7 Best Sex Positions With Vibrators

7 Best Sex Positions With Vibrators


  A lot of people get so addicted to a single-player game with a vibrator that they might forget to bring the vibrator to the party. You can also have sex with your partner using a vibrator. If you're someone who can't orgasm with internal stimulation alone (trust us, you're not the only one!), incorporating your favorite vibe into your sex life can be a game-changer. 

  Here are 7 of the best sex positions to add a vibrator - there are countless more, but these are all for you and your vibe to discover for yourself!

  Electric Cowgirl

  Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl poses give you a lot of room for creativity when it comes to incorporating vibrators into your game.

  If you're a riding partner, try taking control of the reins and using a vibrator on yourself as you ride toward sunset. A vibrator might be just what you need to show your Mustang there's a new sheriff in town!

  If you want to keep your hands free when you're in the lead, give your partner the privilege of pleasing you. Stick vibrators, like mini massage sticks, are great for achieving exciting external stimulation.

  Plus, from a lay-flat perspective, your partner will have a good idea of ​​your every reaction.

  Upgrade spoken language

  Regardless of your lover's gender, vibrators can take oral sex to the next level.

  Stylish vibrators, like the G-Spot vibrator, can be used to stimulate your significant other's perineum while your tongue does the rest.

  If you're the proud owner of your clitoris, you're faced with a tough choice - would you choose external stimulation or internal stimulation? this is your choice!

  Power shower

  Adding a vibrator to the mix doesn't mean you have to be confined to the bedroom.

  If you and your lover like to get 'n' wet in the tub or shower, all you need to do is find a waterproof vibe that can keep up with you.

  Not only is the Vibrator as quiet as a mouse, it's also completely waterproof. There's nothing like being able to bring a sex toy into the bathroom with impunity!

  Dog style

  So, doggy pose is your thing, but how can you hold a vibrator in one hand when you're on all fours or plugging your loved one from behind?

  If one of you has a clitoris, you're in luck! Meet the clitoral vibrator, a feat of modern engineering. Its unique design means that freeing up one hand to get a good vibration is a chore of the past. With a vibrator, simply attach the toy to your body.

  Once it's safe, you're free to do whatever you want. The future is here, damn it feels so good!


  If you've only ever used a vibrator yourself before, you might want to keep it simple. A great location to do this is missionary - probably the easiest location to add toys. You just have to choose someone who will keep in touch with your sweet spot when your body is pressed together.

  If your penetration partner has a penis, they can wear a vibrating cock ring - if that sounds right for you, check out a bullet vibrating cock ring.


  We don't mean the public (no one wants to see this in their weekly store), but phone sex can be a lot of fun.

  Remote controls and app vibrators aren't just for indulging in some risky business—they're ideal for enhancing sex itself.

  The vibrator allows you to start foreplay in a noisy bar or dark movie theater and transition seamlessly into the boudoir.

  Swipe your finger across the screen and soon you'll be able to place your finger in a more sensual place.

  Relax and enjoy the show

  Don't just tell your partner what you like, show them! Pleasing yourself under the watchful eye of a lucky lover is one of the best ways to explain what's letting you down. Did we mention it's very hot?

  If you have a full-length mirror handy, try sitting on the bottom of the mirror. Position yourself so that your partner's legs are facing the mirror at your sides. Then grab a sex toy like a finger vibrator and let the show begin!

  Not only do mirrors allow your partner to see you doing some of your best work uninterrupted, but it means you can look them in the eye when you're in a good mood. If that's not sexual pleasure, we don't know what is!

  These are just 7 of our favorite sex positions to add a vibrator to—actually, there are many more erotic scenes that could benefit from an extra buzz. Think of these few posts as an entree...it's up to you to decide which entree you like!

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