want a quick, powerful orgasm during foreplay or sex.

  How to use a pressure wave stimulator

  We've put together some Christian-friendly tips for using a pressure wave stimulator to add intimacy to your marriage bed and spice things up without bringing down your sexuality. If you have any other tips or tricks, please leave them in the comments below so others can enjoy them too.


  Clit stimulation:

  1 Apply a little water-based lubricant on and around the ring of your wife's clitoris and stimulator cup. The extra lubrication will help create a good seal around her clitoris.

  2 Open your wife's vulva with two fingers and lift her clit hood to expose her clit.

  3 Cover her clit with the stimulator cup.

  4 Turn it on to a low setting and adjust its intensity as needed.

  Nipple stimulation: Pressure wave stimulators are also suitable for stimulating her nipples during foreplay. Breasts stimulate the release of oxytocin, giving a feeling of connection and union. Oxytocin has also been shown to help women achieve orgasm.

  Underwater: Most pressure wave stimulators work well (if not better) underwater. This makes them a great addition to a romantic bath or a dip in the hot tub or pool with your spouse.


  Clit stimulation: Most pressure wave stimulators can be used to stimulate the clitoris during sex. Use one of these stimulators to stimulate your clitoris while having sex with your husband so you both can orgasm together.

  When looking for sex toys, most women go to one of two options — dildos or vibrators. Both of them are competent sex toys, don’t get us wrong, but they’re not really up to the task of unlocking all the pleasures your body is capable of.

  Now, you may be going, “my vibrator works just fine, thank you very much.” And it probably does a fine job, but there’s a new kind of sex toy on the market that will literally blow you away, body, mind, and soul!

  And that’s no hyperbole. Clitoral suction sex toys are a new kind of pleasure products capable of unlocking new founts of pleasures you probably didn’t know existed, or didn’t know how to tap into… until now.

  So What Exactly Is a Clitoral Suction Sex Toy?

  Clitoral stimulators — let’s just call ‘em clit suckers moving forward — are little devices that use air pressure instead of traditional vibrations to indirectly stimulate your clitoris. These sonic vibrators have little nozzles that hover just over your clitoris and generate powerful sonic pulses that rock you out, producing a sensation that simultaneously sucks and vibrates your clit.

  These sonic vibrators have little nozzles that hover just over your clitoris and generate powerful sonic pulses that rock you out

  It’s kinda’ like a really good oral… not one of them overly sloppy and confused orals, a really good one… and unlike traditional human orals, you don’t have to stroke its ego after! I mean, you can give your toy a little kiss in gratitude if you want, but it’s really not necessary. And while we’re on this comparison, there’s one thing a clit sucker (the toy) can do every single time that the other clit sucker (the person) can only occasionally do — make you orgasm!

  Yup… most folks with clits unanimously agree that they make them orgasm more powerfully and more often than any male, female, or gender-nonconforming partner.

  But How’s a Clitoral Suction Vibrator Different From a Regular Vibrator?

  Let’s say the clitoris is an iceberg (just a metaphor, we know a clit isn’t a literal iceberg), then most traditional vibrators can only activate the tip of the iceberg, i.e., the external nerve endings. Nothing wrong with that, you may feel a little tingle and release. Good job, vibrator!

  Now, clit suckers don’t offer direct stimulation. Instead, they have suction pads that generate deep and resonant pressure waves that enter and stimulate the entire internal structure of the clitoris — the tip of the iceberg and the entire unseen and untouched structure underneath. The materials inside of a clit sucker do actually differ from a normal vibrator.

  Now, you may wonder, “but how does a clit sucker feel, like literally?”

  That’s a fair question. Studies show that most women rarely orgasm with a partner or even a pleasure product. And even when you do, it’s through direct stimulation of the nerve endings, not the entirely deep and resonant vibration we’ve mentioned above. So, most women will have a hard time even imaging what we’re talking about!

  Studies show that most women rarely orgasm with a partner or even a pleasure product.

  But you can think of it like this. Go to a nightclub in a dress and stand really close to those massive woofers. Stand directly in the path of the sonic waves as they flow through your body. You might feel a deep sense of pleasure, like those waves are flowing into your body. That’s precisely what those little wonders do!

  The difference between traditional vibrators and clit suction vibrators is the difference between sitting on a washing machine versus standing in front of loud booming speakers, the difference between taking a pick-ax to the tip of an iceberg versus blowing the entire iceberg’s structure into smithereens… but, you know, safely.

  Read about the history of clit suckers and how they came to wreck havoc on the industry.

  Can a Clit Sucker Really Give Me an Instant Orgasm?

  One of the biggest highlights of a clitoris stimulator is the promise of instant orgasms. And, yes, they really do induce instant orgasms because they stimulate the entire clitoral structure, not just the nerve endings on the outside. It’s a rare and unique sensation.

  However, just because your pressure wave toy can finish you off instantly, doesn’t mean it has to. Most products come with functions to modulate the pressure waves — play with those settings to start slow and gradually work yourself into a frenzy.

  Clit suckers take those health benefits to whole new levels because they promise better, quicker, and more powerful orgasms. Furthermore, they’re totally safe because they don’t directly stimulate your clitoris, hovering just over them, so you can go on even after you’ve orgasmed, go on as long as you want!