How To Spice Up With Vibrating Panties?

How To Spice Up With Vibrating Panties?


  These days, panty vibes are more of an elite item than the novelty they once were. Some suits come with their own panties with a pocket inside for ambience. Others only include vibrators designed to fit any sexy panties you already own. Use them in your home or make them public for a little naughty fun. 

  Vibrating panties are all the buzz today. Try adding vibrating panties to increase the volume of your sex life. Hopefully you already have a couple, but if you don't, you're missing out on one of the most erotic and discreet pleasures with yourself or your partner in public or private.

  They are exactly what they sound like, a sexy pair of underwear holding a small vibrator inside. Once turned on, just touch the dial and the vibe gives you hands-free clitoral stimulation. Who controls happiness? You can control your own experience, or for even more fun, let your partners make calls anytime, anywhere.

  Imagine the bouts of clitoral stimulation you get when you do something simple and boring, like grocery shopping or watching a movie. Talking to anyone in public while the vibration is buzzing around your clitoris will be more challenging and add a little smile and kink to your day.

  Vibrating panties have actually come a long way since their inception. They used to be sewn into panties, which isn't always convenient depending on your personal size. You also can't control exactly where the vibrations go because it depends on where the vibrations are in your underwear.

  Can be used alone while masturbating or as a couple's toy, both ways are pleasing. Why do you need to try a pair of vibe panties? Read on for the latest news on how they can spice up your game.

  Discreet, playful fun

  Vibrating panties are so discreet that only you and/or your partner will know you're wearing them. You can control where and when your resonance is. Want to help yourself orgasm? Just wear underwear and keep your hands busy elsewhere. Or share it with a partner and let them control your happiness.

  Either way, it means playing hands-free, leaving your hands free for some nipple stimulation or touching yourself elsewhere. If you're in public, maybe you need those hands to cover up the moan you're about to make.

  Some vibrators are controlled by a smartphone connected to the vibe via bluetooth with the vibrate panty app. Others come with an electronic and discreet controller that fits easily in a hand or pocket.

  Giving control to a partner means surrendering to the experience and seeing how naughty you are. See how long it takes you to orgasm when other people control the vibration.

  Imagine having a meal with friends. Your partner sits next to you and quite innocently pulls out his phone to text. It's just that instead of text, it's a remote code for the panty vibrator! Oh yeah! Nothing says dessert better than a joke in public.

  Use underwear while walking, running errands, or doing chores at home. They are also great for foreplay with a partner. The vibrations tease and please you while getting you wet and ready for an intense experience. Ride the waves and make every day a sexually stimulating day.

  Part of the fun is never knowing when the next wave of happiness will come, or how intense it will be. Only the person who controls the vibe will know when, where and to what extent you're going to get that delicious, naughty pleasure. How long can you hold out before orgasm hits?

  Submissive Vibration

  When it comes to my sexual arousal, I absolutely love getting out of control. That means, I find it an extreme transformation to be tied or otherwise bound and have my partner play with me. Vibrating panties are perfect for this, as neither of you have to touch or adjust them once they're on!

  So while your partner turns the vibration on and off at will, you could be beautifully strapped to the bed, hawking open and unable to move. This frees them up for other activities, such as nipple stimulation. Imagine the possibilities! It's almost as if your partner has an imaginary helper that stimulates you while they're dealing with other things. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

  Personal panty fun

  No one said you had to have a partner to enjoy the wonderful buzz of vibrating panties! Vibrating panties are also great for masturbation. Imagine having a lot of clothes to fold, how boring, right?

  If you run in vibrating panties, it won't be so boring! Or maybe you want to do a slow masturbation and want to give yourself a delicious all-over pleasure - let the panty vibe take care of your lower belly while you stimulate the uppers.

  Or have you ever tried watching porn on your phone while stimulating your clit and nipples? It's almost impossible! Unless your panty vibe is buzzing on its own underneath, you can make time to hold your phone and play with other body parts as needed. No matter how you use them, vibrating panties are a win-win accessory!

  Orgasm vow

  The idea may be a little far-fetched to some of you, but I have a good friend who is married and wears a pair of vibrating panties all the time. She gave her "soon to be" husband the remote control before the ceremony, and as soon as they said "I do", the party started and she started having a private party in her panties!

  As she talked to her family, her husband walked around, turning the remote on and off. She loved their first dance more than usual, and when they got to the hotel room, she couldn't wait to go! Now that's how to start a marriage!

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