The Simple Guide on How to Use Sex Toys.

The Simple Guide on How to Use Sex Toys.


  Sex toys are one of the greatest inventions of all time. Not only do they give you great pleasure and let you explore your sexuality, but they also destroy the notion that you need a man to be happy. But that's what sex toys and relationships have in common: They require commitment. If you're wondering how to use sex toys, the main rule is to commit to the process.

  The good news is that it's not as complicated as it looks. All you need is common sense and remember some simple rules.

  Today's guide is all about sex toys and how to use them to stay safe and get the most out of your masturbation. Check it out, learn a little, and then the best part is having some sensory fun with yourself ! Seriously, it's the bare minimum you deserve.

  Do your research

  One of the best ways to use sex toys is to first understand your desires. Ask yourself; what excites you? What is your main goal? If you're not sure which sex toy you should choose, you can search online for recommendations. Vibrators may be the most popular on the market, but they're not to everyone's taste. The options are endless. Make sure you choose a product that fits your needs, not what others think is best for you. If your boyfriend gives you a sex toy to convince you to try anal sex, he better pay for it. Guiding your toy towards what you know will effectively provide you with the feeling of being the epitome of happiness.

  Make sure it's safe for your body

  Before you consider buying a sex toy, make sure it's made of materials that are safe to use. Many companies still sell porous toys that, even if they don't cause immediate damage, trap bacteria that can develop into serious infections.

  Unless you're ready to use a condom every time you play, opt for non-porous toys. Also, avoid cheap toys made of rubber, as they can cause allergies or irritation. The most popular safe-to-use materials are silicone and stainless steel.

  Fortunately, each of our products is made with the highest quality, safest medical grade silicone and ABS, so you can rest assured knowing we put your health at the forefront of our products.

  Read the manual

  If you want to know how to use sex toys properly, the key is to become familiar with them. When your new toy arrives, you may be tempted to skip the instructions and get straight to the point. However, if you haven't received the message, safety is important. If you're new to sex toys, it's easy to get overly excited and use them incorrectly.

  For example, inserting a butt plug all the way into the anus is a very bad idea and could result in a trip to the hospital. If the manual says the product is not designed for the shower, trust it and buy a waterproof toy next time. Also, if your toy has a USB charger, make sure to charge it according to the manual. Do not turn it on when connected, only use the charger provided by the manufacturer.

  Consider using lube

  If you struggle with vaginal dryness, or if you want to play anal, consider lube. This will make the process easier and reduce friction that can hurt your skin. The best type of lube is silicone lube, which can even be used in a hot tub.

  The sex toy and bath combo is to die for (but not literally, so make sure yours are waterproof). Even if you buy a high-quality lube, it's worth testing beforehand. Apply it to your arms to check for allergic reactions. Oh, and you can always get a scented lube that adds to the ambience. Read the next step to learn why it matters.

  Make sure the environment is right and take your time

  If you're wondering how to use a sex toy, it's important to know the details. You don't have to make your room look like a rom-com, but creating the right atmosphere is a nice touch that can help you unwind.

  After all, masturbation is a form of self-care, so you can make it even more special by lighting candles and turning on sexy playlists. Also, if your sex toy makes a lot of noise, music is a must. Walking into a common area when you're done and witnessing roommates exchange glances is uncomfortable, to say the least. Plus, no one likes being interrupted in a meeting, and some people don't understand boundaries.

  To keep a low profile, hide under the sheets and turn up the volume. Be sure to take your time as you get acquainted with your toy. For example, most vibrator settings may be too powerful for beginners. Start with the lowest and play with the different modes to see which works best. If you have a toy that has to be plugged in, don't get frustrated if you can't plug it in right away. It takes time for your body to get used to the feeling, and the best thing to do is to lower your expectations and don't rush it.

  Learn to clean them properly

  Pleasure often comes with sacrifices, such as getting out of your bed to clean your sex toys after orgasm. If you want to use sex toys, you must first learn to care for them.

  While sessions alone can prevent you from catching STDs, you're not safe from them; think thrush or bacterial vaginosis. Trust me, there is no greater emotion killer than this.

  To prevent this from happening, wash your toys thoroughly or use a special spray designed to clean them. You might not like getting up after the Big O, but at least you'll keep yourself safe. Don't wait until the next day; bacterial buildup can make it difficult to clean them properly. Also, remember the most important hygiene rule, never switch from anal to vaginal penetration unless you are ready to clean the toy in between.

  Store them properly

  If you have a sex toy, you're unlikely to want to display it, but make sure it's stored in a dry and cool place. Sex toys come in bags or boxes so you can keep them inside and at the bottom of the drawer. This will help avoid discoloration and extend its lifespan. If your toy is battery powered, remove the battery when not in use. If you leave them inside, they will lose power very quickly and may even damage your toys.

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