Feeling a Little Embarrassed Aabout Using Sex Toys?


      We have all had sex or will have sex at some point, but here is a question for you, how many people do you know who have sex with one or two toys hidden in the drawer? You may think "No, they don't look like" or "Sex toys are no big deal, not many people use them." If so, I want to tell you that you have some misunderstandings about these.

  I don't think I need sex toys

      This is not bad! Of course, no one really needs sex toys. Technically, we also don’t need toilet paper, pillows or wine, but these things will definitely make life better and/or more enjoyable.

  Speaking of enjoyment, maybe you have heard of orgasm gaps? The result of a large-scale survey of sexually active Americans is that they are not very good. For women, that's it. More than 90% of men reported that they had an orgasm the last time they had sex, but only 64% of women felt the same way. We must assume that at least half of lucky ladies know, or a partner knows that 70% of clitoral owners cannot achieve orgasm without clitoral stimulation. Yes, this is most people, guys, this brings us one of the reasons you think you might not need, for example, a vibrator.

  You may feel that your partner should be able to get you to orgasm without any help, maybe they can. You might too! But why not use a little toy to help? A good clitoral vibrator or clitoral suction stimulator (highly recommended!) may be a reliable way to start narrowing the orgasm gap. You can use it to ensure that your clitoris gets all the attention it needs during intercourse, or you can pass it on to your partner to use it on you. Just remember that 70% of the data. You can't get there without the love of the clitoris, you are not strange or broken-you are the majority.

  Sex toy shop makes me uncomfortable

       You are not alone! When we first launched our website, it was a direct response to this question. Even about a decade ago, most physical adult toy stores were not very popular. Most of them double as sex shops. The windows are blacked out, the lights are dim, and there is a lot of dust. These are the standards of the course. We want to make sex toy shopping easy, safe and fun, so we designed our website to welcome everyone and make it as not scary as possible.

  In the ten years from then to the present, we have seen tremendous changes, not only in the appearance, marketing and atmosphere of physical goods stores, but also in the packaging and display of sex toys. Nowadays, when you walk into a toy store (or click on a reputable adult toy website like ours), you usually see colorful, neatly arranged toys and almost no images of naked girls. If you are still dissatisfied with the idea of ​​browsing vibrators or dildos under the supervision of the staff (they will not judge you, guarantee!), can we suggest online shopping? Maybe with us? We make sure to include everything you might want or need to know in our item descriptions, and we provide multiple pictures for each toy.

  Sex toys confuse me! There are many out there, I don't know where to start.

  Fair! We agree with you that sex toys can be confusing, but if you don’t know what to buy, so will the mall. If you just bet on something that attracts the eye, you might hang out in circles for a few hours. There are many sex toys available, but this is a good thing! This means that once you decide on a toy, you will have many choices. Now, as for figuring out what you want, we wrote a great guide to help solve this problem! We have also established our website to easily zero out content that might suit you and your stimulating needs.

  Go into lifelike dildo or electrical stimulation? great.

  I once brought up the topic of sex toys with my partner, but they were not interested

  Coin. This is a difficult process, but honestly, we are happy to hear it. Don't get us wrong, we are definitely not happy that sex toy talks are not going your way! The problem is that there are many misunderstandings about couples using toys, and we really want to raid and prove them wrong. First of all, it's really good that you try to talk to your partner about using sex toys. This means you are open, honest, and ready to communicate about sex and what you want. Congratulations! Hope you can find out why they are not keen on bringing toys into the bedroom, but if not, here are some possibilities to consider.

  Your partner may worry that if you start to rely on toys for fun, you will not need or need them at all. We say to this-no. There will never be a substitute for a flesh-and-blood partner who really cares about you and your happiness. If vibrators or masturbators can replace sex with any type of success, then we have all given up now. I'm pretty sure this didn't happen!

  As you probably know, emotional connection is an important part of sex. Even if you like the more casual sexiness of dating, you may have noticed that sex is more effective and feels better when you have at least a little emotional investment in your partner. This brings us to an intimate topic. A partner who avoids the idea of ​​sex toys in the bedroom may worry that you will be distracted or engrossed by these toys. Facts have proved that the facts are just the opposite. When couples explore sex toys together, intimacy usually rises. They are likely to be fascinated by your happiness, or your and their happiness. After all, there is nothing sexier than watching the person you care about twisting and moaning in ecstasy.

  As we have already said, if you have discussed the subject of toys with your partners (even if they are not involved), that is good for you! In any sexual situation, communication is extremely important. If this is your first time talking about toys, they may only need a while to process the idea. try again. Maybe we will spend some time together on our website. Start with our sensual love part, explore some basics of romance, and then delve into the cuffs and shoulder straps! If they still disagree with the idea, that's okay. After all, you can save your toys at any time to be alone!

  I don't want sex toys

        That's no problem at all! You do you.

  If we still haven’t managed to solve the sex toy problem you might have encountered the last time and convince you that sex toys are the best (all cool kids do!) try to look at the sex toy situation in this way-there is any type of sexual exploration There are no real shortcomings! Worst-case scenario: This is not your cup of tea, coffee or other liquids, and you will never try again. If it’s a sex toy that you don’t like, you may never use it again. But if you like it, you might end up wondering how you lived so long without it. The goal of any toy is happiness, nothing more. Clean and neat. Relax, take your time, enjoy! Oh, speaking of it, do you know what helps to relax? Orgasm! We said, bring the rabbit!
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