How to have more fun with sex


 Sometimes the sparks surrounding sex fade away over time. do you know? This is a common and completely normal experience. There are many reasons why sex subsides over time. Today, we're talking about how to add that spark and be more adventurous to make your sex life more fun.

  Reasons why sex is no longer interesting

  First, there are plenty of good reasons why sex may no longer be fun. Changes in libido, medications like certain antidepressants, stress, the obligations of everyday life, and long-term relationships can all contribute to the pleasure of sexual decline.

  It's important to note that while sexuality may fade, happen less frequently, or feel limited on the menu, there's always room for learning and experimentation. Stress and everyday life may temporarily stop the fun, but it will bring some skill!

  10 Ideas for Bringing Fun Back to Bed

  1. Find a room. Literally.

  If you want to have more fun with your sex life, plan a sexy vacation getaway with you and your boo. Sometimes, changing your landscape and getting rid of your traditional and sometimes downright oppressive schedule can be just what a doctor prescribes to add something extra special. Because stress is a major factor in disrupting sex, be sure to take time out to relax and put you in the mood.

  2. Pretend you are a stranger

  We know, this is a cosplay as old as time, but there is something about it! For couples who have been together for a long time, sometimes sex can feel like acting or rehearsing. Playing as a stranger, you may channel your true desires more unruly than letting routine get in your way. It's also a fun experiment to see a new side of your partner. Just make sure you can have a quick conversation about what to do and not to do on the table as a stranger before the roleplay happens. Meet at a bar or coffee shop and see where it takes you!

  3. Try new roles

  Regular sex is there for a reason. You know what's good for each other, so at night you go to your first two positions instead of trying something new. Head to Kama Sutra for inspiration and try a new way to get it.

  4. Try Mutual Masturbation

  Mutual masturbation has two unexpected benefits. The first is that masturbation can increase libido. The second is that watching your partner touch you can be a major turning point! You can try mutual masturbation as part of foreplay, as the main sexual activity, or as a kinky cosplay.

  5. Try a couple’s toys or vibes

  Bringing a sex toy to the bedroom may be just what this extra fun needs. On the one hand, sex toys can ensure more orgasms and different kinds of orgasms. Sex toys also break the routine and add some excitement.

  6. Try kink and BDSM

  There are countless ways to try kink and BDSM in your relationship. You can play with power dynamics (where one partner is dominant and the other is submissive.) You can also experiment with restraint by using a tie or scarf, whether store-bought or homemade. You can punish your partner with your hand or whip.

  Before trying BDSM, you must discuss what you agree and disagree with. As always, check in with your partner before, during, and after verbal sex, but also make sure their body language indicates they are comfortable. For example, if you're whipping someone and their response is to contract their muscles and pull away, you're using too much force. Start slowly and gradually increase. With BDSM, start small before trying big fantasies to make sure you're comfortable in whatever you decide to explore for fun.

  7. Try reading porn or watching moral porn together

  Sometimes, warming up is the reason couples struggle to enjoy sex—they don't spend enough time on foreplay. Reading sexy stories or watching ethical porn can help people acquire sexual equipment and inspire new positions or sexual behaviors. Watching ethical porn together can also spark new open conversations around new ones you didn’t know existed.

  8. Eat something sweet

  Food and foreplay are a powerful couple. Using food in the bedroom can refresh the mind and increase excitement. You can enjoy a sweet treat while driving your partner crazy by licking their bodies. Or, make out after a bite of a strawberry. Just make sure you get the sugar out of your vagina! Popular items to bring into the bedroom are honey, whipped cream, strawberries and ice cream.

  9. Take a couple sex class

  For hot sex, head to your local sex toy store and take lessons that pique your interest. Even if you consider yourself a professional, there is always something to learn. After all, if you don't see sex as something that expands your vocabulary, things can start to get in the way. You can also find online courses taught by sex coaches and sex educators on tips, tricks and tools to use during sex. Taking sex classes together can spark conversations around shared fantasies. You may learn something completely unexpected about you or your partner.

  10. Talk about it

  At the end of the day, sexual pleasure for you is entirely up to you and your unique preferences. Sometimes it just takes a brief discussion of what to explore next to rekindle the spark.

  We hope we've inspired you and got you back on your feet. After all, sex is about play and pleasure, which is about having fun.


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