Why Do People Use Double Dildos?


  As more and more people discover the pleasure they can bring to the dining table (or actually the bed), they are no longer just a mandatory toy in lesbian porn movies. But why on earth do people use double dildos?

  If you're looking to truly "share the joy" with your partner, then a double dildo is for you. The impressive toy consists of two dildos fused together, our double-ended dildo has an insertable length between 5 - 13+ inches and is usually made of a soft, stretchy material such as PVC or Realistic sensory material.

  These double ended toys are designed to be super curved for a snug fit.

  Double dildos can be a very positive experience for a partner who both enjoys penetration. One of the coolest things about double dildos is that you feel increased during sex - every time you touch your partner, you can feel you too. This is a bit special because usually dildos don't provide much physical sensation to the wearer. There are a lot of double dildos out there, and the end of the double dildo wearer is thick, so if you really like double dildos, you probably really like double dildos.

  I've also found that when paired with a well-fitting harness, a dual dildo can increase your control - the more your body is in contact with the dildo, the more aware you are of its positioning/orientation. It's easier to feel when things change, like when your dildo falls off your partner.

  When it comes to masturbation, a double dildo basically has a built-in handle and a perfect angle. Fucking yourself with a double dildo is super super easy. If you like G-spot stimulation during masturbation and are looking for toys that can do it, as well as strap-on fucking, double dildos are a very bad choice. You can also eject with this dildo while penetrating yourself, so it's also a good option if you like the visual stimulation of ejection combined with a deeper sensation.

  Are double dildos only for lesbians?

  Stray to stray, stray to vagina, or vagina to vagina; our two-headed friends are one of those unisex sex toys, even though they were originally designed to please lesbian partners.

  Designed so that each female partner could insert one end while meeting in the middle to grind each other, gay and straight couples later discovered they were indeed multi-faceted sex toys and were often used for double anal stimulation. And it doesn't stop there...

  You can use a double dildo...

  Single Double Penetration: If you're looking for a single double penetration, we recommend double-ended dildos, which are on the smaller end of the spectrum, with a sturdy yet flexible U-curve and tapered ends.

  The U shape can be used as a handle, making positioning and insertion of both ends a breeze. Most people use the smaller, tapered end for anal penetration and the larger, bulbous end that leads into the vagina.

  Couples play: Extra long, sturdy and flexible double-ended dildo is the first choice for sharing pleasure with your partner.

  Usually super curved and easy to insert, these versatile beasts can be used for vaginal and anal penetration, and some have tapered ends that are perfect for anal play.

  If you're a little fanatical about the fun of dildos and double penetration, you might want to jump into a single-player DP game with these extra-long dildos, but we only recommend this to those with a lot of experience.

  Pinning or Intercourse Straps: Strapless straps on a variety of double ended dildos are suitable for those who have a vagina looking to penetrate their partner through the vagina or anus.

  Typically stronger than other types of double dildos, they are easier to control and most have an adjustable angle to fit both partners well, enabling a variety of positions during wearing.

  The smaller shaft, or "pony" as it's commonly called, is worn to penetrate your partner's vagina, who holds it in place to insert it into your partner's anus or vagina.

  Now, for men looking to turn themselves into a double wear toy, we have double wear straps. This variant of strapless women usually features a dildo attached to a cock ring, which effectively provides the wearer with a second penis in the form of a dildo.

  Many people think of a double dildo as a dildo you can use without a seatbelt—shares are even sold that way. But I'm here to tell you that using this way is actually very difficult (har har). I tried it a few times - the first time it always slipped out at the wrong time. Holding it where you want is like a giant Kegel exercise - even if you have super good muscles, you're still moving/pushing/stroking vigorously. Ish is moving. When I finally got the hang of it, I found that I had little control over where the dildo went and the strength/speed/depth of my brushstrokes. It's like my dildo is controlling me, like I'm just a puppet on a rope. Plus, it's tiring to put that thing in and mentally calculate the margin of error every time I push.

  My top recommendation is to combine suction cups with harnesses and don't let any marketing ploy tell you that you should be a dildo strapless wizard. Once I went with the seat belt, I was very happy with my share. Many double dildos are designed for use with harnesses, not strapless ones, so read carefully about which one you choose.

  Similar to the concept of smaller U-shaped double ended dildos, they allow vaginal and anus insertion.

  And essentials

  Taking care of yourself and your new double-headed dildo is a must. Plenty of lube for your double penetration game ensures smoother, more comfortable, and of course, more enjoyable beginnings and endings.

  There are many water-based lubes to choose from, as well as a selection of anal lubes to accompany your anal adventures.

  But which lube is for which end?

  good question. If using one end into the anus and one end into the vagina, you will need to use an anal lube on the anal end and a water-based lube on the vaginal end.

  But what if you want to switch a little during playback? The same rules apply, but cleaning the dildo before changing ends and holes is essential, and of course before and after a match.

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