9 Ways to Use a Wand Massager with Your Partner


  Women have so many sex toys to choose from,” lamented some of the men in my life. But when I ask them if they use a vibrator or penis masturbation with their partner, the crickets chirp.
Here's the thing: Sex toys aren't just for single women! For one thing, there are countless ways to incorporate toys into buddy play. more importantly…

       When you fully realize that a penis is a lot like a big clitoris, your options expand!

  But because the penis has more surface area to stimulate, I think the wide-headed wand is a seriously underrated male sex toy. One of my readers said that using one was the closest (lol) he got to experiencing the intensity of a female orgasm.

  It doesn't matter what kind of genitals you have - if you want to use sex toys with your partner, there's something for you on this list.

  (Note: I'm a woman in a relationship with a man. Probably not everything here will apply to your situation, but I'm writing this assuming everyone has holes and external erogenous zones!)

  1 Teasing your partner while reading and watching them squirm

  Books are always sexy for nerds, but even more so when incorporating them into foreplay. I love seeing my partner struggle to maintain a straight and steady voice when I use the wand on his penis. My favorite part? When I increased the speed of the wand he was totally shocked, he didn't expect it. Bringing pauses, pleasant shudders and unintentionally seductive voices (and my last evil laugh).

  2 Put the wand on the cheek for a more advanced blowjob

  Combine deep, heavy vibrations with mouth moisturizing and suction. You can use any vibrator for this purpose, or, you can place the vibrator on your partner's ball while sucking and stroking.

  (The testicles are sensitive, though. So if you move the wand down to them, maybe reduce the intensity through your partner's underwear or pants. Or pair your Hitachi wand with a dimmer.)

  3 Add a penis impactor attachment for a surround sound experience

  It feels great to use the wand massager directly on the penis. However, if you want variety, using the percussion stick attachment has one significant advantage: you can play with a variety of textures and fluttering sensations!

  This might include soft pocket cat-style sleeves, but you also don't have to limit yourself to a ring attachment or vibrator that wraps around your penis. The bumps and waves on the silicone-textured covering add tactile stimulation - a unique sense to the fine tactile receptors in the frenulum and foreskin.

  4 Place the wand in the middle; massage both sides!

  I hope people stop thinking of wand vibrators as "getting in the way" of the penis while their partner is playing. Sometimes for me and my boyfriend, wands are partner play.

  Looking into each other's eyes when intense, otherworldly stimuli are in sync with both of us? Watching your partner gasp and shake? Kind of not to love?

  (Seriously, maybe you're having a hard time getting up when you're kneeling. If that's the case, consider using a sex-positioning pillow to support you.)

  5 Combining a Compact Mini Stick Vibrator with Penetration

  I understand: when people think of "couples toys," they think of something small and "non-intrusive." A traditional wand head can be a vulva, with little room for a penis or a large dildo.

  6 Strap a wand around your partner for orgasm torture

  Why stop teasing? If your partner is forced to orgasm time and time again, strap a stick vibrator to their crotch. Watch them whimper and beg for permission to stop.

  7 Insert a wand vibrator head as a warm-up for fisting

  If you like big penetrations and want to put a wand vibrator inside you, this is an option! For safety reasons, it is best to choose a waterproof stick.

  8 Connect the wand to the remote control app for remote playback

  Even if you're socially distanced or in a long-distance relationship, you can still have fun with a wand vibrator. Both connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and can be controlled by a distant partner.

  9 Combine the wand with the docking attachment for extra shock!

  Since everyone has an ass, they might enjoy the penetration of a vibrating dildo. With the right attachment, you can turn your wand into one. There are pre-made pluggable wand accessories, but for even more functionality, buy capped - silicone wand caps but with three holes (1", 1.25", 1.5" diameter) to hold your favorite pluggables Bring a dildo.

  Let's wrap it up!

  There are many more uses for wands than one might think.

  Whether you have a penis or a vulva, buying a massager is a solid investment for solo and partner play.

  What's your favorite way to use your wand with your partner?

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