Wand Vibrators Selection Guide

  First of all, let's clarify the purpose of purchase and the direction of selection:

  Do you use it alone or with your partner?

  Is it to be portable or used in a fixed residence?

  Is it a "pre-dinner dessert" that triggers sexual interest or a hearty "satisfying dinner"?

  What kind of look, material and touch do you like?

  What kind of stimulation do you like? What is a Thrust Vibrator?

  For example, in the case of a single person, you should consider the controllability and should not be too heavy. The keys should be convenient for blind pressing; if the other half is operating, you can choose more complicated and more exciting appliances. If you need to carry it with you, the concealment of the volume and shape is more important. Generally, products with built-in lithium batteries or AAA batteries are selected, and the noise should not be too obvious.

  , Will sacrifice part of the performance. If you use it in a fixed residence, you can choose some relatively large and complex products, or even plug in directly.

  The main reference basis at the time of purchase is as follows


  The general noise with strong vibration is large. The motor of high-end products will be better, and the noise control will be better. Friends who are sensitive to noise and will affect the taste should pay more attention to the noise control problem. Pay more attention to this problem.

  powered by:

  Low-end products generally use AA batteries, and most mid-to-high-end products have built-in lithium batteries. Some Japanese star products also prefer battery power. The built-in lithium battery will have better water resistance, but you should pay attention to concealment when charging. It is embarrassing if you don't charge it in advance when you want to use it. The performance degradation of the lithium battery will affect the experience in a few years. Battery-powered, it will be heavier after the battery is installed. When the battery is almost dead, the performance will be severely degraded. Generally, it cannot be washed with water as a whole and can only be cleaned locally. The rechargeable batteries such as Ailepu (love wife) are properly used. The general power of direct plug-in is quite large, which will be more exciting, but it cannot be separated from the socket, which limits the scope of use.


  The advantages of PVC soft rubber are cheap price, bright color, quick injection molding process, the disadvantage is odor, the most important thing is that the plasticizer added is toxic, generally low-end products are used more, but they usually They will say that they are silicone in the publicity, and some strange foreign words will be printed on the packaging.

  Silicone is non-toxic and skin-friendly. Most adult products are made of silicone, especially high-end products. Generally speaking, medical-grade silicone is the best. However, for some low-end products, the silicone bars used are particularly sticky. The kind that can't be cleaned is not as good as TPR.

  Another common material is TPR/TPE, which can be adjusted to be softer than silica gel. Generally speaking, it is transparent and is used more in men's products. Some formulations of TPR/TPE adult products may feel a little sticky and have a certain smell. Adding slippery powder and fragrance during the production process can improve the deficiency. The low-end products using this material will feel better and clearer than sticky silicone.


  In fact, you don’t have to think too much about the material. You can prepare some sets for one or two yuan during the promotion. Usually, the sleeves that are relatively thick and uncomfortable for real people to put on the sticks. This will be much cleaner and safer. It’s easier to clean afterwards. You don’t need to consider the issue of disinfection or disinfection. Throw away the cover when you use it up, and just wash and dry it. Next time you want to use it and just leave it alone.

  There are also lubricants. Sometimes it is difficult for a person to fully mobilize emotions. It is inevitable that there will be a relatively dry situation. You can prepare some lubricants. After the lubrication is done, it is not easy to be dry and painful. It is a must-have product for home travel. Sexual blessings are "mastered by one hand": On the purchase of vibrating massage sticks, come to Xiji.com, the 200 yuan no-threshold coupon is drawn

       How To Use a Clitoral Vibrator To Reach Orgasm?

  When to buy:

  Generally speaking, there will be corresponding promotions on festivals related to couples. Valentine's Day, Chinese Valentine's Day, Christmas, and even Singles Day are also a good time for big promotions. Pay more attention to the good price push, and you can definitely start at the right price.

  Nowadays, there are a lot of free travel. Hong Kong and Japan are both popular places. When I was researching a product, I strayed into a Hong Kong website. It was a website established by a physical store in Hong Kong. It can be mailed, but the website is too old. The experience is not very good, but looking at the store photos posted inside, I really want to check it out. As for Japan, it’s even more yearning. The adult goods store in Akihabara occupies an area of ​​N-floor is the specialty store that should really be visited. Cross-border e-commerce purchases of many other things are already more convenient than human flesh belts, and for adults The products that are not very convenient for people to bring, are personalized, and it is best to feel the first offline experience, which is the category that should be the most concerned about when traveling!

  At the end of the day, remember to keep it out of the reach of children. After all, the following things happen that you don’t want.

