10 tips for lesbian sex


  One sexual orientation that raises questions for many is lesbianism.

  In a heterosexual relationship, sexuality is easy to figure out. But lesbians have no penis to penetrate during sex, so how do lesbians have sex?

  Although this is a very personal question, it works. Say you're a lesbian and not sure how to have sex. In this case, you might be asking how to have lesbian sex.

  That's why I will try to answer a few questions for you in this article. So let's take a look at some lesbian sex tips and dive into girl-on-girl sex.

  Part 1. What is homosexuality?

  Lesbian sex is sexual intercourse between two women, although lesbian sex does not define your sexual preferences. You may have sex with both men and women, but when you have sex with a woman, you are engaging in lesbian sex.

  A lot of people in the past thought homosexuality was an inauthentic sexual act, which wasn't true. Lesbian is as real as cisgender, you are still meeting your partner intimately, you don't need a penis.

  Part 2. What You Need to Know About Girl-on-Girl Sex

  Talking about homosexuality with someone you don't know very well can be frustrating. Many people have untruthful views of girl-to-girl sexuality and may offend many lesbians.

  Many heterosexuals believe that in a lesbian relationship there will always be someone who plays a male role. In some cases this may be the case, but mostly, both women call themselves women. Some lesbian relationships may eventually lead to a partner realizing they are transgender.

  There are no assigned gender roles in lesbian relationships. The only people who can decide their gender preference are the people in the relationship. Unless the woman in a lesbian relationship says she prefers to be labeled as a couple.

  Lesbians can have sex in several ways, such as:

  ● blowjob

  ● manual sex

  ● Insertivity

  ● cut or hunched

  No sex is limited to one sexual orientation, which means that even things like penetration sex can be performed on lesbian couples with the right tools.

  Many people believe that lesbians can only have sex by cutting their hair. But lesbians use their mouths, fingers, hands and sex toys during sex. Although, cutting your hair is probably one of the best ways for a lesbian to rub their vulva.

  When you and your lesbian partner decide to try cutting together, talk about STDs because they can transfer during lesbian sex, just like cisgender sex.

  Part 3. How to have lesbian sex? 10 Gay Sex Tips

  For years, people have said that sex can only happen between men and women. But today, we've realized that you may be born with a specific gender, but that doesn't determine who you are. You may be born male but identify as female and enjoy lesbian sex.

  So how to have gay sex?

  Who you are is up to you, so let's take a look at the best lesbian sex tips you can use when having sex with women.

  Tip 1. Use a dildo

  Dildos are a great sexual tool that you can use during lesbian sex. Dildos help you and your partner achieve internal stimulation. Dildos are available in all shapes and sizes, which means you can buy a dildo that perfectly suits your sexual needs.

  Tip 2. Use a vibrator

  Vibrators can help lesbians in much the same way as dildos. The main difference is the vibration option. A vibrator can do little things to stimulate your G-spot that a dildo can't do. You can decide the best vibration speed. Starting at a low intensity and moving to more intense vibrations will help your orgasms last longer.

  Tip 3. Use anal toys

  Anal stimulation is something that many couples forget, which is why using anal toys during your lesbian sex adventures will help you achieve a superbly stimulating orgasm. Anal plugs, anal vibrators, and anal beads can all be used for anal stimulation. Many nerve endings in the anus also need to be stimulated.

  Tip 4. Use straps

  Straps have helped many lesbian couples have penetrative sex in a comfortable position. Straps can often have vibrators or dildos attached to them. The strap is worn by one partner and penetrates the partner with an attached dildo or vibrator. The partner wearing the strap can push the dildo in and out of the other partner until an orgasm is reached.

  Tip 5. Use a double dildo

  Double dildos are great for girl-on-girl sex because both women can have internal stimulation. You can place one end of the dildo into your vagina, then move it into a comfortable position and let the other end enter your partner's vagina. Once both ends are in, you can push and grind until you orgasm.

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  Tip 6. Get involved in nipple games

  Nipple stimulation is important in lesbian sex. The nipple has more than one hundred nerve endings. When you massage your nipples, your body releases a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin is a pleasure-inducing hormone, which means you will automatically feel better when you play with your nipples. When you stimulate your nipples, you wake up the genital cortex, which helps you get wet quickly.

  Tip 7. Blowjob

  Oral sex helps stimulate the clitoris intimately and gently. It also helps to wet the vulva in preparation for sex. Women tend to understand the clitoris better than men, so oral sex in a lesbian relationship is more climatic.

  Tip 8. Crop

  Ask your partner to place their legs under yours while you lie on your side. Your partner should then place the other leg on your side, and your groins should be squeezed against each other. Once your vulva touches, grind and insert until you ejaculate.

  Tip 9. Use external condoms

  Most people don't think about STDs related to lesbian sex. However, transmission is still possible during unprotected sex by not properly cleaning sex toys or touching the vulva without an external condom. You can also transmit STDs through oral sex, so be safe and wrap it up.


  Lube helps reduce the pain of inserting dildos, fingers, or anal toys. Sometimes when your partner is dry and you pierce them, you can cause microtears, which can be very painful. Lubrication also helps the toy to be inserted more easily.

  Final thoughts

  We've discussed different lesbian sex tips that you can use to have sex in your relationship.

  Knowing how to have lesbian sex will benefit your relationship because sex is an intimate and intense part of sexual health in a relationship. Using a sex toy can help you give your partner the ultimate orgasm by stimulating the inside of your vagina and clitoris.

  One thing that is also good for your sexual health is knowing your body. You can use sex toys to find out what's good for you and make yourself happy.

  You can then translate these feel-good actions into your relationship.

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