Double Pleasure: How to Make Masturbation Better


  Sex toys are fun and enjoyable. But as versatile as they are, they can't do everything at once. If you own a few toys (or a lot of them), we're guessing you're likely to have a hand in masturbation. Whether it's your  trusty clitoral vibe or your old faithful butt plug, we've got our favorite tools to help us flick a bean or massage a member, but who says there's only room for two on your solo date?

  Stimulating a range of erogenous zones and genitals at once is the key to an exciting (and sometimes multiple) orgasm, they say. Think of it like playing a guitar, you can strum one string and it makes a nice sound, but with a few strings at a time, you can create some sweet, sweet music.

  When you want to start adding multiple toys to your playtime, the combinations are endless, but if you've never been far from your favorite vibrator or stroking device, it can be hard to know where to start. That's exactly why we've decided to put this handy blog on some of the best combos for you to play your clitoris or meat flute in wonderful harmony with the rest of your erogenous zones.

  Woodpecker pair

  If you like a rapper (like the set above), try adding a cock ring to the mix. By limiting the flow of blood to and from the penis with the ring, your erection may be harder, last longer, and increase in sensation. That means every bump, ridge and tickling of the textured hitter can be felt across the entire shaft.

  There's often a lot of talk about how vulva sufferers should enjoy masturbation as self-love, but there's often less of that for penis owners. Having a longer lasting erection is a great way to help you take it slow and really enjoy your company—rather than rubbing one off as quickly as possible. Slow down, be in tune with your body, and treat your passions with the sensual solo it deserves.

  Clit licking couple

  If our eyes are the windows to our soul, then our nipples must be the windows to our sexual self. While this may not be entirely true, one study suggests that stimulation of the nipples of young people (especially female identifyers) directly causes or enhances their libido. In another study of people with breasts and vulva, researchers found that nipple stimulation illuminates the same part of the brain as their genitals.

  If you like to stimulate both areas, this is the combo for you: Next time you reach your clit vibe, take some time to run it over your nipples, and pack a big gun. Attach nipple suction cups or nipple clips to your nipples for gentler or stronger pressure, respectively, depending on how much squeeze you want to feel.

  Double penetration

  You may enjoy the strength and pleasing fullness of double penetration. There are many ways to enjoy DP—in the most basic definition, a toy, finger, or penis penetrating two holes in the body—but one of the most common is through the vagina and anus.

  If you have both vagina and anus and want to try DP, there are two rules to know before getting started:

  No. 1: You must use toys with flared bases or finger loops in the back door to prevent anything from getting stuck.

  Rule 2: Do not use the same toy interchangeably between anus and vagina without first thoroughly cleaning it - no double dips!

  If you're a newbie (maybe with a butt plug), start small and use plenty of anal lube as you explore

  Prostate pairing

  Anyone with a prostate who has learned the pleasure points of their buttocks through a prostate massager may have a good idea of ​​the wonders of their inner hot spot. But did you know there is more than one way to stimulate this very important organ?

  The next time you're in for some hand-to-gland combat, plug in a prostate massager, like a P-spot butt plug, for hands-free stimulation while you're busy with your perineum. The perineum is located between the anus and the ball or vulva (depending on what you have), and for those with a prostate, it can be a pleasant direction for external stimulation.

  how? Nothing gets the job done like a classic vibrator. Run your toy along your inner thighs, butt cheeks, and perineum to get the deep, intense vibrations you'll feel all over the area (and through your butt plug). Let your prostate work its magic -- you might experience a prostate orgasm this way -- or rub one on your penis with your spare hand at the same time.

  Take two and tango

  For those of you who like to use their clit-sucking toy to keep them in good shape but feel like they're missing out on the internal pleasure of penetration, this might just be the toy for you. Combining satisfying G-spot vibrations with moan-worthy air pulses on the clitoris, this toy is designed to deliver mixed orgasms.

  Since it's a bit like two toys in one, it's up to you and the addict, or choose to up the ante. Treat your buttocks in the slow buildup and release of anal beads while your other pleasure areas are taken care of by the vibrations. This combo is also suitable for penis owners who like masturbators. Lean in the pulsation and let your anal bead movement work perfectly with your orgasm.

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