Dos and Don'ts of Sex Toys


  Manufacturers are now going further and further in the innovation of sex toys, and this is evident in the scope. The previous product line consisted only of inflatable dolls and house, garden and kitchen vibrators and dildos, now it is completely different. Complete love dolls, vibrators that can barely be vacuumed, couple sex toys that communicate with each other remotely, virtual reality toys, moaning masturbators and realistic fucking machines are just a few examples. Developments will only increase in the coming years. Fully automated toys with artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to predict your wishes and know exactly what you want and need. It's not that far yet, but we'll be sure to keep you posted once it's done.

  General information about sex toys

  Pornography is used in all countries of the world and in almost all adult age categories. The purpose of use is just to experience an orgasm, but that's too easy to say. Sex toys are also often taken out of the closet to stimulate the senses and experience certain sexual fantasies and foreplay. With thousands of different erotic options, from dildos to BDSM structures, there are endless possibilities to stimulate your erogenous zones and stimulate your senses erotically. For example, also consider stimulating massage oils and varnishes that can be used for different purposes.

  Our Favorite Sex Toys

  Women's favorite sex toy is still vibrators. This is not surprising, since with hundreds of unique vibrators, each with their own specific qualities, the choice is enormous. Masturbators are the most popular among men. Especially now, with the use of lifelike materials and innovations such as rhythmically moving masturbators and dirty-talking masturbators, sexual experiences are becoming more and more realistic. Couples, on the other hand, are increasingly opting for couples sex toys that they can enjoy together. These can be BDSM articles, but can also be, for example, a vibrating egg or a pair of vibrators that will provide the necessary tension. Additionally, we have seen a marked increase in the purchase of pornographic clothing. Ideal for seducing each other or for exciting cosplay. As you can see, there are countless possibilities to experience more erotic pleasure alone or with your partner.

  Dos and Don'ts of Sex Toys

  Sex toys can provide a lot of fun and erotic pleasure. To have the most fun and make sure you're fully prepared for buying or using a sex toy, we've collected some dos and don'ts you can consider useful for your own safety and erotic pleasure.

  Start calm

  Are you buying or using a sex toy for the first time? Then start quietly, making sure you are relaxed and undisturbed. Do your sex toys have different positions? Then start at the lowest point and slowly pick up the pace. For sex toys that don't have a place (such as dildos, bondage objects, and/or masturbators), make sure you're in the mood. This means that women already have a slight libido, while men have an erect penis. This of course does not apply to tethered items. It is again wise to control the arm or leg first before taking full control.

  So the general tip is to start slowly.

  Experiment and discover more erotic pleasure

  By experimenting, you've certainly figured out how to use a sex toy. Still, if you stand by this, it's wise to keep thinking and trying new things all the time. By experimenting, you will experience new ways of erotic pleasure, and of course experiencing different types of orgasms during the experiment is a fun activity. For example, try anal stimulation or BDSM elements.

  Check if your sex toy is waterproof

  Do you want to use the toy in the shower or bathtub? Then pay close attention to the water resistance of the sex toy in question.

  Use of lubricants

  Lube is recommended for ladies who are not excited enough or want smoother penetration. This of course also applies to the use of anal sex toys (so men should pay attention too).

  Discuss your wishes with your partner

  Do you have a particular craving for sex toys? do you have a partner? Then discuss the issue with him or her and explain why you want the sex toy. This prevents your partner from feeling left out. Also, your partner may have his own sexual desires for sex toys. This can open the door to a new phase in your relationship where new things will be discovered. So if you want to buy a sex toy, you absolutely must get your partner involved.

  Share your experience with friends and read other people's reviews

  Share your experience with sex and sex toys with your best friend. Not only is this an interesting topic, but it may also bring you new ideas. Of course, you don't use your own name, but a pseudonym. By doing this, you can notify others. Also read other people's comments to get ideas and discover things you might never have thought of.

  Clean your sex toys and store them safely

  Taking good care of your sex toys is very important for the longevity of your toy and for your own hygiene. Always clean toys thoroughly with a toy cleaner or mild soapy water before use. Do the same when you put the toy away again after use. Also store toys out of sight and dust-free. Improper cleaning can lead to annoying irritation, which is sure to have unpleasant consequences for your vagina or penis. So a very important thing to do.

  Test sex toys before use

  It is very important to test your sex toy before using it. That way you know what to expect and what the different locations of the toy might be. You can easily do this by testing the toy in your hand (eg, different vibrations) or by feeling how the material feels on your skin. Are you using a swing, sex chair or sex position aid? Then test if it can hold your weight! It is also wise to test pornography before using it with all other types of sex toys.

  Discuss safety words or stop signs when using sex toys with your partner

  It can sometimes be difficult to explain whether certain actions are hurting your partner (especially in BDSM games). Discuss clear stop signs or safety words ahead of time to stop immediately in case of pain and/or discomfort.

  Quick release during bondage

  The purpose of bondage is to restrain your partner. Also, be careful when tying your partner, not too tight, don't pinch the nerve, the blood can flow freely. Also, it's important that you release your partner quickly. Keep keys or scissors handy for quick release.

  Take a shower before using anal sex toys

  Before anal sex or if you are going to use anal sex toys (first time anal sex?), it is best to clean your anus beforehand to avoid unpleasant situations. First go to the toilet or take an anal shower to thoroughly clean your anus.

  Dos and Don'ts of Sex Toys

  You've been able to read the above and have a good idea of ​​the many things you should be aware of when you start using sex toys. Of course, there are some potentially more important considerations. Here you can read the real dos and don'ts of the sex toy world.

  Share sex toys with others

  It is strongly recommended not to share your sex toys with others. If you do, be sure to clean the toy thoroughly. The consequences of sharing sex toys can have all kinds of serious consequences for your health.

  Using sex toys under pressure

  Did your partner pressure you, or did your sex partner suggest things you wouldn't want to do? Never put yourself under pressure and keep using your common sense! If you don't want it, let me know and don't let it convince you. Setting boundaries is an important part of sex. This applies not only to sex, but also to sex toys that you don't think make sense.

  Using Home, Garden and Kitchen Supplies for Erotic Pleasure

  Leave the cucumber, screwdriver (yes) or pen where it belongs and only use toys that can be officially found in sex stores. You probably know a news story about a man with a toy car in his anus. Keep it nice and safe with a toy designed for its purpose.

  Alternating sex toys between anus and vagina

  Bacteria in the anus should also stay there. Therefore, never change sex toys between anus and vagina (without thorough cleaning).

  Watch your use of anal toys

  It is also tempting to try a vagina-only toy to stimulate the anus. This is highly discouraged as the toy is designed to stimulate the vagina and not the anus. This can be painful or very difficult to penetrate, which can lead to irritating cracks in the anus. Use only anal sex toys to stimulate the anus.

  Using narcotics

  The use of alcohol, drugs or other narcotics is not recommended as it affects your judgment, you no longer recognize your limits and cannot act quickly when faced with danger. This is especially important if you use sex toys or sex toys with relatively unknown people.

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