  Of course, there are mainly the following points

  1. What are the needs of the rod Wand Vibrator?

  The first category: Young people with no sexual experience are very curious about sex because they have not experienced sex, because there are so many varieties, and many of them have not been seen before, which makes them curious and can use Adult appliances to experience the sensation of sex.

  The second category: Those who use stick Wand Vibrators: People who work outside for a long time work in the field or are on business trips, and the sexual partners are not around, and people who do not want to have a relationship with the opposite sex casually are also a group of people who use stick Wand Vibrators. Seafarers who have been sailing for a long time, miners who have been single for a long time, geologists who have been engaged in field operations for a long time, etc., because they are often separated from each other.

  Everyone may have a demand for sex products, so sex products can also play a key role in reconciliation.

  The third category: People who have no freshness in their sex life: Many people think that couples do not use these things. In fact, stick Wand Vibrators can improve the pleasure of sex between couples, such as assistive devices, supplies, and so on. A 40-year-old purchaser said: "If you get married for a long time, the married life becomes boring. If you want to use this, you can bring freshness to your life and help.

  In order to increase the relationship between husband and wife, it will not make the sex life feel boring."

  The fourth category: those who use stick Wand Vibrators: people with unharmonious sexual desires. Due to the differences in the physiological structure of men and women, in their sexual life, the male will soon finish but the woman has not yet reached the orgasm, the woman can use the stick Wand Vibrator to assist in achieving this. Orgasm makes up for the unpleasantness caused by the man; there is also a situation where the man’s sexual desire is strong, and the woman is relatively indifferent to sex. Such a man is also

  You can use sex products and masturbation devices to solve your sexual needs, and some women take the initiative to buy such products for their boyfriends.

  The fifth category: With the increase of age, the decline of sexual function is inevitable for elderly couples, but it does not mean that the elderly cannot have sex. The body enters the old age but the sexual function still exists, so do not ignore the elderly There is also a sexual demand. Many elderly men in their 70s and 80s can still conceive their young wives, while older women have lost

  Has the fertility function, but can fully live sex life. Therefore, as long as they maintain a good attitude and establish a sex life pattern corresponding to their age, the elderly can also enjoy the joy of stick Wand Vibrators.

  The sixth category: People with disabilities are a boon to the disabled. Some are not married for various reasons, especially the disabled. Because many disabled people cannot lead a normal sex life, although they are physically disabled, their physical needs are not There is no reduction in the slightest. You can use the rod Wand Vibrator simulator to meet your physiological needs.

       Health Benefits of Using a Vibrator

  2. How to use the female stick Wand Vibrators

  If this is your first time, please take some time to "warm up" and get yourself excited. This will be very interesting! Caress your own body, caress your labia and clitoris with your fingers... In short: Before you start that stick, start yourself.

  I suggest that you use lubricating oil in conjunction with it, which can help the Wand Vibrator to slide in gently.

  Okay, now grab your Wand Vibrator. Adjust the frequency to the lowest level and touch the clitoris lightly. For some people, it hardly feels; for others, it feels strong enough to roll off the bed. The sensitivity of the nucleus varies from person to person. If this minimum intensity is unbearable for you, then try to hold the labia so that it does not touch the clitoris directly

  ; Or take a towel or blanket to separate the Wand Vibrator from you, or just wear underwear. If you need a higher intensity, then slowly increase the frequency. All in all, you need to find a moderate frequency.

  The most comfortable place to play. Some people like the front and center of the clitoris, while others like indirect contact (sneaking in rather than rushing in). Imagine your clitoris is a delicious apple pie cut into four pieces. You have to try them one by one to compare the different tastes.

  When you find the best intensity, try different vibration modes (if available). Experience each mode and find the one you like best. Although it is not a certain pattern that will surely make you soar into the sky, many women find that they have a preference. Of course, if you are confused about the various modes, use the regular mode.

  It is very interesting to try different intensities and modes, but if you are ready to meet the climax, then you will definitely want to maintain a certain optimal state. When the Wand Vibrator enters, let it touch the clitoris and start working. You may find that your body is slightly squirming, which is normal. Let your body react naturally.

  Three, what are the precautions for using the rod Wand Vibrator

  Material aspects

  Consumers should not blindly seek excitement when buying sex goods, and ignore the importance of materials. Otherwise, if it breaks, gets stuck, or falls into the vagina, it will really be lost and lost. Up. For example, a penis loop with feathers or small beads, it is easy to happen when the penis is pumped, the feathers or beads fall off the vagina; and the penis

  Using the loop for too long can also cause cell necrosis and other phenomena. In addition, stick-type Wand Vibrators or condoms with poor materials (especially convex ones) are also prone to breakage or fall off. Therefore, when purchasing, you must take a lot of consideration to avoid self-defeating, but "sweeping".

