Prepare before using the vibrators

Prepare before using the vibrators


  It doesn't matter whether you're new to vibrators or have a few in your toy box; everyone is unique, and when aiming for pleasure or self-exploration, meticulous attention to detail is required. Here are a few tips to prepare before using the vibrator.

  1. Be sure to clean your toys

  Whether you have a new toy or have one out of the drawer, it's important to wash your vibrator before any session. Use lukewarm water and an adult toy cleaner, making sure to wash all exterior surfaces, paying attention to the cover where the battery is located. If the toy is waterproof, like many of our silicone toys at, you can submerge it completely in soapy water. If not, you must use a special toy cleaner or antibacterial wipes. Don't forget that you also have to clean the vibrator again after playing. Just like anything else you own, the better you take care of your vibrator, the longer it will last.

  2. Get familiar with your toys

  If you're just getting started with vibrators, familiarize yourself with the capabilities of your new toy. Does it have only one speed or multiple speeds? For the more general functions, how do you use its range of functions including vibration, speed, pulse and gyration?

  For lube pairing and cleaning purposes, use a water-based lube to ensure you have a lot of slip and comfort while exploring your body!

  Lastly, if your toy requires batteries, our batteries can corrode if left in the toy after play, so be sure to check them before use.

        Basics of Vibrator Games

  Standard vibrators are used for external stimulation, and for many beginners, this is the easiest way to orgasm, or, if you're lucky, multiple orgasms in one session.

  First, the mechanism behind most standard vibrations. Traditional vibrators focus the vibrations on the tip of the toy, which means that this area of ​​the toy has to lean against itself to achieve orgasm. Find the vibration speed that excites you the most, remembering that a slow start is essential.

               Explore other recreation centers on your body

  We know our bodies best and know that sometimes the biggest and best orgasms come from dramatic revelations and out-of-the-box thinking!

  Taking the time to explore your body will tell you that your nipples, inner thighs, belly, labia, and even anal opening are also very beneficial for vibrator stimulation. By doing this, you will find that you are able to awaken yourself far beyond your imagination. How special is this?

         External and internal stimuli

       One of the most appealing things about a vibrator is that you can use it externally on the clitoris or other body part, or internally by penetrating it to simulate penetrative sex.

  Switching back and forth between internal and external stimulation is also a way to build arousal and provide a more intense orgasm. Note: Never enter the vagina from the anus in any way! While some dual-action vibrators are capable of providing both internal and external stimulation, you can achieve similar results by creatively angling the vibrator so that it teases you from the outside while gently penetrating you.

                If you have time, go for more orgasms!

      Thanks to their powerful and direct vibrations, combined with the longevity of vibrators, vibrators certainly increase the chances of everyone exploring what allows them to orgasm without having to tire your hands.

  Once you have your first orgasm, you can move the vibrator closer to your pleasure zone again and gently work your way toward your next orgasm. This can help you have multiple orgasms!

                Try to marginalize yourself

        Try a technique called edging. For those curious adventurers, edging is the act of approaching orgasm before exiting the thrill and temporarily resuming. Then, you resume stimulation again, repeating the process until you can't control it, and finally allow yourself to orgasm.

  Edging can lead to extremely intense orgasms for many people and helps to understand your body better. The trick to doing this with a vibrator is to stop at the right moment, because stopping too early won't give you the same buildup, while too late means you've already started to orgasm, and stopping will negate the entire orgasm.
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