Which sex posture is energy-saving? Recommend 2 labor-saving sex positions

It is said that the male is the main physical exertion in the married life, so are there any labor-saving marital life skills? Next, let's get to know it together.

Sex position

1. Side prone position

Another position that men like is lying on their side. There is no need to add weight to each other. Men can enter from the front or back.

Since it is not necessary to bear the weight of the other person, it is suitable for use when tired. This is an appropriate posture that can be enjoyed as long as it is touched. A posture that can be maintained for a long time can enjoy the fun. This method can be used when tired, regardless of men and women. . But its disadvantage is that the depth of insertion is relatively shallow, and sufficient stimulation cannot be obtained.

It is recommended that when a man is tired, let him rest comfortably, replenish his physical strength, and cultivate his spirit. When the time comes, the "war" will definitely be more fierce!

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2. Back sitting

This is the previous posture where the male sits with his hands behind his back and the female sits with his back facing the male.

At this time, the female’s vaginal opening is facing back, the penis is easy to insert, and the female’s movement is relatively free. It is suitable for male fatigue. The disadvantage of adopting this posture is that they cannot see each other’s face and cannot talk.

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