Why people love egg shakers?

Why people love egg shakers?


  Love Eggs are the unsung heroes of low-key intensification, and we never talk about them! The vaginal canal itself has few touch-sensitive nerves, but it does have pressure-sensitive nerves, which means that pressure and stimulating vibrations can reverberate throughout the pelvic area, providing tremendous pleasure.

  One love egg gets the whole clit network involved. These little pleasure knobs create a wonderful pulsing sensation for the clitoris, vaginal walls, anal area, perineum and labia. Because the eggs are smooth and larger than the pointed, tentacle-like structures typically found on penis vibrators with clitoral limbs, the feel is more spread out. It creates a softer feel that some people prefer.

  The vibrations are a bit muted, offering more subtle pulsations than regular vibrators, which typically have more intense vibrations. Wearing a love egg can increase libido, make you more aware of your deeper pleasure center (inner clitoris), and bring you closer to orgasm. "Eggs come in all sizes, and if you want a fuller feel, you can choose a larger egg," adds Bradbury.

  Love eggs and blowjob: a match made in heaven

  Using a love egg during oral sex can greatly increase your partner's overall feeling, providing a deeper full-body orgasm. Unlike larger, bulkier vibrators, a love ball will pop right inside the vagina, leaving the entire vulva open and ready for your mouth.

  It is recommended to start with the egg on the outside of the vagina and let your partner warm up before inserting it into the vaginal canal. "Use [your] tongue on [the] labia and [the] egg on [the] mons pubis. Then, place [the] egg in the vaginal opening while the tongue is on the clitoris."

  Once inserted, you can proceed as usual, knowing the egg is inside, processing those deeper vibrations and stimulating the G-spot, anterior fornix and other parts of the clitoral network. It makes blowjob better without multitasking anymore!

  The dangling tail can add an element of excitement, Bradbury said. "You can easily bend the tail to the side so you can reach your partner's clitoris, clitoral hood, and sensitive areas around the vulva. You can also gently pull the tail or wag it back and forth to gain support for the vaginal opening and G more feeling."

  Focus on the outer clitoris with your tongue. You can circle it, figure 8, or move up and down. Always remember to ask your partner what they like before having oral sex. Every vulva is different.

  "Love eggs are an exciting way to add more fun to your sex life. They can introduce an element of flirting to bring your partner to orgasm, and they can become Hands-free option and can add an element of public excitement and surprise

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