What is a strap? How do they work?

What is a strap? How do they work?


       If you and your partner want to try something more exciting, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, you can try straps. However, you may not understand them when you first started contacting them. This is not a problem. I am here to help you solve your problem!

  What is a strap?

  First, we need to determine exactly what takeaway is for those who have not seen it before. The strap is an adjustable strap device that is usually attached to your pelvis and fixes a realistic dildo. The penis will be on your body. No matter what your pants are, you can wear one, so men, women, and everyone in between can use straps.

  Now, some of you may be wondering, why do people who already have a penis want to use a strap? For some people, erectile dysfunction can be a real frustration in the bedroom, no puns, so bundling allows them to go back to their past sexual lifestyle without any medication.

  For others, being able to penetrate their partner through the anus and vagina at the same time, or having their partner do double penetration in a single orifice is a tempting possibility. Another option is called pegging, which refers to a woman using a strap and using a dildo to penetrate her male partner through anal play.

  Because those with penis have prostates that can be used for anal play, it is an excellent way for men to get along and get dirty with his partner. Some people can achieve orgasm only by stimulating the prostate, although most people need help or other types of penile stimulation to achieve full orgasm.

  The important part of the strap

  The strap has two parts: a strap and a dildo. The strap is the shoulder strap, which is located around your hips. Most seat belts look like boxer briefs or panties, depending on your size and preferences. When learning how to use the strap, you must make sure that your dildo is compatible with your seat belt, because the dildo passes through the O-shaped opening.

  Wire harness

  Some seat belts involve actual shoulder straps, they are usually aesthetically pleasing and very sexy, but you may need to adjust the shoulder straps. If you want to make a show, straps are the way to go, but if you want your very best strap-on dildo to quickly get maximum spontaneity, you may need a strapless strap.

  It is also important to remember that the seat belt does not have to go around your pelvis. You can actually find a seat belt that fits your head, feet, chin, legs or hands. The limits of bundled technology are limitless, so make sure you find exactly what you are looking for to improve your seat belt game adventure level. If you want to be interested in things, go for it! Just explore all your options and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with your new sex toy.


  A dildo is an artificial penis. Again, you have many options, but we will not cover each one here. You can choose between a sturdy dildo, a vibrator, and a dildo that has a second penetrating limb when you insert it. The most important thing is to make sure that your dildo fits your seat belt opening. Some seat belts have interchangeable loops to accommodate dildos of different sizes, but most have only one loop.

  If the base of the dildo is too small, it will detach from the seat belt during intercourse, which will eventually suppress emotions, and you have to press pause during sexy time and try to reconnect it. A dildo that is too wide cannot pass through the ring, nor can it connect to your seat belt. Either one can be very frustrating, especially if you don't realize the problem until the moment you are most nervous.


  You may be wondering how the dildo is held on the seat belt in an unconnected model. Don't panic, but sometimes the answer is glue. For the popular strap company Vac-U-Loc, their product uses a powdered glue that you can use to ensure that the dildo is firmly fixed in the strap and will not come out, even if things become a little rough and stuffy .

  For other companies, O-rings are used to secure dildos. The metal snaps inside to keep the dildo stable and make sure that no matter how wet your pornographic cheating gets, it will not move. It’s also good to know that positioning a dildo is essential, and it may take some practice to position it correctly. Or, you can go to a sex shop and ask an experienced clerk to show you how to fix the dildo in your seat belt when you buy, so you can be ready for the next tempting play between the sheets!

  How does the strap work?

  Remember, when you understand your sex life, there are no stupid questions. Although the role of a strap as an artificial penis may be obvious to a person who has been penetrated, many people are curious about giving a partner. How do you feel? What are the benefits of using straps, and how does it affect both parties in penetrative sex?

  The answer is simple: it doesn't feel like a penis because it doesn't have nerve endings like a penis. On the contrary, penetrating partners can find their pleasure in other ways. For women, the strap is usually designed to press firmly on the clitoris when they squeeze the clitoris firmly so that they can move to achieve orgasm. There is also a fantasy element. Many people like to incorporate dominance and obedience into their sex lives, and bondage is a simple way for women to dominate their male partners.

  This fantasy can be exciting enough to make everyone enjoy the whole process. Some straps are also attached with vibrators or auxiliary dildos, which penetrate the inside of the partner. This means that two partners can be penetrated by some "very satisfactory" vibrations in the mix at the same time.

  For those who have a penis, another option is a hollow strap. These are usually best for people with erectile dysfunction or other similar problems, but as the name implies. You insert your penis into a hard artificial penis and start from there as if you have a normal erection.

  What can you do with straps?

  Okay, let's get down now and get dirty! Once you connect the dildo and your straps are ready, you can explore the endless erotic possibilities through the harness game. Depending on the preferences of you and your partner, straps can be used for:

  ● Oral sex

  ● Vaginal sex

  ● Manual sex

  ● Anal sex

  ● Masturbation

  As mentioned above, oral sex may not be on your list because the dildo does not feel anything, but remember: this is your fantasy. If power and dominance are an important reason for you and your partner to try strapping, then even if you can't feel it, there is a lot to say to insert them into their open mouths.

  However, there are some basic things to consider before you jump in and go crazy. For most people, the adjustment period for strapping is very small. Sexual postures that once seemed to be standard may feel unnatural, especially for people who are born without a penis, when inserting and penetrating their partner. These actions are not rocket science, but they are different from receiving.

  They say practice makes perfect, and the same is true for seat belts. Practicing various strapping positions with your partner may be embarrassing or embarrassing, but you can also do it yourself. Wearing a seat belt and connecting a dildo also requires a little dexterity. Therefore, you definitely want to practice assembly before the situation requires your night action.

  If you have a vibrator or double penetration dildo, try to masturbate with it a few times before bringing your partner into the mix. Once you know what is right for you, it will be easier for you to consider your partner's needs. A large part of the fun comes from the sense of control, for which you need to be confident. Use it a few times to build this confidence, and we can guarantee that your partners will thank you in more than one way!

  In short

       When you start the journey of sex toys, or not you don't think bundled toys are right for you. But I hope that some of the relevant information we provide about them can help you. Maybe one day you will want to understand these and enter the bundled route.

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