The Ultimate Guide to Female Sex Toys in 2022


  There are so many female sex toys on the market today, all designed to help you achieve an exciting, grinning orgasm. Let us take you on a different sex toy journey and hope you'll open up to a range of new sexual possibilities.

  Types of Female Sex Toys

  As we just said, there is a huge variety of sex toys and supplies for women, made of different materials; some from soft silicone, some glass, some rubber and some jelly.

  We've used our years of industry experience to put together different types of summaries to help you buy your best sex toy to assist orgasm from our range of women's sex toys.


  Dildos are penis-shaped and are used for penetration during solo masturbation or during sexual activity with a partner. It can stimulate the clitoris, for penetration, or both; a pleasant experience.

  Dildos are about 4-10 inches in length, but may be longer for women with larger appetites and longer for women who are distracted. Search online sex toys sites and you'll find anal dildo, glass dildo, realistic dildo, double head dildo, strap-on dildo and more.

  Dildos are fun. They are arguably the best sex toys for solo play, especially for women who want to combine internal stimulation with a clitoral stimulator. They're also great for those who are curious about anal sex and don't want their first anal experience to be painful. Just don't forget the water based lube!

  Dildos usually vibrate in multiple settings via an internal motor, which means more orgasmic external and internal stimulation; called a vibrator. Many women with dry vaginas and difficulty reaching orgasms swear by vibrators to give them a satisfying orgasm, often for the first time.


  Vibrators are sex toys similar to dildos, but, yes, you guessed it, they vibrate. They have built-in motors that help provide internal and external vibration. Many of the best vibrators are designed to provide both internal and external stimulation.

  Vibrators have different vibration modes (vibration modes); some have ten or more different vibration modes. This sex toy can get you on the verge of an orgasm in an instant; or, more aptly, the touch of a button or two.

  These adult toys can even be used to stimulate the clitoris and vagina in the shower because most toys are waterproof. Imagine...the lights are dimmed, the music is playing, the wine glass is set aside, and your new friend is tucked between your legs. What's better?

  The vibrator can be used with your partner or alone. You can choose when, where, how and who. They are best used with lube for a heady orgasm.

  Choose from dual motors and dual stimulation, eight or more vibration modes, soft silicone, sonic waves, and all bells, and you'll love the powerful feeling flowing through your body as you orgasm time and time again.

  Clitoral vibrator for clitoral stimulation

  A clitoral vibrator, sometimes called a clitoral stimulator, is a special type of vibrator that targets the clitoris without the guesswork. This is a great toy to keep you going. Clitoral vibrators are great for foreplay and get things going in the right direction. Find your favorite vibration setting, make direct contact with the clitoris, and adjust the intensity setting as the temperature rises.

  The main function of a clitoral vibrator is to vibrate at different speeds and intensities upon contact with the clitoris, providing intense sensations. The best vibrator technology uses remote control, USB charger port and provides powerful vibration.

  Caution is important when it comes to sex toys. Some brands cater to this by designing their clitoral vibrators to look like mundane items like lipstick, cell phones, sponges, and other everyday items.

  When combined with oral sex, clitoral vibrators are great and can be a game changer in the bedroom.

  Rabbit Vibrator - Famous Female Sex Toy

  Most women have heard of the popular rabbit vibrator. Made from silky, ultra-soft silicone, often with jelly features, they're shaped like bunny ears and are either battery powered or available as a rechargeable vibrator. The bunny vibrator shape stimulates the clitoris and vagina; combined with a butt plug, you'll have real fun.

  Bullet vibrator

  This is another one of the best sex toys. It is designed to look like a small bullet and has powerful vibrations with different vibration modes; creating a bullet atmosphere. The vibrations produced in the erogenous zone can be intense and provide amazing stimulation to the clitoris, leading many women to call it the absolute, undisputed best sex toy.

  Bullet vibrators can be used for vaginal stimulation or enhanced penetration during foreplay. They can be inserted into the vagina and anus, and the best bullet vibrators are remote-controlled, so you can free your hands when needed; making double penetration more fun.

  Bullet vibrators are great for use during solo sex or with a partner.


  The wand vibrator is a massage device that works very much like a vibrator, it's really amazing! This sex toy consists of a vibrating ball attached to the handle. There is a motor in the handle that spins a wheel that sits inside a vibrating ball, which is connected to the motor by an elastic coupling, or inside the handle itself. Vibration wants to provide a different type of control than the bunny ears of bullet vibrators and bunny vibrators.

