5 Reasons To Bring Sex Toys Into Your Relationship


      I believe everyone knows that a moderate sex life actually has great benefits. Maybe your sex life is full of vitality and intimacy, maybe your sex life is full of adventurous nature. Regardless of your sex life, the emergence of sex toys can allow you to experience more different excitement and fun. If you never thought about adding sex toys to your sex life, here are 5 reasons you might want to change your mind and bring sex toys into your relationship.

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  1. They relieve the stress on you and your partner

  It's not that you must feel stressed. However, on the one hand, orgasm is not always easy, even if your partner is generous, skilled and in harmony. According to the Kinsey Institute, 70% of women need some kind of clitoral stimulation to ejaculate. Adding a vibrator to your arsenal can be a first choice, a backup, or a fun and different way to orgasm-a way that does not depend entirely on your partner's hands, mouth, or penis. that is. Sex is a very wonderful thing. Not to mention, men can also reach new heights of happiness with the help of toys. In addition, there are not many ways to orgasm.

  2. It is easier to achieve multiple orgasms

  Maybe the vibration keeps you away, the internal g-point stimulation, penetration, or all of the above. Or maybe it's some very specific explosive combination stimulation of these or other sexy areas, which happens to embody all the beautiful and sacred things in your universe. One thing is certain: batteries tend to last longer than human energy, and they can inject firepower, vitality and energy into your tryst even when you or your partner are tired, injured, or just lazy (which happens) endurance. Life may hinder you, but toys always ensure that you have enough time to play. Remember, just work and not play is not a successful sex life.

  3. Sex toys are the gateway to all the scariest fantasies

  Toys and props allow us to unlock role-playing fantasies that we don’t even know we have. From the huge variety of dildos, vibrators and butt toys to whips, handcuffs, candle wax or any of your cakes, our imagination is often triggered by the smallest things. Why not finally realize the illusion of surrendering to the police, acting as an autocratic school teacher, or just accepting Game of Thrones as a concept more generally? Nothing can help you and your partner try to give and receive trust and power in the game of domination and obedience more than a great sex toy. who knows? A remote-controlled wearable vibrator may be that love is exactly what the doctor ordered.

  4. They can improve your communication, thereby increasing your intimacy

  When you decide to choose toys with your partner, you somewhat have to talk about what you want: what you think will make you feel good, what you want to do to you, what you want to do to them, and what you want to try Curious. A conversation like this requires some real openness and some very sexy honesty. Communication = intimacy, in case you miss the memo. If you have been trying to solve your sexual desire with your partner in the past, using dildos, plugs or some silky ropes that you want to try face-to-face can really stimulate your heart and conversation. In front of me.

  5. The stigma of sex toys is some nonsense worth mentioning

  Although the use of sex toys is more common than ever, the stigma of being outdated still abounds in certain circles. Whether it's the idea that they are only suitable for (lonely) women, or they provide competition for men in some way (huh, what?), or people of any gender who happen to use them are somewhat less masculine/capable Strong, bottom, and most importantly, these outdated concepts don’t have any moisture (or lube!).

  On the contrary, introducing sex toys in your relationship means adding fun, creativity and communication to your most intimate dynamics. Last time I checked, this type of thing is really good for strengthening our inner bond. Bonus: getting off the bus is unforgettable, and get off often.

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