A guide to making your sex life more interesting


       If you are enjoying sex, then you don't need anything else. As long as you and your partner have fun, this is all you need. There is nothing wrong with getting what you want and enjoying it. The hottest sex often comes from the trust and intimacy that we build with our partner over time.

  In other words, it would be fun to sprinkle some extra flavors to complement that sweet and familiar foundation! Here are seven tips to make your vanilla sex life more delicious.

  1. Share your sex list

  Create a sexy list of sexual fantasies-no matter how big or small! -Then share with each other. Maybe you have been thinking about exploring blindfolded or ass playing. Maybe you are curious about what it would be like to go threesome or visit a BDSM club. From there you can compare things that you definitely want to try together, things that you prefer to maintain fantasy, and things that you might be willing to explore under the right circumstances.

  Not only does the list become interesting, but simply discussing your wishes together is enough to make things really heat up. Being vulnerable and open in your communication can be daunting, but it can also be very rewarding, both in and out of the bedroom, so write it!

  2. Start the routine

  At this stage of your relationship, you may have found the routine that suits you best. This is great! However, if you want to add interest to things, you only need to change the time, place, or location of intercourse, and you can really change the way you participate and the benefits you get from it.

  If you usually answer the phone at night, try to set the alarm earlier than usual to indulge in the morning for a little while. At the end of the day, enjoy a sensual joint shower to relax. Browse the list of positions and select a position that you have never tried before.

  Whatever you choose, it may eventually make you laugh and return to the area you know best. However, leaving some space for play and experiment will definitely wake up your imagination and open up more possibilities for you.

  3. Use profanity

  Incorporating swear words into your sexy time is not necessarily complicated, it can take many forms. Simply take turns describing what you want to do or what you did to you, as a foreplay during dinner is a good start.

  If this seems too scary, you can always start with the text. Saying "I was just thinking that you did X..." or "I really want to do X to you later..." may go a long way. It eliminates some of the tension that might be caused by looking at someone's eyes. And made some incredible foreplay at noon, so you can look forward to it at the end of the working day.

  4. Take the opportunity to roll the dice

  Sometimes, starting to be creative can be daunting. Nervous emotions that sound silly will suppress your imagination, and you will find yourself drawing a blank space. If this happens, don't worry! We have cheat codes.

  There are some specially designed tools to help you overcome the shy hump and have fun. A solitaire or group of kinky dice with sexy hints can be the perfect icebreaker and inspiration to make you in the mood to try new things.

  5. Enjoy porn together

  Essentially, pornography is meant to arouse the audience's interest. There is much more you can do to watch or read porn with your partner. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about the preferences of yourself and your partner.

  Use your favorite pornographic video or porn story as inspiration for what you are going to do together at that moment, or as a creative way to introduce your fantasies to them.

  6. Use a vibrator

  Sex toys are an excellent way to enhance the pleasure potential. Especially for anyone with a clitoris, adding a vibrator to the mixture will significantly increase their chances of reaching orgasm.

  If you are not familiar with toys, start with a versatile vibrator suitable for beginners. If you already have a toy friend who likes to play solo, try it boldly and introduce that sex toy to your partner.

  If you are worried about intimidating your partner, or they are skeptical of including a vibrator, remember: sex toys are a pleasure enhancer, not a substitute for your partner. A good partner should want you to get the most and best orgasms possible.

  7. Try stranger role-playing

  One of the most popular fantasies is to meet a passionate stranger. So why not try to be each other's mysterious new lover?

  Pick a place and pretend you are only meeting for the first time. Set up your scene and character-maybe you will become another version of yourself, or you will try a different character together-and see where the game will take you. Enjoy the pleasure of being pursued by a newcomer and all the satisfaction that comes from being with someone who already knows your body very well.

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