How to use a rose Vibrators?

How to use a rose Vibrators?


  This sex toy gets its name from its rose-like shape. It looks more like a rosebud than a sex toy so it doesn't attract uninvited attention. A rose toy is a classic vibrator sex toy that, at its most basic level, works like a suction sex toy, but with more appealing visual and functional features. Rose toys are also known as rose vibrators, rose clitoral suckers, or rose vibrators.

  Unique and elegant design

  The rose vibrator has a unique rose-shaped suction as well as egg-shaped vibrations. As mentioned, it's shaped like a rose artwork, meaning more privacy and less awkwardness typical of sex toys.


  According to Amazon reviews, this rose toy has a 2-in-1 design that helps stimulate multiple erogenous zones. It stimulates the clitoris and nipples and it is based on sucking and vibration.

  It has ten suction modes

  Rose toy comes with 10 different vibration sucking modes to meet your different sexual needs. It comes with an easy-to-operate button that lets you cycle through various modes to help you orgasm.

  In addition, the swirling airflow has 7 adjustable intensity levels, all with vibrating pulsations. It also has an amazing variety of settings and rhythms. Rest assured, its suction combined with its pulsation will drive you crazy.

  Waterproof design

  It is well designed to be used in water without damaging the rose vibrator. You can easily use and clean it in the shower.

  How to use the rose toy

  ● Press and hold the button for 10 seconds to power on.

  ● Short press (one-touch) button to change vibration or sucking mode.

  Once you've purchased the rose toy, thank goodness it comes in discreet packaging and it's advisable to make sure it's fully charged before use. Then start using it on the lowest settings before moving on to higher and more powerful settings.

  Also, make sure you have lube to reduce any discomfort you might experience without some form of lubrication. You can test with a small amount of lube on your nipples before upgrading to a higher setting. Fortunately, unlike other sucking sex toys, Rose toys have one of the best and most effective nipple sucking features. 

  Whether or not you choose to get tested on your nipples, you must use it on your clitoris for maximum pleasure. Again, add some lube and start slowly. It is important to note that clitoral suckers are used for indirect stimulation. Therefore, most people prefer to place the suction cup a little further away from the clitoris.

  Some of these rose toys have a tongue-like function, while others have the classic standard suction function. Differences in these features also mean different methods of use. However, some tips to be aware of when using a rose vibrator include:

  ● Adjust the distance and angle you use to hold the rose until you find the one that best fits your body

  ● Experiment with different air pressure modes to find the perfect suction setting for you

  ● Stop or slow down if your clitoris or skin feels sore or uncomfortable

  ● Clean, rinse and repeat.

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