Where is the female point A, and why do we need to pay attention?


       Female point A: Where is it and why does it need our attention?

  Unlike its sister point G, point A has not received the attention it deserves. Point A is often confused with point G, but they are actually two separate areas that will produce very different responses. The great thing about point A is that it can actually be stimulated internally during anal sex, although women have little or no pleasure during anal sex. Point A allows women to obtain orgasm pleasure outside of the clitoris.

  Female point A: What is that?

  Let us first enter the science of this field. Therefore, we asked Nicole Engel, a psychologist and relationship expert in Berlin: "Officially called the anterior fornix erogenous zone (also known as AFE zone, AFE, point A, epicenter, deep point, or second G point). According to the Malaysian gynecologist Cai Zhian, the "discoverer" of point A, point A is more sensitive to stimulation than point G, which is also partly controversial. Cai Zhian said that he accidentally discovered point A during an investigation and subsequently tested it with other women. The response to the stimulus. Several spontaneous orgasms-according to women's reports, how she feels when stimulating the vaginal point A is almost a spiritual experience."

  Where is point A for women?

  "It can be found at or near the deepest point of the anterior vaginal wall above the cervix. It is a super sensitive area of ​​tissue that is congested when awakened and is often compared to a male prostrate (or male G-spot) because it is The similarity in precise positioning and similar stimuli", explained Nicole Engel.

  What is the difference from point G?

  The clitoris is usually understood as a small pea-sized area located at the top of the vulva (hence the name "bullet"). However, it is not. The clitoris is actually a longer area of ​​tissue that extends well into the vaginal canal, about 5 inches in size. Therefore, there is no precise clitoral area that can be defined as a “G-spot”. It varies from woman to woman.

  In terms of orgasm, the stimulation of point A is considered to be different from the orgasm caused by the clitoris. Unlike the clitoral fatigue that occurs when the clitoris is over-stimulated, point A allows you to move on without any adverse effects. This means that continuous stimulation of point A is more likely to achieve multiple orgasms. It is very suitable for long-term activities and higher orgasm pleasure.

  How can I find it?

  So how can we really find this mysterious erogenous zone? The answer is, it's easy.

  Insert with your fingers or toys until you reach the deepest part of the vagina. You should feel something very firm. This is the area you need to target. Nicole Engel knows: "If women want to stimulate point A by themselves, it is recommended to perform a "shovel" action with even pressure. Experts explain in relevant forums. It is most suitable to use soft fingers or special-shaped sex toys to complete this action. Of course. , Your partner can also use your fingers or special sex toys or anal plugs to spoil point A. Here, you should proceed with caution."

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