Why sex toys can spice up your love life?

Why sex toys can spice up your love life?


  How can a vibrator help spice up your love life, even if you're a single ready to date? Helps you find the G-spot to improve and increase foreplay. Satisfy your every spiritual need and pleasure with dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads, cock rings and even sex dolls, it's no wonder we have so many options. The question is, how will sex toys spice up your love life?

  Sex toys can bring you closer to your partner emotionally and physically

  In the words of the great Olivia Newton John, let's get "body, body," because life is too short for good sex. Even if you're not in a relationship and out there defending single boys and girls, there's no reason sex toys can't keep you from throwing your kit out the window and dancing around the house naked while your neighbors leave their house scream. However, if you're in a relationship, sex toys can actually help you feel closer to your partner on an emotional and physical level, especially if you're in a "new" relationship and looking for some "cheap thrills" or in Long term relationship and want to start making extra hot curries in the bedroom. In fact, men who regularly used vibrators (to themselves, to a partner, or both) scored higher on erectile function, orgasmic function, libido, and sexual satisfaction than men with little or no exposure to vibrators . The same goes for women; researcher Van Kirk argues that sex toys like vibrators can improve relationships and sexual satisfaction in anyone who is open-minded and respectful of their own and their partner's tendencies and boundaries.

  In other words, a sex toy can bring you closer to your partner because it teaches you to be "open and honest" about your sexual needs and desires, not only discovering what you want from sex, but also taking the time to listen What your partner needs to feel sexually stimulated. While some people may worry that using sex toys means they're not good enough in the bedroom, it's actually quite the opposite; sex toys break boundaries, improve communication, and can help you turn "stale sex" into vanilla ice cream (though Vanilla is actually a great ice cream flavor) "stale sex" that leaves you begging for more. Yes, if you're wondering, I'm hungry, which is why I've been making sex food puns.

  2. It increases and improves foreplay: Makes daily life in the bedroom fun

  In the eyes of the "sex toy god" herself aka Amy, there's nothing like a good old-fashioned sex toy to help spice up your bedroom routine. But I hear you ask, how can a perky vibrator or active anal beads help increase and improve foreplay? That's where my good friend's imaginary Barbara comes in, a resident love doctor who proudly owns the world's largest collection of sex toys and a full range of sexy beasts, and has been offering foreplay puns since 2002 . To truly get "everyone over," why not combine sex toys and foreplay for longer, more satisfying orgasms that leave each other breathless for pleasure? For example, using a vibrator on a woman's clit will make her bounce into orgasmic territory while her partner is giving her oral sex, and using a vibrator on a man's balls while giving him oral sex will make him feel like he's getting creamed cat. Not only do sex toys enhance sexual pleasure during foreplay, but they can also help find women who have difficulty reaching orgasm without clitoral stimulation, while men who may have trouble getting an erection may find sex toys like penis rings help them Feel more relaxed, reduce execution stress, and create higher quality orgasms.

  Additionally, in some cases, women going through menopause may find their libido decreased as they face gynecological symptoms such as vaginal tightness, dryness, and shrinking, which can make sex painful and unwelcome. But using a sex toy like a vibrator can improve foreplay because it improves the tension and elasticity of the vaginal walls, increases sexual sensation and promotes vaginal lubrication, which means insertion isn't as painful as it would be without a sex toy. Men have also been found to have higher erectile function when using sex toys, especially during foreplay, as it not only stimulates their erogenous zones, but it also makes them more likely to be aware of their sexual health, ensuring their Meat and vegetables are working fine.

  3. It helps you discover erogenous zones: let's get started

  Ah sexy time that brings you the sense of urgency since Adam and Eve. While we crave every need of our penis/vagina, we're quick to ignore erogenous zones like the nape, which can provide as much sexual tension and arousal as "finger-bang sesh." Yes, that's graphics, get over it. Sure, doing the same foreplay will start to lose excitement after a while, but the magic hasn't left the sex nest yet. You can use a massager on the pelvic area, bring the nerves together for a "fun orgasm thrill", have your partner kiss the nape of your neck for a very "happy ending" roadmap, or even nibble on the ear lobes for Some sexy satisfaction. Other erogenous zones include the interesting center (vagina), the gate to heaven (clitoral duh), and the stairs that make seshes (neck). Don't forget that a man's erogenous zone includes the scrotum (high concentration of nerve endings), the house of love hormones that releases oxytocin (mouth and lips), and of course the penis, for some reason men have an obsession with being on their friends' faces swing. Brotherhood is dead, they say...

  4. Sex toys aren’t just for couples to play with. Even a single Pringles can have "sexy fun"!

  Who says having "sex" means you have to be in a relationship? Not Barbara, in fact, she encourages partners to spice things up in the bedroom without a partner and convinces singles that a vibrator a day keeps players away. Let me tell you, I've dated quite a few guys and no one likes a selfish bad boy in the bedroom. That's where Mr. Dildo and friends come in, offering orgasms or money-back guarantees. Owning a sex toy is like owning a refrigerator, everyone needs one, and it should be well stocked at all times, even if your "rent is due" and you're on beans and toast for the rest of the month for a living. Now I mean "not having a well-stocked refrigerator" or cooking unnutritious food because you're cooking for one person, meaning you're ignoring your emotional and physical needs, like not taking the time to address our sexual needs - Whether it's through masturbation or using sex toys - just because you're single means you're ignoring the opportunity to have much-needed sexy time. After all, you don't need someone else's genitals to enjoy a free orgasm buffet, just like you don't have to live with someone else to cook yourself a delicious meal. Catch my drift? Just like you don't have to live with other people to cook a delicious meal for yourself. Catch my drift? Just like you don't have to live with other people to cook a delicious meal for yourself. Catch my drift?

  You'll see that contrary to the perpetuation of old media and cultural stereotypes, it's not dirty for men to be part of a masturbation club, and it's not just men who masturbate (well hello news flash mob women masturbate too). I remember discussing sex toys with some college friends and I remember being told it was "disgusting" when I talked about masturbating as a woman and how to recommend sex toys to everyone. You see, this person has every right to express their opinions freely but they don't realize that women A. have the right to masturbate B. if they choose to talk openly about their sex life C. it's not disgusting to use sex toys, like Being single doesn't make you a loser and using toys for fun.

  5. Sex toys can help you understand your body. Because if you can't understand your own body, how will you know other people?

  In mother's own infamous words 'if you can't know your own body, how can you know anyone else's? Well... it's actually saying 'if you can't love yourself, how can you love someone else', but you know what I'm talking about? Essentially, how can we love and appreciate other people's bodies if we don't take the time to understand our bodies and love what we have? That's where sex toys come in, because not only do they teach us to pay more attention to our sexual needs and discover what "excites us", but by learning to excite ourselves, we can excite "others" because we know What makes "tick each other". After all, couples who "play together" all stay together, or at least tend to perform better at maintaining passion and desire and increasing relationship satisfaction,

  "Sex toys" can be a unique and pleasing way to learn more about your body through stimulation and experimentation, triggering different forms of pleasure that you didn't know you were capable of, including "please yourself" Art. While foreplay and sex do help you experiment in the bedroom, sex toys go a step further because they allow you to see your body from a different perspective, by introducing you to kinks, to understand what your body needs, and what you want Get excited and how to use this knowledge to help your partner get to know your body equally intimately. If you're looking for something different, doing Kegel exercises can not only improve sexual pleasure, but also lead to better sex because it helps relax vaginal muscles,

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