  G-spot vibrator

  The G-spot vibrator stimulates the g-spot area, giving you control and power. Everyone's G-spot feels different, and many women say that an orgasm from a G-spot feels very different from penetration or clitoral stimulation. They say it's an orgasm that devours them and reverberates around their vaginas and into their wombs. Many women experience more intense orgasms when the g-spot is stimulated.

  Some G-spot vibrators have clitoral stimulators attached. This means you can stimulate your g-spot and the wider clitoral area at the same time, leaving you breathless and basking in the glory of a surprise orgasm.

  This sex toy can be used alone or with a partner. It is best to use this sex toy when you are already aroused, as arousal expands the G-spot area and enhances sensation.

  Many of these vibrators are designed to be USB rechargeable, which is much more convenient and easier than having to rummage through the drawer for batteries when you desperately need some time.

  Clit pump

  One of the best sex toys ever made, the clitoral pump provides maximum pleasure by stimulating the clitoris. With suction technology, USB rechargeable batteries to give you a different level of pleasure, these sex toys come in all sizes and shapes but all do a great job of getting you out.

  This is probably the best sex toy to increase blood flow to the clitoris and really make you feel special, alive, energetic and horny. This sex toy evolved from a male version of a penis pump.

  A clitoral pump can be used on the clitoris or the labia (labia minora and majora) and is great for oral sex. It's a relatively new sex toy that's coming to market, but it's rapidly gaining popularity.

  Find the best sex toys.

  Best for beginners

  There is always a first time for everything. Sex toys are no exception. If you're buying a sex toy for the first time, you may feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable, and even a little naughty.

  Buying your first toy can be a daunting task, and you've probably avoided it more than once in the past. Some women are skeptical of claims of "super cautious" childbirth. Some people read about the best vibrators and how to have the best sex and get overwhelmed.

  To make your life easier, and hopefully help you take your first steps, we've compiled a list of the best sex toys. These are serious contenders for the top five best sex toys in magazine women's surveys, online polls, and some of our bestsellers.

  Magic wand

  This is a simple and easy to use sex toy. It is designed for external stimulation, especially the clitoris. It doesn't require any pressure and is comfortable to hold. Just put the wand on your clitoris and feel our sight roll over your mind.

  Bullet vibe

  This is one of the best sex toys for beginners. This sex toy is small and can be used sparingly. You'll find models here with three speeds, seven modes, and even models that can be hidden from view as they look like lipsticks and other everyday items.

  Clitoral stimulator

  This sex toy stimulates the clitoris and takes you to a sexual paradise. These clitoral stimulators come in different settings, features and designs. Read through the product descriptions to see which one you like. Use it to intensify oral sex with a partner, or use it on its own when you don't have anything good on TV the next night.

  Most realistic

  Some very realistic sex toys; terrifying! With some of these, you might forget that your partner wasn't around for the weekend, or the redhead he left you to go to the bar. These are the best sex toys to fill the void when the physical stuff isn't there. You might even decide you no longer need the real thing.


  Solo sex is stimulating yourself, which is what we usually call masturbation. Many women use their fingers to stimulate certain parts of the body, such as the clitoris, labia, vagina, breasts, and anus.

  The good news is that every Olafs has a sex toy that stimulates every erogenous zone. You can often use one toy to please yourself in multiple places at the same time. Why not try 2 toys at the same time?

  Think vibrators, clitoral stimulators, giant dildos, wands, butt plugs…


  Vaginal sex is great. Anal sex is great. Vaginal and anal sex at the same time can create a tingling sensation in your body that you never thought you would feel.

  Anal sex is mainstream now, it may have fallen out of favor in the last few decades. More and more women are trying anal sex.

  Some toys can penetrate your anus and vagina at the same time, sending vibrational pulses through your erogenous zone, allowing you to orgasm.

  Check out our range of best-selling products, from edge plugs to butt plugs to butt plugs.


  Gone are the days when sex toys were only used for solo sex. Today, couples welcome the opportunity to use the latest and greatest sex toy technology to improve their sex lives.

  You can always achieve double penetration by using sex toys with your partner. You can even be penetrated at the same time.

  Imagine having a strong, pulsating vibrator in one hole and his cock (or dildo) in another, or vice versa.

  Imagine the exciting orgasm you might get every time you decide it's time to have fun with your partner. You'll find clitoral vibrators, dildos, bunny vibrators, bullet vibrators.

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