  Because most of the sex toys come into direct contact with the sex organs, you need to be extra careful in terms of cleanliness and hygiene when using sex toys. If it is not a sex product that is thrown away after use, it should be cleaned after each use; the artificial penis for masturbation should also be used with a condom. In addition, the inflatable dolls that are favored by many people should not be caused by

  In order to be expensive, many people should raise funds and share it, because if the bacteria on the upper body causes more serious sexually transmitted diseases, it is really not worth the loss! So the rules for the use of sex toys are a problem that everyone should pay attention to.

  Safety Principle

  1. Putting safety and hygiene first

  To ensure the quality and specifications of sex toys, choose couples products that have passed inspections. This is a necessary condition to prevent damage. Pay special attention to product quality when buying. In addition, sex toys can be used repeatedly, and should be cleaned and disinfected after sex life to prepare for later use to prevent infection caused by uncleanness.

  If you prefer to use sex condoms, you must first consider whether each other is allergic to the substance on the condom; then consider whether the condom is suitable for you and whether it will break during sexual activity. If you are using an ultra-thin type and your own movements are very intense, it is recommended to wear it. Double layer; if you use the double slip series, it is recommended to use a vibration ring to prevent the sleeve from falling off.

  2. Emotional communication cannot be less

  Sex toys can only be used as an auxiliary means, and cannot replace the emotional communication between the two parties, nor can the use of sex drugs be used for a long time, let alone the use of sex toys as a necessary means to improve sexual life. It should be understood that sex life without an emotional basis not only cannot improve the quality of sex, but it will also lead to the reduction, weakening or even separation of the emotional communication between the two parties, and arouse the disgust or disgust of the other party.

  Evil, makes sexual discordance or sexual dysfunction worse.

  3. Available only if you are willing

  Whether to use couples' products during sex, what kind of sex toys to use, when to use, frequency of use, etc., need to be negotiated by both parties, and do not make their own claims. They can only be used under the premise of mutual agreement. If both parties agree to use a stick Wand Vibrator, but the other party feels uncomfortable during use, they should stop using it to avoid harm to the lover’s body


  Fourth, what are the pros and cons of using a stick Wand Vibrator


  The pace of life in modern society is getting faster and faster, and the pressure of work and life is increasing. Couple life has become a dispensable thing, and the relationship between husband and wife is fading away. The appearance of stick Wand Vibrators can change this situation well. .

  Stick Wand Vibrators actually have many types of masturbation products such as male equipment and female equipment, and there are others such as erotic underwear, game clothes, flirting products, fun Wand Vibrators, condoms and so on. Sexy lingerie in a boring night. In a night when he has no interest, you can play various roles as a gentle nurse, a wild pirate, and a cute cook.

  The money made him interested. Or flirting with a Wand Vibrator, Wand Vibrator is a very good sex foreplay tool, and it is also a good playmate for female friends to use alone. It can stimulate the sensitive clitoris of women very well, and can also adjust the frequency and intensity of stimulation to your liking through frequency modulation, so that you can quickly reach a numb state and accelerate the arrival of orgasm. Some women use oscillators to stimulate

  In order to easily induce orgasm. A subject woman who was monitored by PC muscle vaginal EMG used her own sex device to masturbate, and recorded more than 70 independent peaks in the entire 1 hour, which is also clitoral orgasm. At the same time, if the husband and wife communicate and use it together, it can also play a role in flirting, adding a lot of fun!


  A direct consequence of using masturbation or other sex toys too frequently is that the body’s sensitivity to “sexual arousal” decreases and sexual arousal becomes more and more difficult. This is because sex toys are often used to directly stimulate specific parts of the human body through equipment, in order to pursue a one-step, extreme, and exaggerated strong pleasure, and this "one-time" pleasure is just right.

  It is really satisfying when you start using it, but the "starting point" of the sexual stimulation is quickly raised. Later, the relatively "slow heat" and "gentle" stimulation from the sexual partner's light caress may be like tickling, and it doesn't feel much. Up. In the eyes of male doctors, frequent use of sex toys is never advocated. Once I realize that such products have seriously interfered

  For a normal life of both sexes, it is best to stop using it immediately. Try to distract yourself from work or other recreational activities, and try to restrain yourself from contacting the products you originally relied on. If it is really difficult to overcome on your own, you should ask a specialist to provide behavioral treatment solutions to assist you.

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